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Vulnerabilities & Patches
VMware Carbon Black App Control Critical Vulnerability - Read more
Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR Critical Vulnerability - Read more
SonicWall Buffer Overflow In HTTP Request Header Leads To Partial Memory Leak - Read more
BIOS Disconnect – Vendor Update Tools Pose Significant Risks to the Integrity of Dell Devices - Read more
Linux marketplaces vulnerable to RCE and supply chain attacks - Read more
Cybercrimes & Incidents
SolarWinds hackers stole data from Microsoft's customer support system - Read more
DirtyMoe Malware Infected 100,000+ Windows Systems - Read more
Ukraine Arrests 6 Clop Ransomware Operation Suspects - Read more
Threat Actors use Google Ads to Target People Migrating to Encrypted Messaging Services like Signal and Telegram - Read more
Klingon RAT is Being Used by Cybercriminals for Financial Gain - Read more
Bash Ransomware DarkRadiation Targets Red Hat- and Debian-based Linux Distributions - Read more
A supply-chain breach: Taking over an Atlassian account - Read more
Attackers in Executive Clothing - BEC continues to separate orgs from their money - Read more
Manufacturing Sector Still Not Safe from Cyberattacks - Read more
Honeywell Cybersecurity Research Reports Significant Increase In USB Threats That Can Cause Costly Business Disruptions - Read more
Strategic Approach based on Cybersecurity for National Educational System - Read more
Secure design principles - Read more
Upcoming Events
Cloud Strategy Optimization – Ensuring Efficient and Secure Collaboration on Cloud - Read more
Virtual Cybersecurity Summit Series - Read more
REvil is back. Misconfiguration with major effect. Mining Monero. Judgments against market-rigging hackers. A FIN7 operator is sentenced. - Read more
How to
Your essential guide to internet security - Read more
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