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Photo: Day 2 of Hopkinton Annual Town Meeting - 5/7/2019

May 7, 2019 - Day 2 of Town Meeting discusses Article 29: $58,000 for Center School Renovation and Reuse Feasibility Study.
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Town Meeting Day 2 Updates 5-7-19

View town meeting on HCAM (Comcast Channel 8, Verizon Channel 30) or online here:.

Article 25: Purchase of Ladder Truck - Standing Vote- Passed: 256-11
$1,200,000 for a Ladder Truck to replace used Truck purchased in 2016.
2/3rds required vote

Article 26: Public Safety Software Upgrade - Passed Unanimously

Article 27: Town Hall Basement Renovation - Standing Vote: Fails Majority 175 (for), 112 (against)
$200,000 to add office and meeting space
-Town Manager stated: funds would be used to build kitchen, offices and storage space.
2/3rds required vote

Article 28: Security Cameras - School - Passed Unanimously

Article 29: Center School Renovation and Reuse Feasibility Study - Passes Clear Majority

Article 30: Community Preservation Funds - Passed Unanimously

Article 31: Community Preservation Recommendations - Article Passed Majority minus Item D
Historical Preservation for:
A-Land Records in Town Hall Basement ($20,000) (Passed)
B-Historical Photographs ($3,750) (Passed)
C-Headstones at Cemeteries ($10,000) (Passed)
D-Dog Park at 66B fruit st. ($20,000 for design, approx. $400,000 to build) (Passed Separate Vote)
E-Lacrosse Wall at fruit st fields ($25,000) (Passed)
F-Irrigation System at Pyne Field ($25,000) (Passed
G-Wetland Crossing at 0 Wilson St. ($50,000) (Passed)
H-Replace Equipment at EMC Playground ($260,000) (Passed)

-Motion to Separate Item D - Standing Vote: Passes 228-72
-Motion to Separate Item H - Standing Vote: Fails 109-178

Discussion of Item D (Dog Park) - Passed 191-158

Article 32: Car Wash Use - Failed 2/3rd majority, 226(For)-117(Against)
-Determines Zoning for a potential Car Wash

Article 33: Indoor Recreation Uses - Passed Unanimously
-Uses Allowed by Special Permit in Industrial A District

Article 34: Self-Storage Facility - Fails Required 2/3rds
-Self Storage Facility in Industrial A District
-Planning Board does not recommend approval
-Amendment to change to use by Special Permit (Change from 210-34.A to 210-35.A)- Fails 145(For)-190(Against)

Article 35: Associated Retail to Manufacturing Use - Passed 2/3rd requirement 305(For)-8(Against)
-Would allow 5000 sq ft area or smaller of retail space
-Special Permit from ZBA required
-Public Hearing Required
-No change in bylaws as to what products can be manufactured

Article 36: OSMUD District - Residents of Age-Restricted Housing - Fails 2/3rds majority
-Developer cannot comply with current bylaw due to age restriction
-Removes prohibition of residents under 18
-At least one resident must be 55 in the 180 units
-If more than 3 students in school system, $9,000 a year per student above 3 must be paid to the town from the developer.
(Average cost per a student per a year is approx. $15,000.)
-Developer could pass fees for students in school system to home owners association
-Units are required to be no more than 2 bedrooms

Article 37: OSMUD District - Affordable Housing - Passed Unanimously
-Keep prohibition on Children under 18
-Allows Planning Board to Approve a payment-in-lieu of providing the units, to the Affordable Housing Trust Fund.
-Allows the Planning Board to Approve the creation of the required number of affordable housing units elsewhere in Hopkinton by the developer.
-May Result in affordable housing units elsewhere in Hopkinton, outside of OSMUD District.
-Planning Board Recommends 7 to 1.

Article 38: OSMUD - Restricted Land Definition - Passed Standing Vote (almost unanimously, 222-2)
-Inserting in the definition of Restricted Land in section 210-164, after the words land improved for other municipal".

End of Day 2


Weather Trends in Hopkinton: April 29th-May 5th 2019

According to the DPW weather station, the highest temperature reached in Hopkinton April 29th through May 5th was 62 degrees, the lowest was 33 degrees. Average temperature during the month in Hopkinton was 49 degrees. Humidity was at an average of 43%, the peak was 97% while the lowest was 23%. Wind Speed averaged 0.6 MPH, while reaching a high of 7 MPH. Rain accumulated 0.39 inches last week in Hopkinton. You can see all the averages for Hopkinton below and be on the lookout for future weather updates in Hopkinton.

The weather trends in Hopkinton were submitted by Water & Sewer Manager and WBZ Weather Spotter, Eric Carty. We thank Eric and the DPW for the information and look forward to keeping you up to date with all the weather trends in Hopkinton. Follow (@HopkintonWX) on Twitter and receive current conditions every 20 minutes and weather updates throughout the day.

April 29th-May 5th
Temperature: High: 62°F Low: 33°F Average: 49°F
Dew Point: High: 55°F Low: 21°F Average: 43°F
Humidity: High: 97% Low: 23% Average: 81%
Precipitation: 0.39 in
Wind Speed: High: 7 mph Average: 0.6 mph
Wind Gust: High: 17 mph Average: 3.7 mph
Wind Direction: Average: S
Pressure: High: 30.52 in Low: 29.88 in


Sunday May 19th - A Busy Day for Hopkinton High School Music Students

First, the High School Jazz Ensemble performs at Noon at the Boston Hatch Shell. This ensemble recently earned a Gold Medal at the MAJE State Festival. All are welcome to enjoy some great jazz!

Then at 3:30 p.m. the Hopkinton High School cordially invites the public to its annual POPS Concert 2019. Enjoy performances by the music department’s Chorus, Noteworthy, Men’s Chorus, Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Lab, Symphonic Band, & Concert Band. Performances will be at the High School Athletic Center at 90 Hayden Rowe Street. Admission is $5 for individuals, $20 per family. Free admission for Senior Citizens, Hopkinton music students, faculty and staff. The Hopkinton Music Association provides refreshments at this performance which is included with admission!


Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce Annual Town Meeting 411

Below are links to information relating to several articles that are expected to be presented, tonight, at the Hopkinton Annual Town Meeting. Each is directly linked to projects of importance to Hopkinton’s economic health.

Of particular importance are Articles 41 and 42, which the Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors opposes.

Hopkinton Chamber Urges “NO” vote on Articles # 41 and # 42.
View above attachment for Document

The Trails Document.
Click this link for document

Main Street Corridor Project. This document details FAQ’s


Editorial: Supporting Cynthia Esthimer for Commissioner of Hopkinton Parks & Recreation

Cynthia loves Hopkinton, especially the Lake Maspenock community where she has lived for many years. She advocates for this natural resource, its environment, and even chairs the committee on weeds. Cynthia believes in an inclusive Parks and Recreation department with activities for everyone of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Her desire is to support and enhance offerings our Parks and Recreation are currently offering our community from sports, arts, educational initiatives and health & wellness programs. Cynthia is a listener who definitely wants to hear from the residents "what is important to them" in regards to building upon the recreation and enrichment programs the Parks & Recs can offer. Her professional background, for over twenty years spearheaded the implementation of enrichment programs for a city in our region integrating their schools, Parks & Recs and other city wide departments delivering resources to well over 1,000 youth annually.

I have known Cynthia for over 23 years, she is caring, creative and collaborates well with others - she is the ideal candidate to be a commissioner on Hopkinton’s Parks and Recreation Commission.

Please join me and vote for Cynthia Esthimer on May 20th.

Darlene Hayes
1 Third Road

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