Hello! Well, our public courses are all done for the year and we're working on our schedule for January. In the meantime, we have some great things to share with you!

Lunch and Learns - Limited Time Offer!

We have been doing quite a few "Lunch and Learns" lately. We come to your office for an hour and give great tips while your employees eat lunch. People love these sessions. They are affordable, quick, and extremely informative! As well, they are easy to organize. If they're held over the lunch hour, you are making such great use of time!Description: http://gallery.mailchimp.com/33b922318137a14d70ff7cf25/images/lunchlearn.jpg
To promote this service, we are offering a special for January. Our regular rate for these sessions is $250. If you book 10 or more (yes, have us in once a month!!), the cost is $200/session.

However, if you book a session before December 15, 2010, the cost is only $150! The session must be held in January 2011.

If you are planning on having 9 more in the next 12 months, this session will count toward the $200/session rate discount for sessions held after January.

Do the math. If you have 10 people attend, that's only $15 per person! Wow!

Popular topics include:
  • Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks
  • Excel Tips and Tricks
  • Outlook Tips and Tricks
  • PowerPoint Tips and Tricks
  • Working with Large Excel Lists/Databases
  • Excel Advanced Formulas
  • Word Mail Merge/Envelopes/Labels
  • Word Table of Contents and Styles
  • Many other topics available - tell us what you're interested in!
And if you're not in the Edmonton area, no problem. We can connect via the internet and do the session that way!

Contact us
and book today!

Save Time and Money this Christmas!
Now that I've got your attention, let me tell you how I bought most of my Christmas presents last year. I shopped through my Amazon site! Tons of selection of items, including books, software, DVDs/CDs, electronics and other cool things! And shipping is free on most items with a $25 order, delivered right to my door. No crowds, lots of selection and competitive pricing. Check it out today by clicking here.

Community Corner
The holiday season is coming. There are many charities that need our help. You may already give to one or more of these organizations, but if you don't, please consider it. There really is a lot of joy in the spirit of giving. If you can't spare any extra cash to donate, what about your time? Most organizations gladly accept volunteers! You meet great people, learn some new skills, and get warm and fuzzy feelings knowing you are making a difference in someone's life!

Here are many charities but here are few to check out.
Santa's Anonymous www.santasanonymous.ca
Christmas Bureau www.christmasbureau.ca
Salvation Army www.salvationarmy.ca
United Way www.unitedway.ca
The Mustard Seed www.mustard.ab.ca
Food Banks www.afbna.ca/foodbanks

Tip - Finding Related Messages in Outlook

Here's a great Outlook tip. Say you send me an email asking for comments. It's got a subject line of "Please Review". You reply to the message, type some comments and send it off.

A couple weeks later, you come across that message. You know you have replied to it because it will have a purple arrow on it when you are viewing it in your inbox. That's great that it tells you that, but what if you want to quickly find the email you sent.

If you open the email, you will see a bar at the top listing the date you replied to it.

Click there and you will see an option to "Find Related Messages".

If you can't see this bar in the 2010 version, look on the ribbon for a button called "Related". You will see the option there to "Find Related Messages".

By clicking this, you will be listing all the emails in your Inbox and Sent folders with the same subject line. Go ahead and double click on one to open it and read it!

Much quicker than digging through your Sent Items folder and trying to find it yourself!

In Closing
Please contact us if you would like any information on Lunch and Learn Sessions or any other service we offer such as One on One,  onsite training, webinars or classroom training. Watch for our new calendar of course offerings coming soon!

Joanne Swensrude
Know it Sooner Computer Training

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