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August, 2014

The Cost of Clutter

How does it make you feel when you clear off a surface or clean out a drawer in your home?  For many people, they feel lighter, happier, and their stress is reduced.  Stress is the emotional cost of clutter.  But have you ever considered what your clutter is costing you in other ways?  Will eliminating your clutter save you time and money?
Here are some ways that clutter is costing you:
Time:  The amount of time it takes you to look for things that are buried or lost.  And think of your cleaning time.  The Container Store published a tip this week that said “Eliminating clutter reduces your housework by 40%.” 
Relationships:  Clutter can create stress in your relationships with others in your home.  Do you have different organizing habits from your spouse or your kids?  Does this cause arguments or stress?  And do you avoid inviting people over because you are not proud of how your house looks full of clutter?  Your clutter could be costing you these relationships.
Space:  Is your home crowded with things?  Eliminating clutter gives you room to breathe and dance!
Financial:  Losing bills and paying late fees costs you money.  Buying duplicate items because you can’t find something costs you money.
So, now that you think about it, you really shouldn’t wait to eliminate the clutter in your home.  You will save time, space, money, and even relationships.  You will feel lighter and it will reduce your stress.  You will be able to focus on what is important.
Email or call me if you need help knowing where to start.
Display and store your child's art!

Cari's Product of the Month

Lil Davinci Art Cabinet

Knowing what to do with all the wonderful artwork that the kids bring home is always a challenge.  I love the Lil Davinci Art Cabinet for this purpose.  You can easily open it to add and change art, and it is a beautiful way to proudly display and archive your child's artwork. It also stores 50 pieces of art behind, so you can store the art in the frame until it is time to archive or purge at the end of the school year.  This one costs $39.99 at Amazon.

Need a photo sharing site?

Cari's App of the Month


Technology for photo sharing is changing quickly these days, and I am always on the lookout for the best site to use.  If you are looking for a free online sharing site where your family and friends can view and then download your photos, I like to use Flickr
You and your friends can also tag photos for easy searching later.
So, get your photos off your devices, and share them today!  That is what we are taking photos for, right?
Give it a try.

Cari's Before & After Photos


Most people store so many things in their garages that they can’t even park their cars inside. And most often, the items being stored there are not really wanted any more.  This garage was full of items - many not needed anymore.  And most of the cupboards were not being utilized.

With needed items properly stored in the cupboards, this opened up the garage for easier parking and a much cleaner look.  This was a 6 1/2 hour job with 2 Organizers and my client.


About Cari:

Cari is a Residential Professional Organizer and Personal Photo Organizer in the NE Areas of Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley.  Cari specializes in organizing home offices and photos.  Cari also provides Daily Money Manager services.

Do you have digital photos that need organizing?  Ask about our remote digital photo organizing services.

Cari also offers maintenance services to help you keep your home office in shape, and your papers up to date.  Weekly, monthly or even quarterly sessions will help keep your paper life and bills under control. 

You can find more information about Cari and her services on our website:  Cari's Custom Organizing
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