Doulas weaving our lives and work into a circle at EDN meeting 2013 in Zurich


News from EDN meeting in Zürich 2013

People are asking me: how was your travel to Switzerland? My response : "There had been few adventures in my life which entailed so many of my passions as the EDN meeting this September. My love for doulas, birth, travelling, various languages and cultures, exchanging ideas, singing and even books!" There is no one word to describe this unique networking event, you must pick up at least three: like in Enriching thorugh Differences and Nuances :). 
You may be surprised by the different tone in this newsletter, so let me introduce myself: I am a doula from Slovenia, the country which the EDN office kindly sponsored to be presented at the meeting in Zürich. So, I feel compelled to give something back and want to volunteer in putting together EDN newsletters! This issue is devoted to the annual meeting which was hosted by the Swiss doulas and was marked by the great Swiss sense of organisation, hospitality and great food! Enjoy at least bits of what was happening and plan to meet the European doulas next year in Portugal!

Ana Pavec, CD(DONA), Slovenia

Workshops and presentations

During the program, we enjoyed the lively exchange of information and ideas and had a possibility to learn from a wealth of experience of doulas. 

Coming Events

We can meet at the coming International Birth Conference in my home country, organised by Andreja Kolenc and Slovenian doulas; or at the Postpartum Workshop with Debra Pascali Bonaro, an EDN honorary member, in Helsinki.

If you plan a doula event, please let us know!

News from EDN Office

Sabine and Regula shared with us the merits and challenges of the EDN Office. You can read the minutes of the Sunday discussion here

Optimise birth

Note from Regula:The EDN-office was in touch with the organizer of this interesting conference in Brussels. We talked with Prof. Cecily M. Begley, Chair of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin, about making a presentation about the EDN and about the Doulawork in Europe. They were quiet interested, but the time for submitting an abstract was so short and the financial conditions for speakers so bad that we decided to withdraw from this conference. We ask now all our members to keep their eyes open and look for possibilities to present the EDN at european conferences. It is time to go out and spread the word! 

The Red Tent Experience

The top feature of this EDN meeting were three Red Tents, full of woman power, mystery and beautiful voices! We highly recommend to read the book The Red Tent by Anita Diamant.

Share and contribute!

Please, share this newsletter with your organisation by forwarding! In addition, I would LOVE to read your impressions and getaways from the EDN meeting in Zürich. Please, send me texts, photos and materials you consider worth sharing with European doulas. Would you like to connect? Find the addresses of the EDN meeting attendees here. By replying to this newsletter, you will reach the EDN office a.k.a our beloved Sabine and Regula. They would love to hear from you!
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