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Vulnerabilities & Patches
Apple Patches 3 More Zero-Days Under Active Attack - Read more
Multiple vulnerabilities in VMware vCenter Server were privately reported to VMware - Read more
Google Chrome Patches Zero-Day Vulnerability - Stable Channel Update For Desktop - Read more
SonicWall Issues Patches for a New Critical Flaw in SMA 100 Series Devices - Read more
Cybercrimes & Incidents
EventBuilder misconfiguration exposes Microsoft event registrant data - Read more
BlackMatter Ransomware Technical Analysis and Tools from Nozomi Networks Labs - Read more
BluStealer: from SpyEx to ThunderFox - Read more
CISA, FBI: State-Backed APTs May Be Exploiting Critical Zoho Bug - Read more
TinyTurla - Turla deploys new malware to keep a secret backdoor on victim machines - Read more
No Longer Just Theory: Black Lotus Labs Uncovers Linux Executables Deployed As Stealth Windows Loaders - Read more
Analyzing a Large-scale Phishing-as-a-service Operation - Read more
advanced-threat-research/DarkSide-Config-Extract - Read more
A Powershell module to run threat hunting playbooks on data from Azure and O365 for Cloud Forensics purposes - Read more
Catching the big fish: Analyzing a large-scale phishing-as-a-service operation - Read more
Financially motivated actor breaks certificate parsing to avoid detection - Read more
Upcoming Events
Cyber Saudi - Read more
Welcome to Supply Chain Attacks - Read more
How to
Office365 Attacks: Bypassing MFA, Achieving Persistence and More - Read more
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