April 2015

Can we improve health outcomes through stories and storytelling? That's what a group of 30 thought leaders, yours truly included, huddled together to find out over two frigid February days in Providence at the Business Innovation Factory. You can see the fruits of our labor within this newsletter and judge for yourself. 


Well Read

Recommended reading for the month:

When It Comes to the Value of Wellness, Ask About Fairness Not Just About Effectiveness "The workplace is an excellent setting to improve health habits. If a company decides that it makes business sense to invest in a meaningful program, I'm all for it. We call it an employee benefit for a reason. But the problem is that most employers did not invest in wellness to make the organization a happy and healthy place." (Soeren Mattke, Health Affairs Blog)

15 Do-This-Not-Thats to Transform Your Wellness Program into a Recruitment, Retention, Engagement, and Productivity Health-a-Palooza "Here are 15 dos and don'ts to help you rise out of the abyss of employee wellness mediocrity." (In tEWn)

Weight Control Myths Keep Many U.S. Women Smoking "American women who believe smoking helps control weight are less likely than other female smokers to try quitting in response to higher cigarette prices and anti-smoking messages, a new study finds." (HealthDay)


Well Said 

Can employers help us be slim by design? Easily. That's what Professor Brian Wansink, the director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab says
and writes. The man behind the term "mindless eating" and the recipient of an Ig Nobel prize (listen to hear for what!) joined CoHealth Checkup to tell us how. Listen now. 


Well Done

Think of any time you've heard a story about someone who's lost weight, tackled a 5k, quit smoking, gotten diabetes or asthma meds for free! It's emotional. It's inspiring. It's clearer than benefits jargon.

Stories clarify and illuminate. They create a connection. They bridge gaps. And they motivate and spur action. That's why Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded the Business Innovation Factory's two-day design lab, where 30 thought leaders from health care, education, media, the arts, and elsewhere came together to create a playbook to foster the use of story in health care. This playbook is now available for use. We see it aiding patients, caregivers, and providers. Read the lab recap and download the playbook.


Well Connected
I'm delighted to be among the invited audience for Virgin's Disruptors Panel. On April 23 at noon PT, Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Sheryl Sandberg, Tony Hseih, Gallup CEO Jim Clifton, and others take the stage to discuss workplace wellness. I'm sure this won't be your typical discussion. You can listen to the live stream and I will report back after the event. 

I'll be on the panel at this month's Thrive Summit, where I'll also co-lead a session on communications that engage and empower.

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