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     Jan 2011

Is this the year you take control of your computer?

You have that computer in front of you. Is it working for you? It should be! How many times do you think, I know there's a way to do it, but I'm too busy to learn right now, so I'll just do it manually (like adding up numbers on a calculator instead of using Excel). Or, I know there's a much more efficient way to do it, but this way works for now, so I'll do it like I've always done it (like pressing TAB a gallizion times to make it go over to the right side of the page in Word).

We have some exciting things to offer you to help! We are beginning to run our public courses again as well as free lunch and learns! All sessions are happening at our south side training center - #206-9131-39 ave. Of course, we are still doing the ever-so-popular one on ones and on-site training as well!



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Word and Excel Classes

There are courses starting January 25!
  • Excel Level 1 (Beginner)
    January 25 and Feb 1 from 9-12 PM
  • Word Level 1 (Beginner)
    January 25 and Feb 1 from 1-4 PM
  • Excel Level 2 (Intermediate)
    February 22  and March 1 from 9-12
  • Word Level 2 (Intermediate)
    February 22  and March 1 from 1-4 PM
Classes are $100 + GST and you receive a manual. Please check out our website to see all the details and to register. http://www.knowitsooner.com/training/publicclasses/publiccourses.htm

Lunch and Learns - FREE!

We are also planning a few freebies! Come check out some lunch and learn sessions! Bring your lunch and prepare to be amazed!
  • Wednesday, January 19th - 12-1 - Microsoft Office 2007/2010
    Come and check out a session on all the new Office 2007/2010 features! I hear people talk, mostly complain, about the different look and feel the new program has. It's actually new and improved, and has some cool extras! I will help you find your way around the new ribbon, talk about compatibility with other versions and show you how you can customize it to make it yours!
  • Wednesday, February 9th - Excel Tips and Tricks
    We are offering our most popular Excel topic - Tips and Tricks. This is for the people who don't have a whole day to dedicate towards Excel training because they use it all the time and know the basics. Maybe you need a refresher, or have never received official training. This session will help you out beyond your imagination!
For more info on lunch and learns and to register, please go to http://www.knowitsooner.com/training/lunchnlearns/lunchandlearns.html. Do you have any ideas for future sessions? Contact us and let us know!

Other Sessions You Might be Interested in

We've partnered with a couple of other companies to bring you the free lunch and learn sessions on Wednesdays at lunchtime. Times and locations are the same as above. No need to register, just bring your lunch and show up!

Presented by Bobby Ng, BNG Promotion
  • Conflict Resolution
    Master the art of resolving those potentially troublesome conflicts!
    January 26th 12:00 – 1:00 PM
  • Context Window
    The secret factor that stands between success and failure for you.
    February 16th 12:00 – 1:00 PM

Presented by Allan Head,  Safety Ahead 
  • Safety Made Simple
    Get started creating a standard of safety excellence in your company NOW!
    February 2nd 12:00-1:00 PM
    February 23rd 12:00-1:00 PM
 We're Accredited!
We were approached by some insurance professionals who wanted to take some of our Excel courses but at the same time, earn CE (Continuing Education) credits from the Alberta Insurance Council. So, we looked into what was involved in that! And we're pleased to announce that our Excel Level 2 course (yes, the one that starts Feb 22nd) is now accredited! So if you are an insurance agent, you would receive 6 CE credits if you took it! It is also applicable if you took the course at your site or as a one on one (either in person or via an internet webinar), so if that date and time doesn't work for you, let's chat about making it happen another time! Stay tuned as we may submit other courses in the future!

Community Corner

Did you know that 50% of all dogs that reach the age of 10 will develop cancer?
The Animal Cancer Therapy Subsidization Society (ACTSS) believes that every pet deserves the best cancer treatment no matter their owner’s financial situation. ACTSS is also devoted to the education and awareness of this terrible disease. You can help! If you or someone you know needs help or you would like to help please visit our site at www.actss.ca

My sister-in-law, Daralynn is very involved in this amazing society. Grab a tissue and read her story as it appeared in Pet Rescue Magazine.

ACTSS is proud to be chosen as this years Pet Expo's featured charity. ACTSS is seeking silent auction items for the Expo, which is held on January 22-23, 2011. If you would like to donate to this great cause please call Daralynn at 780-249-2678.

This Month's Tip - Using Word Sections

We are trying something new this month! We usually type out our tip, but this time we're going to show you a video using Webex! We hope it is easier and quicker this way to demonstrate this awesome tip. Check out our video tip on Word Sections and learn how to have different headers and footers in your document. Click here to view this webinar. It may ask you to install a "plug - in" to view it. It's totally safe to do this! Thousands of people all over the world use Webex!

We are interested in what you think of this new method of sharing tips with you! Please email us your feedback!

In Closing

Please remember we do on site training, either one on one or group sessions. Or we can do it at our south side location. Or we can do it over the internet. We are trying to be as flexible as possible for you!

If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact me via email or 780-940-6772.

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic day!

Joanne Swensrude
Know it Sooner Computer Training