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In Focus - Paihia's Community Newsletter
Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.
As we head into summer with projects still 'in the pipeline' it is encouraging to see the brilliant efforts of the VILLAGE GREEN PHANTOMS proving that patience, persistence and perspiration achieve results! What a difference. A huge thank you to all involved in this project. Please see more on this brilliant VOLUNTEER EFFORT below. Meanwhile other projects continue on the slow bureaucratic burner - so take a good dose of patience and persistence before reading on...
PHOTO: Alfresco's.

In response to discussion and feedback from the April 9 Public Meeting Focus Paihia Community Trust is pleased to announce the FPCT TRUSTEE FOR ENVIRONMENTAL REPRESENTATION - Craig Salmon.

CRAIG SALMON lives in Paihia.  He grew up in Whangarei and is from a farming family. He has had a variety of jobs, the main being in the IT sector providing sales systems for the insurance industry for 15 years.  He is now a freelance software developer and part time beekeeper.

Craig is also a trustee and volunteer trapper and coordinator on Bay Bush Action Trust.  BBA is a 
biodiversity protection group operating on around 250-300 hectares behind Paihia.  They work closely with Forest and Bird and DOC.

He is an active member of Fish Forever advocating for 10% of the Bay to be protected in a network of marine reserves. He is also a coordinator/volunteer for Bay Beach Clean which picks rubbish up off the beach and roadsides around Paihia every two weeks. Craig is co-convener for the Northland branch of the Green Party and is also a member of Regional Electric Vehicle Utility Project (REV-UP) working with NRC and FNDC on infrastructure support for electric cars.
Craig has an excellent understanding of environmental issues and is passionate about carbon reduction and mitigation around climate change. Also pest control and biodiversity protection, waste management and recycling, ethical purchasing and electric transportation.

The Focus Paihia Community Trust Board would like to warmly welcome Craig to the Board.
Focus Paihia has submitted a nomination document for the New Zealander of the Year Awards, MITRE 10 COMMUNITY OF THE  YEAR - PAIHIA! We have nominated our community as a whole. In it we celebrate the wide range of new developments and vibrant organisations that are currently active in the area.

The groups involved share  a strong sense of community spirit and are playing a vital role in enhancing the social, economic, cultural or environmental prosperity of our region. It is important to recognise, celebrate and encourage these groups as our combined efforts make our community stronger and more vibrant for all

As part of the nomination requirements a summary was provided as an overview of the final documents that were submitted (102 in 
total!) - in essence, the summary is the reasoning behind the nomination. We want to share the summary with you. Paihia has a lot to be proud of...
Paihia is a Far North township with a population of 1723 in the 2013 census. Together with its adjacent communities of Waitangi, Opua and Haruru Falls, which also form part of this nomination, there is a population of some 3000 in the vicinity. We would like to commence our application with a short video from TVNZ’s ‘Seven Sharp’ Programme in October 2013 in order to give a preliminary flavour of Paihia.
Paihia was an important centre of early European New Zealand thanks to its stable Anglican Mission and good links with Northern Maori in the lead-up to the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840. In 1850 the CMS mission closed and Paihia entered a quiescent period with initial decline and then only slow growth as an emerging tourist centre. More rapid growth followed in the post-World War II period, taking Paihia to its present population and recognition as the tourist hub of the Far North. However in spite of various initiatives in the 1980s and 1990s, Paihia could hardly be described as a cohesive or vibrant community. A newspaper article of May 2008 (Appendix 1) shows the Far North Mayor of the period criticizing what he saw as the township’s lack of a common vision, together with complaints about its physical state by a local motelier. To this picture of division and dilapidation must be added a downturn in the traditional tourist market to the extent that even the brightest star in the Bay of Islands tourist industry could not compete (Farewell to Ipipiri, Appendix 1). This provides us with an appropriate starting point for the revitalization of Paihia until now, some six years later, when a series of new events and a range of active organisations pursuing projects have led Paihia and its surrounding areas to a new peak as an energetic, united, purposeful community.
Towards Revitalisation
There is a central community organisation dating from 2009, Focus Paihia Community Trust, which will be featured, but Paihia is much more than just one organization. Paihia may be a small town, but it has a lot of organisations for its size, an even larger number of volunteers and a huge dynamic. Our story is to highlight these elements of a vibrant community, broken into the following seven sections and three appendices, which also provides a table of contents.
Recent Initiatives
Harcourt Pro-am Golf Tournament
Power-boat Racing
Bathtub Racing

Substantial Works In Progress
Waitangi Mountain Bike Park
The Lucy Williams Park
CCTV Programme
The Kaikohekohe Trust
St. Andrew’s Church
Waitangi National Trust Museum and Education Centre

Opua Railway Station
2014 Placemaking Projects

Highlighted Organisations in Revitalization
Cruise Ship Committee
Waitangi Golf Club
Bay of Islands Rotary Club
Community Patrol
Bay Bush Action Trust
Fish Forever
Business Paihia
BOI Gymnastics
Friends of the Williams House
War Memorial Hall Committee
Paihia Op Shop
Bay of Islands Yacht Club
Paihia Fire Brigade
Paihia St Johns Ambulance
Bay of Islands Special Olympics

Existing Events
22 outlined in supporting documents

Additional Organisations
Community Volunteer Organisations and Clubs
Sports and Leisure clubs
Parent Groups

The Transformation of the Community: The Story of Focus Paihia Community Trust
Masterplan Stage 1: Horotutu – Our Place

Local Heroes.
A number of people have been nominated by their organisations who have made a major contribution to the town.
These nominations are made as separate submissions.

Appendix 1
   Bay Chronicle, May 29, 2008
   Farewell to Ipipiri

Appendix 2 Letters of Support
   The Mayor of Far North District, John Carter
   The Police Area Prevention Manager, Far North, Senior Sergeant Chris McLellan
   The Director of Creative Communities International, David Engwicht
   The Deputy Mayor of Far North District, Tania McInnes

Appendix 3
   Selected newspaper articles
Focus Paihia Community Trust
We start by identifying the components of what has made Focus Paihia, the central community body, a success before expanding this later in the nomination:
1. Getting the community onside through a series of meetings and working parties on the four wellbeings - economic, social, environmental and cultural - which anyone could join, to develop a community strategy over more than a year. This was the key play of Tania McInnes.
2. Taking a long-term view and contracting one of the top firms of architects/planners in New Zealand, Stephenson and Turner, to help with a 15-30 year development of a Masterplan.
3. Setting up a working party of staff from the local authorities: Far North District Council, Northland Regional Council, and New Zealand Transit.
4. Creating a trust deed and a board representative of the main bodies in town, including the Waitangi Marae, and applying for recognition as a Charitable Trust
5. Setting up an ‘op shop’ and asking the Council for a targeted rate, to raise some base money.
6. Bringing on board Creative Communities International, a Brisbane-based community building organisation. David Engwicht, its director, has now taken Paihia on board as his prime example of civic initiative
7. Partly as a result of David Engwicht, 'getting some runs on the board' as someone put it, by engaging in a series of relatively small scale town re-developments leading up to the conversion of a car park into a public park as stage one of the Masterplan
8. Having the small-scale developments proposed and carried out not by Focus Paihia, which facilitates and financially supports them, but by 'drivers' from the community, who get a team together, build a plan and a budget, and make it happen
9. Having a series of on-going communications, including public meetings, a monthly newsletter, a Facebook page, and an annual Almanac
10. Outstanding leadership from our chairman, Grant Harnish, an archetypal lead from the front Kiwi bloke from the Lao Tzu school of leadership: 'But of the best - when their task is accomplished - the people all say "We did it ourselves". And we also have a world class coordinator in Tiffany Holland, who is the only paid member of Focus.
Focus Paihia would not have been successful without a community willing to come in behind it and make it work. Volunteers have been at the heart of Focus Paihia’s activities, the wider range of organisations in town, and the community as a whole. And it is often not just the direct volunteers. When Paihia’s Community Board Councillor, Belinda Ward, read out the list of those who had helped in kind to feed and water the active volunteers in creating the new park, Horotutu – Our Place, there were forty individuals and businesses who had contributed. Community Net was set up just to provide such services and to act as a back-up to Focus Paihia. There is no list of all whose who have volunteered in the range of projects, but they will number in the hundreds. Credit in particular needs to be given the tradesmen with specialist skills who gave their time free and the local businesses who supplied free equipment and sharply discounted products.  Nor has it just been on behalf of Focus Paihia and its place-making that the volunteers have been willing to turn out; indeed most organisations could not exist without them. Even so there are special cases. Waitangi Golf Club has transformed its course and its organisational standing with the aid of constant working bees over a five year period while its committee has organised a series of events which take it into the top echelons of New Zealand golf. The Bay of Islands Vintage Railway Trust is another special case, so much so that it was the Trustpower National Community Awards Supreme Winner in 2010. And a very very special case is the couple who raised over $90,000 in ‘dribs and drabs’ for the Yacht Club re-roofing. Paihia’s emergency services, the fire brigade and the St John’s ambulance service, are both all-volunteer, as is the chief source of funding Focus Paihia, its ‘Op Shop’. Two of its smaller organisations, Bay of Islands Gymnastics and Bay of Islands Special Olympics, are run by volunteers for the benefit of others. The churches, too, are moving into providing social benefits for others.
Public Safety 
Safety has been an important issue in Paihia, both for locals and especially for foreign tourists. Occasional attacks have been given high publicity with consequent negative consequences for the town’s image. At the same time Paihia has quite a number of bars and alcohol-related issues tend to follow from this. The community has therefore been concerned to help the police in carrying out their functions. One important part of the contribution has been the all-volunteer Community Patrol. 24 volunteers provide 2-4 hours a month, almost always at inconvenient times and act both as a deterrent and as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the police. Since the Patrol started in 2008 petty crime has reduced considerably. A second contribution has been for Focus Paihia to begin the provision of CCTV cameras at key points throughout the area, with the results made available to the police when requested.
Paihia is also a caring community. There are of course national and regional social and medical services, both professional (Northland DHB outreach services) and volunteer (Age Concern, Red Cross) which might be found in any town, but there are some which are based in or operate in Paihia  and have local volunteer input: Rotary-originated Meals on Wheels (homebound); MINDS (mental health); TEAR group of churches (discovery of social need); Northland Alzheimer’s group (the disease); Centre for Recreation (holiday breaks for the needy); Te Tii Waitangi B3 Trust (services for Maori); Waitangi Marae (services for Maori); Paihia Sea Scouts (youth); Bay of Islands Gymnastics (youth); Bay of Islands Special Olympics (physically and intellectually challenged youth).
The Environment
The work of local environmental groups is highly appreciated in our corner of the Bay. The cause for protection and prevention is steadily increasing as awareness is raised among our community that we must actively preserve our environment. This is thanks in a big part to these groups. Everyone in Paihia or the local area, whether they be visitor or local has the opportunity of delight to sight and experience native wildlife, flora & fauna, thanks largely to these groups and their continual efforts.

The Benefits of Revitalisation
The benefits of what has been happening in Paihia are both tangible and intangible. There are tangible signs around town with the very noticeable place-making projects, while the new events have also made a considerable difference, although it is difficult to measure these impacts in economic terms because there are also other, often larger, factors at work. Nevertheless, the talk by Irwin Wilson about the Paihia community’s response to the cruise ship industry gives some valuable statistical indicators of what has been achieved (see The Cruise Ship Committee). But the intangible dimensions are arguably even more important in terms of a feel-good factor and a growing reputation for making place-making work. Overall, there can be no gainsaying that the town as a whole has gained. There is also a strong sense of momentum and of confidence in the future that Paihia and its organisations can make things happen; at an August 2014 public meeting, there was strong support for moving on with the Masterplan over 15+ years and costing some $25 million. The knock-on effect from one success is to encourage others to happen, and that is one way of explaining the range of new developments that are currently occurring. The other positive is the feeling that the town can do things for itself; it does not have to be dependent on Council or Government, it is about taking ownership of your community.

Short Summary
Paihia has come a long way in the last few years and feels that it is in a good place to go forward, thanks to the can-do attitudes of its people, organisations and its vision, strategy and planned structure for the future.
It has been a busy month at the Shop. School holiday specials went over well, with bargains to be had on all books and games. The team are now getting geared up for Halloween sorting out costumes and accessories. Also they need more furniture, so if you have anything lying about that you do not use, bring it down to the shop. Please do not leave TVs or old computers. It costs money to take them to the recycling and eats into funds that the 
Op Shop raises - essential support that contributes to many of the wonderful projects happening around town. And again many thanks to those who donate the "good stuff".
The market begins next week, Monday 20 October, on the PAIHIA VILLAGE GREEN. The Paihia Art & Craft Market sets up on days when the cruise ships are in the Bay. For Cruse Ship/Market dates please go to With up to 36 stalls, the Art & Craft Market offers shoppers the opportunity to meet artists and crafters in person and take away something unique and special. Stalls at the market include wood craft and turned products, knitting, ceramics, hand made soaps, herbal remedies, glass work, hand crafted jewellery and high-calibre art in varying mediums and more. The wide variety of products from Northland comprise the visual delight of the market. Some stallholders are full time with their craft; some are hobbyists. What they all have in common is a love of the marketplace, pride in their work, and a friendly welcome for visitors. The Paihia Art & Craft Market is a wonderful contributor to the vibrancy of our community on Cruise Ship days.
One of the PAIHIA ART & CRAFT MARKET stall holders CICADA SYMPHONY DESIGNER JEWELLERY was selected to show at NEW ZEALAND FASHION WEEK held in late August.
Leslie Hunter-Webb is a jeweller fully involved in the art of her trade.  Working from her property in Ohaeawai, Leslie handcrafts all her own glassware in a creative space shared with her husband, who is a painter. Originally from Christchurch, Leslie has explored the world and settled for a time in the Blue Mountains, Australia. This is where the name Cicada Symphony comes from, with the millions of Cicadas clicking in the bush land.

With a new range every year Leslie is extending her work to include other interesting and unusual and materials, complemented by her own distinctive glasswork. "The new theme is
influenced by the natural environment – like the Gaia Principle where everything is somehow interconnected and mutually dependent. I look for contrasts and similarities to achieve their own harmony". For Leslie, lampworking glass and jewellery making is meditative and calming and what she loves most about her work and the fashion industry, is the colour she can incorporate in her designs. Leslie’s least favourite thing about fashion is sky-high heels but with everything else fashion she describes herself as a magpie. Leslie has searched the world and found the perfect art form to express herself. From the catwalk to the Paihia Village Green. Come and see for yourself.
The intention is to install a SWIMMING PONTOON just out off the middle of Taiputuputu Pahi Beach in Paihia, to become an additional activity for people (locals and visitors) to enjoy whilst visiting this lovely beach. 
Many will have great childhood memories of jumping off a pontoon - once, twice then 50 times in a row! Leisure beach activities such as this will help to encourage people to visit our beach and the pontoon will benefit swimmers of all ages over the summer months. It will add to the diversity of beach fun for residents and visitors while simultaneously complementing other beach activities.
The Drivers of this project are BLAKE CAMERON, RACHEL FUSSELL, RICHARD DE ROSA and TIFFANY HOLLAND. Information is  being compiled for the resource consent application that is required to install a new mooring and also for the actual pontoon.  The  pontoon design is still under consideration taking into account the best structure required for the use and marine conditions.  The 'drivers' are wading through the paperwork and we will keep you up to date with further progress. Patience and persistence.
ROBIN & TIFFANY HOLLAND are the Drivers of this project. Focus Paihia Community Trust is proposing to establish a non-commercial community mountain bike park (MTBP) in the Waitangi Endowment Forest. This will provide a world class mountain bike facility, which embraces and celebrates the cultural heritage of the area and provides a land based healthy activity for people of all ages.
The picture below is not very clear, but unfortunately the best possible upload to this newsletter format. So please Click HERE to see the PROPOSED Plans. This is just the idea - we will be consulting with DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION and HAPU over trail placement before final plans are developed.
Please note the plans linked above are CONCEPT PLANS ONLY to give you an idea of what the park could look like.

An application to use the land as a mountain bike park has been submitted. We are working through the processes, compiling the additional information that has been requested. We are working closely with DoC to establish the best possible outcome. It is apparent that this is going to be a slow process. Patience and persistence.

It was Napoleon Hill, one of the earliest producers of the modern genre of personal success literature, that said "Edison failed 10,000 times before he made the electric light. Do not be discouraged if you fail a few times".  Sadly our first funding application (to Pub Charity) has been declined. Due to 'funds available for distribution being exceeded at this time'. If only it was going to be that easy! The positive thing to take away as that we have done lots of the ground work already so are well prepared for further application processes. However as Pub Charity have been so supportive in the past with Focus Paihia projects we will definitely be applying to them again.

So it's back to the drawing board with funding for the moment with some leads to follow up but any ideas would be greatly welcomed. The applications take time to research and compile and our team of volunteers is at times stretched. We CAN make this happen but it is going to take time. More patience and 
Thank you to all those who took part in the OPUA SKATE PARK SURVEY which closed on Tuesday 30 September. Over 200 people responded including those from Opua, Paihia, Russell and a few from Kawakawa and Kerikeri. There were great comments and suggestions and also many offers of support when it comes to construction. Due to school holidays and family commitments there has been a delay in FULL analysis of the survey but the outcome of the main and most important question is detailed below ... 

“Would you like to see a skate park in Opua?”
66 = YES
8 = NO

“Would you like to see a skate park in Opua?”

YES - 87% answered “YES”
NO - 13% answered “NO” (Almost all suggested other locations with only ONE not wanting a skate park anywhere)
So now armed with such positive community feedback and support we hope to FINALLY lock down a site in the very near future! Stay tuned. We'll keep you posted.
The PLACEMAKING PHANTOMS have been busy over the last few weekends transforming the roadside edge of the Paihia Village Green. An excellent result from two very successful community working bees.  A huge THANK YOU to all (15-20 on Saturday 4 and 10-15 on Saturday 11 October) who helped. Both 'bees' were fun days with hard work and excellent humour.
The craziest thing was the weather. Volunteers shivered and then baked and then sheltered from rain, then baked again, all in a space of 10 minutes! Rocks were moved, weedmat was laid, new U shaped seats were installed and finally the shell was put down. Some of the littlest workers tuffing it out shovelling shells all afternoon!
This great project is driven by HENK KUIPER, KATJA CAULTON, NICK GALAMA. JEANETTE LANGERAK and BRIAN RAPHAEL. A special mention must be made for BRIAN RAPHEAL who built ALL of those fab seats himself!  A splendid effort. And of course for the masterful handywork of BRUCE GORDON on his digger, handling with ease the many instructions in the tricky 'perfect' placement of all those rocks. And there were many instructions! 
The second 'bee' was over in a few hours with many hands making light work of the planting - the pièce de rèsistance!
Thank you to all the 'chefs' for all of the food and to CELLINIS for providing delicious coffees. And again thank you to LOUISE RENDELL who consistently appears at working bee's with scrumptious soup and home baked goodies for the hungry workers.
The edge is not quite finished yet -  it's hard not to miss those rocks, still there, abundantly clear! The shell boarder will be extended slightly. Brian is currently constructing an extra bench seat (the same design as the first seat near the shops) to provide some symmetry. Then the 3 planter boxes will be moved to the edge of the Green also keeping a few of the rocks, both elements will be placed in bigger rectangular shapes with shell surface, marking the entrance and extending to the last part of the border. Similar to the drawing above. This will be done sometime in the near future but will be managed without a public 'bee'. 
Thank you to Henk, Brain and all the team for their efforts that are appreciated by us all. It is a great feeling contributing to such a special place, working alongside old and new friends to achieve wonderful results. Well done Paihia!
WELCOME to all new Subscribers. This newsletter is the best source of information regarding Focus Paihia and its projects. If this newsletter has been forwarded to you please to subscribe to it yourself. Click HERE to sign up using the link on the Focus Paihia website Homepage. You will also receive email updates regarding Community Working Bees and Focus Paihia developments. A HARD COPY of this newsletter is distributed to the many clubs, cafes and waiting rooms around Paihia. Huge thanks for the generous regular donation by THE MARINA SHOP in Opua for the printing. If you are reading this newsletter in hardcopy please excuse the haphazard layout - the original version is formatted for email.
With the first ship of the season arriving in the Bay on Monday it seems an appropriate time to highlight the developments in the industry regarding this area. Paihia has a lot to be proud of. The Bay of Islands has over the last 10 years become one of the favorite ports in New Zealand for cruise ship passengers. As the industry has grown in the South Pacific, the Bay of Islands has become a more regular destination for ships.  Back in the 80s and early 90s 12 to 15 ships a year visited the Bay with passenger numbers around 10 – 15,000 per annum. Over the last three years ship numbers have increased to average 45 ships per year, and around 65,000 passengers annually coming ashore. 
Recognizing this growth and opportunity the local business community along with strategic organizations involved with the day to day aspects of a cruise ship, established a regular forum whereby all parties would meet on several occasions throughout the year and openly discuss the cruise ship business, both the good things and the bad things. As consequences of this the groups have worked together, to improve the experience on the day for the passenger and the ship. This work involved an upgrade of the facilities at the Waitangi Jetty, the first point of contact with the passengers. Upgrades by the BOI Yacht Club to their clubrooms which act as a terminus for the Passengers, upgrades of footpaths and walkways into Paihia, and of course the major redevelopment of the Paihia waterfront, “Horotutu”.

The local business community also fund an Ambassadors scheme whereby funding is used to manage a group of volunteers to act as ambassadors on cruiseship days. The ambassadors meet and greet the passengers when first arriving ashore, providing maps and general guidance and assistance and this assistance is also repeated for the passengers in Paihia.  These combined set of actions by the Community have created an environment like no other port in New Zealand having provided a special and unique atmosphere for visitors to enjoy. This has resulted in a vastly improved visitor experience, to the point that the Bay of Islands is now ranked the second best port in New Zealand, behind Fiordland. Three years ago we were ranked 6
th in the country, a huge improvement and an important achievement!
This increase in passenger satisfaction has now placed the Bay as a “must do” port on the cruise company’s planning schedules, and as a direct consequence of that we are expecting in the 2015-16 year a record number of ships, at 57, a 35% increase over this coming season, and a whopping 97,000 passenger numbers, a huge 56% increase. 
No other port in New Zealand is experiencing this type of growth, and this has come about due mainly by visitor satisfaction, which in turn has come from the efforts of the local community. The community has embraced the opportunity that these cruiseship visitors offer. It looked at what was considered to be wrong, have been prepared to debate the matters and then put in place changes and improvements to those things, highlighting the things that are good. The result is a community very proud of its achievement and confident that their future in the cruise ship industry is in their hands and that by placing effort into this area, which is predominantly on a voluntary basis, it is creating a better community for all. Well done Paihia!
A great night was had by all who attended the BOIVR Fun Trivia night held on Saturday 27th September at the SCENIC HOTEL in Paihia.
After this very successful fundraising event at the Scenic Hotel in Paihia, the BAY OF ISLANDS VINTAGE RAILWAY TRUST  is one step closer towards the exciting new phase in steam history between Kawakawa and Opua.  The evening was a fun mix of Trivia questions, games and an auction which all together raised over $17,000.   There was great support from locals who came on the evening and also all the wonderful sponsors.  There were some unique auction items such as one of John Keys’ own ties – signed by him.  Frank Leadley and Mayor John Carter put on a great show as auctioneers and had everyone laughing and bidding!
PIP BOLTON from THE DESIGN ROOM at FRASER THOMAS has been working on the plans (free of charge) for the complex and gave a fantastic overview of the project on the evening.  We all soon discovered it is much more than just a railway station!  This will be a key iconic focal point in Northland which encapsulates New Zealand history.  The station is going to be a large complex that will be in the old style of historic railway stations in the early 1900’s.  It will be a multi-functional facility and have the capacity to hold large functions as well as having several businesses run out of it including cycle hire, a cafe and a tourism shop in conjunction with the trust.  The wetlands beside the station will be preserved and made accessible for people to wander through.  The whole area will be educational, interactive and fun.  Railway is a huge part of Northlands’ history and this is one more step closer to preserving it and letting everyone be able to enjoy it. 
On Sunday 28th September Paihia was host to the Daffodil Day Car and Motor Cycle Rally.  This event was hosted by the CLASSIC & SPORTS CAR CLUB NORTHLAND and marshalled the BAY OF ISLANDS ROTARY CLUB to support the CANCER SOCIETY'S DAFFODIL DAY  fund raiser.   The rally kicked off from Kensington Park in Whangarei where over 80 participants followed a route up to the Village Green in Paihia with a quiz along the way.  The rally included various classic cars and bikes from clubs in Northland and Auckland.
In Paihia locals and visitors got to see the variety and spectacle of classic cars and bikes on display, whilst the owners after their long drive were able to enjoy a picnic on the green listening to entertainment from the Rustlers, a great band from Russell.  After lunch there was prize giving including the competition for best Daffodil Day hat. Also prizes for the Truck winner, American winner, Hot Rod winner, Sports Car winner, Paint job winner,  British winner, Motor cycle winner and last but not least the Other Make winner.
The Northland Cancer Society charged $10 per entrant as well as having a stall on the Green where they were selling raffle tickets as an additional fund raiser. Leann Smedley, events fundraising co-ordinator for the Northland Cancer Society said that they raised $1281 and thought that it was a fantastic day.
Cancer Society Northland provides free support services to those with a cancer diagnosis and their families including community liaison nurses, free helpline, transport to appointments and free accommodation whilst having treatment. This is an annual event and each year they hope to attract more classic cars, bikes and visitors to the event. PHOTOS: Shona from Total Tours.
A great school project, that cannot go without mention, is one which recently raised over $2000 to 'adopt' 30 endangered orangutans at the initiative of a class of children. Teacher KAREN YOUNG and ROOM 4 at OPUA SCHOOL have been learning about palm oil and the companies that destroy vast areas of rainforests in Borneo and Sumatra, the orangutan's habitat. They got involved with the Orangutan Project, a charity which helps orphaned, injured and homeless apes. It raises money by asking people to "adopt" an orangutan. The pupils raised $2006 with a mufti day, pancakes, a cake stall and a raffle. It was enough for every pupil in Room 4 to adopt an orangutan each with money left over for rooms 1, 2, 3 and 5 to adopt one per class.
Ipipiri Art Gallery, 39 Williams Road, Paihia; Saturday 18 October 2014, 7:00pm – 11:00pm. Calling all bedroom musicians, shower singers and recluse writers… surround yourself with like minded people and gain the confidence to perform. If you want to showcase some of your own material or simply perform in a relaxed environment then our Guerrilla workshop is for you. Starting on Saturday 18th October at 7pm in the Ipipiri Art Gallery - it is hoped to make the gathering a monthly ritual. Simply want to come and hang out and listen to some live music, please feel free. Those wanting to perform can sign up on arrival and receive a slot to do so, or join our Facebook page and express your interest in advance. Bring a plate, a bottle and your weapon of choice and join the Guerrilla Project for a singer/ songwriter evening. This event is part of the wider 'GUERILLA WORKSHOPS' taking place at the Ipipiri Art Gallery, a chance for the community to learn, grow and revel in good company from like minded individuals. For more details go to
This Sunday 19 October 9am - 1pm. A great range of products - preserves, white elephant stalls, clothes, books, veges, gifts, homemade natural products and soaps,  fresh home made food and much more! Book a stall - $5 per table (provided) The OPUA HALL COMMITTEE bakes up a storm and all proceeds from the rental of stall sites and food sales go directly towards the upkeep of the Hall.  The Opua Community Hall has been a part of life for many generations in our district. Come and join in the fun and support this wonderful community facility. For inquiries please contact - Carol 0272 843 789 / Diana 0212605 657.
Saturday 25 October 2014 11am - 6pm This is “IT” - for the fifth year Paihia is holding the successful 'it' Bay of Islands Boutique Food and Wine Festival. 'IT' is the event not to be missed - Love it! Cook it! Drink it! Bite it! Sing it! A successful recipe of fantastic food, wine, entertainment and friendly locals all mixed up together in the Bay of Islands. 
There is a great lineup of entertainment for the day, starting off with the Kerikeri High School Jazz Band, Penny Royalty, The Funky North, Scarlett Fever and the headline act - Supergroove! All the originals like Ian Jones and Che Fu coming up so it will be a performance to remember!
The Foodies have all come on board with some tasty dishes.  35 Degrees are serving Po'Boys, award winning chowder from the Marina Cafe and Salt & Pepper Calamari from Alfresco's. Also some new faces this year with Cafe Jerusalem, Churros Bros and Blue River Blueberry Orchard. There will be the old favourite games such as kina sucking, oyster shucking and pie eating and for the kids there are bouncy castles, face painting, balloon blowing and stilt walking!

So we are just over a week away from another fabulous IT festival! Huge thanks to BUSINESS PAIHIA who provide and host this great event. You can buy tickets from; Paihia i-Site, BOI Information Corner Booking Office, Anne of Craicor OR Click here for online ticket sales or for more details visit
1-9 November. Conservation Week 2014 is fast approaching. This year’s theme is “DISCOVER THE WORLD WHERE YOU LIVE”. The Bay of Islands has many beautiful places to explore and protect. You or your group might be interested in doing some spring-cleaning in one of these special locations. The DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION can help with rubbish bags, gloves and rubbish disposal. If you are interested in getting involved, give Helen Ough Dealy a call on 09 407 0308 or email
Paihia Beach - Saturday 10 Nov 2012, 9:30am–3:30pm. The State New Zealand Ocean Swim Series has grown over the years to the current portfolio of six equally outstanding events, showcasing some of New Zealand's most unique and stunning beaches and waterfronts. With the aim of promoting fitness and health through ocean swimming, the events offer a range achievable distances on the day – presenting opportunities for almost all ages and abilities to take part.
Paihia and Russell set the scene once again for the State Paihia Classic - the first of the six events in the State New Zealand Ocean Swim Series.
The 'I'm Going Long' 3.3km Ocean Swim starts in Russell and finishes in Paihia - this swim is for individuals with swimming experience and have trained to complete this event. 
The ‘Step It Up’ 1000m Ocean Swim is an achievable distance for individuals with swimming experience and could be training for the ‘I’m Going Long’ swim at one of the other events. The 'Step It Up' 1000m swim takes place on Paihia Beach. 
The ‘Give It A Go’ 300m Ocean Swim is a great introduction to open water swimming taking place on Paihia Beach. 
The State OceanKids is for children aged between 6-10 years old and consists of a 200m shallow water swim along the Paihia beach shore line, lined with Surf Life Saving NZ guards. For more details visit the website: State New Zealand Ocean Swim Series If your not swimming come down to the beach and support all those that are.
The BAY OF ISLANDS ROTARY CLUB are hosting a Car Boot Sale on Sunday 23rd November in the main car park off School Road (behind the new Countdown/Memorial Hall).  This event is a fundraiser for the club and money raised from this event will go back into the local community. 
Time:  7.30am -1.00pm (stall holders need to be there for 7.00am for set up) 
Cost for pitch: $10.00 per car boot (to be paid on day)
So get sorting bring your car and table and sell your unwanted belongings.  Remember one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Also available on the day will a Rotary Sausage Sizzle and Cake Stall and more. Please let all your friends and family know – Rotary hopes that this will be a big event with lots of people. To avoid disappointment pre book your spot now by emailing or phone 021 0232 4779.  Alternatively, turn up on the morning 7.00am sharp.
Friday 5th December 5.30pm Pictures speak louder than words. The Paihia Christmas Parade has a reputation as one of the most entertaining parades in the North. It is always spectacular with plenty of effort going into the floats creating a fabulous festive atmosphere. The floats transport you somewhere magical! It is an incredibly fun filled evening with entertainment, Santa’s lollie scramble and prizes galore.
The theme changes yearly and has included Fairy Tales, Paihia takes the Stage and Rivers of the World. This year we look forward to PAIHIA - OUT OF THIS WORLD so 
think Science Fiction and Fantasy

. It’s free to enter a float. There are two categories Business or Community.  To enter please email 
Rangihoua in the Bay of Islands is a place of beginnings for all New Zealand. It was here in December 1814 that The Rev’d Samuel Marsden and his missionaries established the first permanent European settlement in Aotearoa New Zealand. On Christmas Day 1814 a service and a sermon preached by Marsden to a MaÌ„ori and Pakeha congregation inaugurated Christian mission in this land. It was the partnership of Marsden and Ruatara which led to a pivotal moment in our history and the development of the special relationship between the two peoples, MaÌ„ori and Pakeha, a foundation for our nationhood. It began the journey that led to Te Tiriti o Waitangi in 1840 and the bicultural journey we continue to live today.
In 2005 the Marsden Cross Trust
 Board, Te Rīpeka o Te Matenga,
 purchased the land that lies between Rangihoua Bay and Oihi Road. With this accomplished it formed a partnership with
Ngāti Torehina, the Rangihoua Native Reserve Board and the Department of Conservation and together the partners have developed Rangihoua Heritage Park featuring Rore Kāhu and including the interpretation panels which tell the Rangihoua story.

The opening of Rangihoua Heritage Park, is being jointly organised
by the Marsden Cross Trust Board, the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia, NgaÌ„ti Torehina, and the Department of Conservation. The Christmas Day Service is being organised by the 2014 Ecumenical Planning Group, led by the Anglican Church.
The bicentennial of these
significant beginnings in our
history will be the 
subject of two events at Rangihoua Heritage
Park. The first on 21st December
will be the formal commemoration attended by the Governor - General who will also officially open the
park. The second on 25th December will be a Christmas Day service marking the 200 years since Marsden preached his sermon on the site where the Marsden Cross now stands.

The Pōwhiri for the commemoration begins at 10.00am. The Governor General will open Rangihoua Heritage Park, including the new building, Rore Kāhu, at the entrance to the valley and the new pilgrimage pathway, which leads down to the Marsden Cross. The development work also includes panels along the pathway that tell the history
of the land and the people being remembered in the bicentennial commemorations.
To register for the day and for further details that includes parking, free shuttle buses, and what to bring, go to

The ecumenical service, at the Marsden Cross site, will be Anglican led and include church leaders from across the country. The service will remember the gift of two hundred years ago and those who enabled it on that site, as well as celebrate the ongoing work of the gospel. People are asked to make their own way to the 
site, by vehicle or boat, and are encouraged to bring a picnic and stay for the afternoon if they wish to. 
For further details on the day, go to

PAIHIA KIDS MUSIC CLUB  is a great opportunity to interact with your child and watch them interact with others. On every Friday from 10am to 11:30am (excluding primary school and public holidays) at the Uniting Parish, 35 Kings Rd, Paihia. Please bring a a little plate/light snack and $2 Koha per family.
Free ads for anyone with a small unique new business venture or event. The same station also runs in Kerikeri, so anything about Paihia gets heard over there too. For details please contact Peter 0274937025.
The PAIHIA FARMERS MARKET is on from 2 - 5:30 pm every Thursday afternoon on the Paihia Village Green.
SING ONG TAI CHI  - focus, balance, circulation, flexibility, coordination. Monday, Paihia Memorial Hall: 5.15pm / Tuesdays, Russel Masonic Hall: 5.15pm.  Tai Chi is a great way to exercise and relax Suitable for all ages or abilities – private classes
available. New students welcome anytime. Come and see: first class free. For more information contact Catrina Sutter ph 09 40 37 247 /  021 124 7983

BAREFOOT YOGA Monday Evenings. 6:30pm - 7:45. Haruru Falls. Please contact Lara for more details 021658576. All levels welcome, including beginners. 
AROHA YOGA BAY OF ISLANDS is led by Leigha Murray who lives in Opua and has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. Leighia loves to teach Vinysa as the relaxed flow and deep stretching makes it accessible to all levels. Classes 
are held in Paihia at Ipipiri Art Studio, her own Sanctuary Studio next door to Bursnco in Opua and on the beach opposite Alfresco’s over summer. A new KIDS YOGA CLASS has also started in Opua at the Gymnastics club on a Friday afternoon. All levels are welcome including beginners and sweat and fun guaranteed! Check out the class schedule at For further information please contact Leighia on 027-525-2146 or
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Do you know the origins of the name of TE KEMARA AVENUE? Te Kemara was a Tohunga (priest) of great mana, who led the Pakaraka people in the 1820s, fighting with the Northern Alliance and Hongi Hika. It was Te Kamara's karakia (prayer or ritual) which ensured and was essential for success in battle, while his vision foretold the success of Hongi's strategies. Te Kemara's second wife, Putea, was Ngati Rahiri of Waitangi, making him a chief at Waitangi, which was Ngati Rahiri's main coastal settlement. For three months each year people moved from the interior to Waitangi to fish and gather shellfish, camping under the hill roughly where the kindergarten now is.


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