A newly re-designed MAI-200 ADACS is available for nanosatellite systems.
Precision Fine Pointing and Ultra Low Jitter

Announcing the all new MAI-200.  Redesigned mechanics allow dynamic balancing to < 1mg-mm, enabling nanosat missions requiring arc-sec level pointing and extremely low jitter. The only fully integrated turnkey Attitude Determination and Control System (ADACS) on the market featuring both attitude determination and attitude control in the same package.  Also available as a wheels-only system without the ADACS computer or electromagnets.

Momentum Storage: 10.8mNms
Maximum Torque: 0.625 mNm
Mass Unbalance: 1 mg-mm
Command & TLM Interface: RS-232
Dimensions: 3.937" x 3.927" x 3.10"
Weight: 1.99 lb (907 gm)
Operating Temp: -40C to +80C
Vibration: > 10 g rms
Radiation: 30 krad

For more information, or to request a quote, please visit www.miniADACS.com.
Maryland Aerospace Inc. specializes in CubeSat attitude determination and control systems. MAI markets the MAI-100 and MAI-200, which uniquely integrate both attitude determination with attitude control in a single package. Please contact us at discover@miniADACS.com for more information or custom solutions for your mission.
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