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October, 2015

Save Your Photos!

As you may know, this year’s Save Your Photos Day was this past weekend, on September 26th.  We had a very successful day, and I hope we were able to bring awareness to thousands of people on how to protect and preserve their valuable photos, videos, and documents.
In case you didn’t get to attend my event – or another event in your area, here are a few thoughts about what I shared:

How many of you have lost your photos or films due to a hard drive crash or a fire or flood?  Now is the time to protect your memories before the unthinkable happens to you.

Let’s start with these simple steps:

1.  Gather your photos, slides, videos, and movies into one place.

2.  Identify them using the ABCs:
A – Photos that belong in an Album or permanent archive.
B – Box – These are physical photos that should be stored in an archival storage box.  Not your favorites, but photos that you still want to keep.
C – Can – These are the photos that I suggest go directly to the trash can (or are deleted from your computer).  Blurry photos, duplicates, and many scenery images fit into this group.  No reason to spend your time and money backing up these photos.

3.  Sort your photos into categories.  I recommend sorting chronologically or by theme.

4.  Back Up!  This is the most important step to “Save Your Photos”. 
  1. For physical photos, this means scanning.  Scan at least your “A” photos and store the digital scans in 3 locations. 
  2. Then store your physical photos in archival safe albums or boxes to protect them from time.
  3. If you still have negatives, you can store those in sleeves or in an archival safe box, and ask a friend or family member to store them for you in a cool, dry place.
  4. For your digital photos, make sure your computer is backed up regularly, and that one of your back-ups is off site so that it will be safe in an emergency.
  5. Printing your favorite photos is another great way to back-up your digital photos.
Once your photos are organized, safe, and accessible, they are ready for you to enjoy! 

Which steps do you need to take to protect your family’s stories?
Professional Photo Scanner

Cari's Product Favorites

Kodak PS50 Photo Scanner

Photos cannot be scanned with a normal document scanner.  So I want to show you the high-speed scanner that I and many other Photo professionals use.  The Kodak PS50 or PS80 are great photo scanners.  To quote EZ Photoscan:  “This technology's gentle handling features and high quality-high volume capacity makes scanning pictures and other treasured memorabilia fast and easy.  Scan with the optical resolutions of 300, 600, and 1200 (Interpolated) DPI.”  The Kodak Picture Saver Scanning System PS50 enables you to digitize photographs at high-speeds and high-quality. The cost may be prohibitive for you to own one of these, but hiring a Photo Organizer who uses one or even renting one is a nice option for great scans.

Best app EVER!

Cari's Favorite Apps


Dropbox is a great way to use your own files on multiple devices, or to share files and photos with other people.  With a web platform, and apps for your phones and tablets, and even a desktop version, it is always easy to access your files when you need them.  And if you update a file in Dropbox, then that updated file is automatically available in all other platforms!  Dropbox works with Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone, and Android.  Free for 2 GB, or 1 TB for $9.99 / month.


About Cari:

Cari is a Financial and Home Office Organizer and a Personal Photo Organizer in the NE Areas of Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley.  As a Financial Organizer, Cari also provides Daily Money Manager services.

Do you have digital photos that need organizing?  Ask about our remote digital photo organizing services.

Cari also offers maintenance services to help you keep your home office in shape, and your papers up to date.  Weekly, monthly or even quarterly sessions will help keep your paper life and bills under control. 

You can find more information about Cari and her services on her website:  Cari's Custom Organizing
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