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Welcome back to our Newsletter! WE Labs is proud to be moving forward stronger than ever, thanks to our members and spirit of collaboration instilled by our late friend, mentor, and source of inspiration, Markus Manley. WE are more than a co-workspace: WE are innovators, entrepreneurs, network facilitators, techies, artists, and unrelenting champions for unlocking the hidden potential WE know exists in overlooked and underserved communities.
 By design there is no standard WE Labs member. However, WE are united in our desire to engage with other creative individuals in a positive and free flowing environment. Empowering dreamers and thinkers, regardless of education and background, WE Labs looks to enliven local economies and cultures, one opportunity-hungry neighborhood at a time.

WE are excited to announce our incorporation, meaning we are now officially “WE Labs, Inc.” and on our way to becoming a certified Benefit Corporation! Co-Founder Robbie Brown and Markus’ mother Mary, along with help from existing members/supporters, came together to finish the incorporation process in a way that would best honor Markus’ vision.
Operating as a Benefit Corporation allows us the recognition and operational benefits of corporate structure while retaining the heart and soul of a non-profit. Business decisions are not solely guided by maximizing profits; instead, community service and our stated public benefit MUST be factored in! This will ensure that as WE Labs Inc. moves forward and grows, it will always stay true to the goals of our Founders.
This Saturday, May 17th, is our official “Grand WE-Opening.” This all day event starts at 11am and will include a variety of fun events, refreshments, entertainment, as well as member and community organizations.
      Starting at 3pm, Larry Rosenwinkle, a WE Labs member, world traveler, comedic inspirational speaker, four-time marathoner, triathlete, entrepreneur, yoga instructor AND circus aerialist invites you all to join him to get “Larry-ed.” Make sure to come say hi and pick up an autographed copy of his travel memoir, “How I Became A Goat-Sitter In Ireland,” a collection of autobiographical tales of travel and community building.
      At 6 pm, WE Labs / Arts Counsel for Long Beach presentsSTRUCTURE: 
Perspectives on Architecture. Featuring the architectural photographic art of Kay Erickson, Ron Javorsky, Josh Tann, and Paul Turang. Remember, perspective is everything people, so don’t miss it!
“PADNET is coming!”
WE Labs is thrilled to announce that we will officially be the Satellite location for Long Beach’s own PADNET!!! What is PADNET you ask? PADNET stands for “Public Access Digital Network,” and their mission is "to empower Long Beach residents with quality resources to create and share locally produced news, information and entertainment that foster community pride and civic engagement.”
This mission dovetails perfectly with our “Work Learn & Grow” mantra, and WE believe they will be an important addition to the space and resource for our members. Not only does PADNET currently serve over five million (yes, 5,000,000!) local viewers, but their presence will also offer additional technical equipment and learning opportunities within WE Labs. WE look forward to the start of a long and mutually beneficial relationship, and couldn’t be more excited to welcome PADNET to our community!
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