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Spring 2013

Eurodesk 2012 - A snapshot of action and good practice

Our latest publication “Eurodesk 2012 – a snapshot of action and good practice” highlights Eurodesk’s activities to bring quality information on European programmes and policies to young people while promoting the broader goal of youth mobility.

By organising events, interacting at fairs, joining festivals and engaging online, our network brings information on European opportunities to young people. With publications, events and training for multipliers, we aim to spread the word about European policies touching upon the lives of young people. With partnerships and cooperation, seminars and conferences, as well as assessment and training we strive to improve the reach and especially the quality of information we provide to young Europeans and those working with them. We not only aim to inform young people, but also to involve them in the decision-making process, e.g. by promoting the Structured Dialogue in the Youth Field and through special projects encouraging young people to express themselves in a creative and fun way. The Eurodesk Network continued to manage content and answer user questions on the European Youth Portal, as it has done since the portal was launched in 2004, and supported the development of a new portal.
Find our complete annual overview 2012 and all previous editions on Scribd.


As contribution to the European Year of Citizens 2013, Eurodesk has launched the right2move initiative. To further raise the awareness among young people of their rights as European citizens, in particular the right to free movement and opportunities to exercise this right, we have planned a number of activities.

One of the first milestones was a poster contest for young creators on the right2move and personal mobility experience. View all entries here!

The first newly designed right2move information session, a module to raise awareness of mobility rights and opportunities, was held at the III. German-speaking Youth Forum, 17-19 April 2013 in St. Gallen (CH).

Visit Eurodesk@Yo!Fest on 30-31 May on the European Parliament Esplanade for more right2move action!


A brand-new European Youth Portal will be launched by the European Commission for European Youth Week 2013. Powered by the Eurodesk network, the new portal will offer comprehensive multilingual information about European opportunities for young people, covering the eight fields of action of the EU Youth Strategy: education and training, employment and entrepreneurship, health and well-being, participation, voluntary activities, social inclusion, youth and the world, creativity and culture.

Eurodesk also continues to support the European Commission in the further development stages towards an interactive portal fostering youth participation online and will widely promote the portal, e.g. via a new Facebook page and on Twitter.

Stay tuned:

European Youth Week 2013

From 26 May to 2 June 2013, hundreds of events will take place across Europe for the 6th edition of European Youth Week. Eurodesk partners and their networks of multipliers will contribute with activities around the themes of active citizenship and the 25th anniversary of the implementation of EU youth programmes, at national, regional and local levels. In Brussels, Eurodesk Brussels Link and some Eurodesk multipliers will present a number of activities at the European Youth Forum's YO! Fest on the Esplanade of the European Parliament.

The Eurodesk Network will also work with National Youth Week Coordinators to ensure the Youth Week is well captured on the European Youth Portal and in social media. Join in using #youthweek.

Around us

EU Youth Conference 
11-13 March 2013, Dublin (IE)
The Irish EU Youth Conference was the first conference within the Trio Presidencies of Ireland, Lithuania and Greece, highlighting the theme of the social inclusion of young people. Seven thematic areas drawn from the results of national consultations provided from 27 Member States and 10 International Non-Governmental Organisations were explored at the Conference via joint workshop sessions. Eurodesk Director Anja Ruhland joined the workshop on "Quality in Youth Work", while Eurodesk Ireland presented our organisation in the conference market place. 

European Platform on Learning Mobility in the Youth Field
22-22 March 2013, Berlin (D)
The Platform is a space for exchange and cooperation of researchers, policy makers and practitioners from across Europe. The international conference “Mobility Spaces, Learning Spaces - Linking Policy, Research and Practice” brought together 85 experts from 26 countries to discuss several issues of mobility in the youth field. Eurodesk Director Anja Ruhland presented Eurodesk's activities in a workshop on providing information and guidance for youth mobility. 
Eurodesk Network News

Spring Network Meeting
25-28 April 2013, Krakow (PL)
Kindly hosted by Eurodesk Poland, 45 national partners and Eurodesk Brussels Link met in Krakow for the bi-annual Network Meeting. Among the topics discussed were the last preparations for the launch of the new European Youth Portal, Eurodesk's contribution to the European Youth Week, our continued quality process and how to further strengthen our network of local and regional multipliers. Find all pictures here


Eurodesk Awards "Champions of European Youth Information"
The 3rd edition of the Eurodesk Awards for good practice in European information services for young people will be launched soon. Watch the video on last year's winning projects! 

Eurodesk@YO!Fest 13
30-31 May 2013, Brussels (BE)
During European Youth Week, we will join the European Youth Forum for the 3rd edition of the YO! Fest on the Esplanade of the European Parliament. Our visitors will get a chance to sit down and enjoy the flight while learning more about the right2move, create an electronic tune or play a jumbo sized board game on volunteering. More information on the event page

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