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Winter 2012

Wishing all our partners A LOVELY FESTIVE SEASON 


It was an exciting year for Eurodesk and we would like to thank all our partners and friends for the cooperation and joint endeavors.

In the spirit of Eurodesk, providing information and resources that can be turned into action, we have invited our fans and followers to do their own festive decoration. It's very simple: you just need to download the templates of our paper toys, print them and get your scissors and glue stick ready. 

Do it like the Eurodesk Lithuania network (left) and join in yourself! The templates are free to be copied and distributed once the source is mentioned. And after your DIY session, we wish you peaceful and relaxing holidays!


Informing in cooperation

To ensure that Eurodesk's services complement, rather than overlap with the work of other European information providers, we cooperate not only with the Youth in Action National Agencies, but also with other EU networks such as EuropassEURES and Euroguidance, which celebrates 20th anniversary this year. From joint information events to co-producing publications, such collaborations have come to play an integral role in Eurodesk's information delivery services. 

On 30 November 2012, the host organisation of Eurodesk Croatia organized a joint information day of the Europass, Euroguidance and Eurodesk contact points in Zagreb (HR). 
Professionals working in the youth field were informed about the services of the networks in Croatia. Jef Vanraepenbusch, Euroguidance Flanders, Monique Leegte and Dik Vanderwal, Europass The Netherlands and Anja Ruhland, Eurodesk Brussels Link presented the European networks and practices from other European countries. 

Three years have passed since the first joint conference of the EU mobility networks Eurodesk, Euroguidance, Europass and EURES. From 5-6 December 2012, we met again in Uppsala (SE) for the "Learning by Leaving II" conference to reflect upon success factors and good practices in the past and future cooperation actions in the future. 120 participants from the four networks discussed, in particular, methods for working with unemployed young people, how to engage a young audience online as well as methods and examples in the cooperation from across Europe. 

Anja Ruhland, Eurodesk Director, gave a presentation of Eurodesk's activities, specifically, the actions which reach out to young people via Eurodesk's network of multipliers and in cooperation with other partners. The projects of Eurodesk's 2012 Champions of European Youth Information were also shown. 

Lisi Egger, Eurodesk Austria, co-presented with Alexandra Enzi, Europass Austria, cooperation activities on the national level that kick-started after the first "Learning by Leaving" conference. 

The conference was organised by the host organisations of the Swedish contact points for the four networks: Euroguidance, Europass, EURES and Eurodesk Sweden.

Around us

European Youth Forum General Assembly

Eurodesk had the pleasure to join the European Youth Forum for its General Assembly, 22-24 November 2012 in Maribor (SI). With colleagues from the European Youth Information and Counselling Agency and the European Youth Card Association, we were invited as observers to follow the discussions of the Youth Forum's 97 Member organisations from across Europe on the platform's future. We congratulate Peter Matjašič, re-elected President, and the newly elected Board of the European Youth Forum and hope to continue the good cooperation in 2013!

Eurodesk Network News

Eurodesk Network Meeting and General Assembly

25-28th October in Copenhagen (DK)

On the invitation of Eurodesk Denmark, 45 national Eurodesk coordinators and Eurodesk Brussels Link gathered in Copenhagen for the bi-annual Eurodesk Network Meeting.

The autumn network meeting is traditionally devoted to jointly planning the work of the coming year. To make sure our activities and services are also in line with the expectations of our key stakeholders, we hold a plenary discussion on the first day of the meeting. With Reinhard Schwalbach, (Eurodesk President), Sergej Koperdak (European Commission), Koen Lambert (Belgium Flemish NA), Jette Esager (Danish National Agency) and two Eurodesk multipliers, Antonino Versace (Ingalicia, Eurodesk Multiplier) and Ömer Kaya (Izmit Municipality Youth Information and Counselling Centre, Eurodesk Multiplier), we reflected on the current perception of Eurodesk and expectations on the future of the network and our European information services for young people and those working with them. See what Eurodesk multipliers think!

In further plenary sessions and working groups, the network discussed the next steps for the revamped European Youth Portal, currently developed by the European Commission to replace the existing Youth Portal in 2013. Eurodesk will take over responsibility of the content provision for the new European Youth Portal, while continuing to support the European Commission in the further enhancements of the portal. We further looked at possible activities to support the European Year of Citizens 2013 and how to continue strengthening cooperation with other EU information networks. 

Votes were cast during the General Assembly of the Eurodesk AISBL. Members did not only approve work plan and budget 2013, they also elected a new Executive Committee for the next 2 years. Reinhard Schwalbach (Eurodesk Germany) was re-elected Eurodesk President and Claire Conlon (Eurodesk France), Sofie Van Zeebroeck (Eurodesk Flanders), Giovanni Maccioni (Eurodesk Italy) and Evaldas Rupkus (Eurodesk Lithuania) join him as elected members of the Eurodesk Executive Committee. Members also approved Eurodesk Croatia's request for membership in the Eurodesk AISBL. Click here for more pictures!


Eurodesk Network Meeting

25-28th April 2013 in Krakow (PL), kindly hosted by Eurodesk Poland.
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