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  Worldwide Newsletter Autumn 2016

Nobel Prize for Ben Feringa

Professor Ben Feringa has won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Feringa's discovery of the 'molecular motor' is widely recognized as a spectacular scientific breakthrough. Read more »


University of Groningen welcomes 2,300 international students

In September, we welcomed more than 2,300 new international students to Groningen. They were offered speeches, an information market and drinks.
Read more »


How 5-star online customer reviews can backfire

It may be counterintuitive, but the more positive reviews a product gets online, the less profit retailers make. That’s the conclusion of new research by a team of marketing experts. Read more »


How sleep deprivation harms memory

A study in mice shows that five hours of sleep deprivation leads to a loss of connectivity between neurons in the hippocampus, a region of the brain associated with learning and memory. Read more »


People and Perspectives

Alumna in Japan: Yvonne Gerritsen-Schutte

She loves cooking and became quite accomplished in the Italian cuisine in Rome. But Japanese cooking is a different kettle of fish altogether for Yvonne Gerritsen-Schutte (43). She has been living in Tokyo with her family for the last two years. ‘I can follow a recipe, but if it doesn´t taste right, I don’t know where to start to fix it. A drop more soy sauce, a bit of sake, mirin or dashi?’ This illustrates her point: of all the countries Yvonne has lived in, Japan is the most ‘different’. Read more »


Best of Broerstraat 5

Nifty nature

An ant, sunflower or slime mould, geckos, bombardier beetles or woodpeckers; they all demonstrate unequalled feats of technology. Bionics uses nature as an inexhaustible source of inspiration for innovation, both in terms of technology and operations. Ylva Poelman, alumna in astronomy and applied physics, has made this her specialist research area. Read more »

Broerstraat 5 is the University's Dutch alumni magazine. From every edition the Worldwide Newsletter translates an article for our international relations. Read more »


Did you know?

Introduction to Dutch is in Top 50 MOOCs of All Time. Read more »

The University offers nine free courses, among which Introduction to Frisian and European Culture and Politics. Read more »

First Chair in Chinese at the University for Oliver Moore. Read more »

The University organizes web classes twice a year, to give you a peak into the freshmen year of a study. Read more »


Meet the UG in your country

The University of Groningen is traveling and would like to connect with alumni abroad.

29 October - Singapore
Meeting with the President of the UG

1 November - Yogyakarta
Alumni dinner with the President of the UG 

4 November - Jakarta
Alumni dinner with the President of the UG 

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Opening Academic Year

Rector Magnificus Elmer Sterken officially opened academic year 2016-2017 during a ceremony at the Martinikerk. Read more »


Twenty years of fundraising among alumni

‘Twenty years ago, it was not done to ask former students to donate money for research and teaching. Nowadays, contributions to the University made by alumni are indispensable, including financial contributions. Read more »


Prizes and Awards

Best Reviewer Award for Frank Walter and Floor Rink. Read more »

Three ERC Starting Grants for UMCG researchers. Read more »

ERC Starting Grant for astronomer Pratika Dayal. Read more »

EUSARF Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 for Prof. Erik Knorth. Read more »


Rosalind Franklin Fellows

Twenty-two top female
researchers presented their plans for the future at the University of Groningen during a festive gathering. They all have been appointed as Rosalind Franklin Fellow.
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