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Microsoft July Update Fixes Multiple Zero-Days Exploited - Read more
SolarWinds Serv-U Memory Escape Vulnerability Zero-Day - Read more
Vulnerabilities & Patches
Urgent Security Notice: Critical Risk To Unpatched End-Of-Life SRA & SMA 8.X Remote Access Devices - Read more
Multiple Sage X3 Vulnerabilities Expose Systems to Hack - Read more
Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Security Update - Read more
VMware VMSA-2021-0014 - Read more
Microsoft July 2021 Security Updates - Read more
Google Chrome Latest Patch for New Exploited Zero-Day - Read more
Cybercrimes & Incidents
The Week in Ransomware - July 2nd 2021 - MSPs under attack - Read more
LinkedIn Breach Leaves 700 Million Users Exposed - Read more
16 Cybercriminals Behind Mekotio and Grandoreiro Banking Trojan Arrested in Spain - Read more
Windows Hello Bypass Fools Biometrics Safeguards in PCs - Read more
Google: Russian SVR hackers targeted LinkedIn users with Safari zero-day - Read more
Lazarus Campaign TTPs and Evolution - Read more
Zloader With a New Infection Technique - Read more
Iranian Hackers Posing as Scholars Target Professors and Writers in Middle-East - Read more
Imminent ransomware campaign targeting older appliances - Read more
Cyber-Security Challenges in Aviation Industry: A Review of Current and Future Trends - Read more
Mitigations and Hardening Guidance for MSPs and Small-and Mid-sized Businesses - Read more
9 best practices for network security - Read more
CISA Resources to Reduce Ransomware Risk - Read more
An Enterprise Guide to Web Security - Read more
Why You Need Automation to Achieve Compliance in the Cloud - Read more
How to
Hands on with Windows Terminal 1.10's new and useful features - Read more
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