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In Focus - Paihia's Community Newsletter
To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.
MARCH 2015
As Cyclone Pam bears down on us there is plenty of fun to report on this month with some especially fantastic news about the WAITANGI MOUNTAIN BIKE PARK - real progress at last! While Paihia can pat itself on the back for so many fantastic achievements and accolades… really we have only just begun! Working together we can make this great town even greater! The future is bright!
Paihia has been rewarded for its emphasis on community by being named the winner of the Mitre 10 Community of the Year award as part of the Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year awards ceremony held in Auckland on Wednesday 25 February. The annual awards, now in their sixth year, is a celebration of New Zealand and New Zealanders.
The Mitre 10 Community of the Year award focuses on team work, enthusiasm, hard work and co-operation and acknowledges groups actively working to improve the social, economic, cultural or environmental prosperity of their region. Paihia were selected winners as  residents have worked together to boost the local economy and revitalise the region through increasing facilities and events to create a town full of lifestyle opportunities.
Paihia’s entry into the awards was arranged by the Focus Paihia Community Trust. “I couldn’t be more proud to accept this award on behalf of our community,” said Tiffany Holland, Co-ordinator at Focus Paihia. “I would like to thank Mitre 10 for giving us this wonderful opportunity to gain some recognition for all the wonderful efforts that our community do for our town. “We’re so lucky to have a diverse, extremely talented bunch of people in our town who are willing to give their time.”
PHOTO: Tiff Holland & Mitre 10 CEO Neil Cowie
Mitre 10 chief executive Neil Cowie said it was an honour to sponsor the Community of the Year award for the sixth year and was extremely impressed with Paihia’s achievements. “The residents of Paihia are a shining example. They’ve demonstrated the power of a community and how it can draw people together and transform a place for the better. Their effort is putting Paihia back on the map, and it has only been possible through the tireless effort of hundreds of volunteers.”
“This is a tremendous achievement and we are very proud and humbled by this accolade for our Paihia community” said Focus Paihia Chair, Grant Harnish.
The Award acknowledges the large number of diverse community organisations, volunteers and effort that is ongoing into Paihia’s drive to become an exceptional place to live, work and visit.  “It reinforces and celebrates what can be achieved when a community takes responsibility for its destiny and the difference you can make - quite a powerful story really” said Grant.
The nomination included the wider communities of Opua, Haruru Falls and Waitangi and outlined a wide range of activities, including recent initiatives and events, community volunteer organisations and clubs. “To give you an idea of the scope of great works, just in the 'Highlighted Organisations' section were the following... Cruise Ship Committee, Waitangi Golf Club, Bay of Islands Rotary Club, Paihia Community Patrol, Bay Bush Action Trust, Fish Forever, Business Paihia Inc, Friends of Williams House, Paihia Op Shop, Bay of Islands Yacht Club, Paihia Fire Brigade, Paihia St John's Ambulance, Bay of Islands Special Olympics and the Paihia Branch of the Motel Association of New Zealand” said Tiffany Holland, one of the authors of the document.
Along with a big boost of encouragement and building momentum, the Award provides a platform to progress the vision for Paihia.  Sarah Greener, Focus Paihia Treasurer, said “we are now visible on a national scale which will hopefully allow access to more decision makers to help move our varied projects forward…and probably develop a few more along the way.”
The town is keen to share it’s learnings and help create similar sea change in other Far North towns first and then maybe throughout New Zealand. “It’s about reducing this Zombie town effect people are talking about. These places are peoples homes and should be celebrated and developed not lost” said Sarah.  We want to see more communities taking back ownership of their towns and growing the active participants in improving their quality of life… not just sitting back and waiting for someone else to do it for them”.
The philosophy is around supporting communities to have a hand up rather than a hand out.  “We want to advocate driving community development by residents not by council or government” said Sarah. “Both of these bodies should be seen as a support networks to communities not an impediment.  By working together we can be more sustainable through making changes that create more liveable communities, with less cost through community empowerment and activity”.

“And the personal rewards are both satisfying and fulfilling“ said Grant. “I have loved being involved and seeing our community coming together, strengthening and the place is looking and feeling so much better.  It’s just fantastic”.
On Saturday 7 March, under temperamental skies, Paihia celebrated winning the New Zealander of the Year Awards - 2015 Community of the Year. But even the spattering of rain could not dampen the spirits of this great little community.
PHOTOS: Thank you to Peter de Graaf, Henk Kuiper, Shell Wilson and Rod Hayman for capturing our spirit!
A parade of helpers appeared early in the afternoon to prepare for the festivities, fighting strong gusts in their efforts. With flags, bunting, fairy lights and lanterns flying (some literally!)  in the wind the scene was set. Around 300 people gathered bearing food to share. Fantastic free face painting soon adorned the faces of many generations. There was much laughter and delight. 
Then the heavens opened, while some fled, many stayed, still smiling and dancing in the rain. The RUSSELL UKELELE ORCHESTRA played on, out came the sun and keen locals returned. 
Delectable delights were to be found on the BAY BUSH ACTION table - A first taste of possum pie was absolutely delicious! Who would have thought. Butternut fritters… perhaps a prelude to 'Brad's Bay Bush Cafe'? There must be a good local recipe book in there at least!  
Despite the rain it was a special night and whether huddled under plastic sheets or dancing in the sun, there is nothing quite like catching up with good friends and sharing a momentous achievement. 

To see more photos of the PARTY AT OUR PLACE please click HERE.
Have an idea about what needs doing around Paihia? Can see a problem or have a concern that needs solving? Then this is the workshop for you! It's all about action and making positive change in our amazing award winning community!

Whether you have been involved in our projects before or you are a placemaking newbie we are excited to run a third Placemaking workshop here in Paihia on the 1st and 2nd of May 2015. The first workshop started Paihia on it's way to achieving our Masterplan through low hanging fruit projects. Since then more than 15 projects have been completed giving us revitalised spaces such as Horotutu, Our Place, the new swimming pontoon and the beginnings of a Mountain Bike Park.
Placemaking is about taking ownership of our town and making the changes we want to see. The workshop will be run by DAVID ENGWICHT  with support from FOCUS PAIHIA. David has over 25 years experience in place making. He is a passionate designer, artist, author, communicator, and social inventor, best known as the creator of the Walking School Bus. PPS (Project for Public Spaces) in New York describe him as "one of the world's most inventive thinkers on creating vibrant public spaces". Nothing gives David greater joy than working with communities to breathe new life into dead spaces. And he has a real passion for Paihia who has grabbed the placemaking concept with both hands and achieved huge changes in a short space of time.
Our goal from the workshop is to reinspire our community to think of creative ways to improve our spaces while getting the biggest bang for our buck. We have only 100 spaces for this workshop and our last workshop had over 120 people attend. SO it will be first in first served. If you want to attend please send an email ASAP to look forward to creating many new projects to fund and complete over winter making Paihia shine even brighter! If you have any questions or want to know what to expect give Sarah a call on 021 896 998.
Saturday 2 May. Following the workshop we are planning another
FUN COMMUNITY GATHERING to celebrate the end a magnificent season in the Bay. 
So keep Saturday night, 2nd May, free - more details to follow.
The Paihia Review (the Paihia Almanac that was) 2015 has a sub-heading 'Celebrating Our Community' and that is largely what it is about, listing the marvellous things that are happening in Paihia and around. The contents include… Local Politics, Paihia Community of the Year 2015 Application - Recent Initiatives, Substantial Works in Progress, Highlighted Organisations In Revitalisation and finally the Handbook of Community Organisations and Services.  At a great price of $20, it is available in the following outlets: The Focus Paihia Op Shop
, The I-Site, 
The Paihia Bookshop, 
Boots Off
, Friends of Williams House Book Garage, Paihia Ex-Servicemens Club and Bay Physio.
With the weather coming in MOTU ITI was temporarily moved to safer waters on Friday evening. Fast work from the PAIHIA DIVE boat with CRAIG JOHNSTON at the helm who readily agreed to tow the pontoon across the Bay. Thank you. Also thank you to BLAKE CAMERON for organising the mission (jumping in the drink to change the shackles) and to JOHNNY GREENER for lending an ever helpful hand. MOTI ITI will ride out the storm nicely nestled off Russell beach. Thank you to BOB BILKEY for kindly letting us use his mooring in Russell.
Cigarette filters have been identified as the most common form of litter and it’s estimated that 4.5 trillion butts become litter worldwide each year.  Cigarette butts also account for about 28 percent of littered items washing up on beaches worldwide and Paihia is no exception.
In response, 
BAY BUSH ACTIONS’s, beach cleaning group, BAY BEACH CLEAN, in conjunction with FOCUS PAIHIA, has installed a number of stainless steel Butt Bins in an effort to help keep our beaches and reserves clean and protect our marine animals who commonly mistake the filters for food. The Butt Bins have been placed strategically in places where Bay Beach Clean found the most discarded filters.
Contrary to popular belief, cigarette filters are not biodegradable.  It takes them around 10-15 years to breakdown and, even then, they only dissipate into smaller and smaller parts rather than biodegrade. The plasticized filters enter sewers and storm drains getting swept out into our Bay where they can release toxic chemicals including nicotine, benzene and cadmium. Fortunately there is a biodegradable alternative (http://green-butts.comclose to coming on the market.  It's starch based and breaks down in 2 months, but this will likely be only released overseas initially so don’t hold your breath.
If you’re a smoker, please, don't be a tosser. Keep an eye out for the new Butt Bins and discard of your litter thoughtfully.  Let’s make the job of our volunteer beach cleaners a little easier and at the same time clean up our town and help protect our valuable marine species.
PHOTO: Annual volunteers dinner at the Fire Station and judging by the noise level, everyone had a good time.
The shop had a great response to our volunteer drive and now has a wait list! If you would like to go onto the CASUAL LIST, please call Kath on 09 4028044. The Shop is able to take furniture but please ring so they can come and look at it first. If you need furniture please call and ask what they have as it might be in storage - no room at the shop! The Shop is not taking any more clothes at the moment as they would like to start putting out Winter garments soon and until they do make room, they have no room! They have supplied St Johns Kawakawa and, the Red Cross with clothes that could not fit into the shop. Nothing goes to waste and still they are supporting the community. Come and check out the window decked out for St. Patrick's day. It looks great! And also the Community of the Year trophy and other awards are on display.  Kath would like to thank JAN HARDLEY, SHARON PABIROSKI and FRAN for the work that they have done in the shop -  it's been a pleasure working with you all and we hope you will return one of these days.
LOCATION:  SH11 – Marsden Road, between Williams Road & Bayview Road (280m)
Please note: This project is not part of the Focus Paihia Masterplan - it is an NZTA maintenance project, replacing like with like.
The section of SH11 (Marsden Road, between Williams Road & Bayview Road), requires a pavement rehabilitation. Work will commence on site on Monday 13th April 2015 after the Easter Weekend.  Working 7.30am to 18.00pm Monday to Friday by method of a one lane closure, this project is expected to take 6 weeks to completion (excluding AC Surfacing) approximately 22nd May 2015. 
A full time one-lane closure will be in place throughout the duration of these works.  This will involve traffic management in place detouring northbound traffic through School, Williams, Selwyn & Bayview Roads.  Southbound traffic will continue along Marsden Road in the live lane.  The operation will be carried out one lane at a time so as to minimise the effects of dust from the site.  Traffic flowing southbound through the site will always be on a sealed surface.  Local resident access and egress will be maintained on Marsden Road (for properties which do not have an entrance off Selwyn Road) although a one way system (north to south) will be in operation. 
The Paihia Art & Craft Market is on the PAIHIA VILLAGE GREEN days when cruise ships are in the Bay. Coming dates for the market are as follows, Sun 22, Sun 29 March, Mon 6, Sat 11 April.
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A HARD COPY of this newsletter is distributed to the many clubs, cafes and waiting rooms around Paihia. Huge thanks to GRAEME MARTYN and our new print sponsor CALDERS for the generous donation of a monthly print run. This enables us to send hardcopies to those on our list who can not access the newsletter online. Particularly for some of our elder residents, who it is so important to include - early contributors who were significant to the foundations of our town.

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Focus Paihia Community Charitable Trust is going to establish a non-commercial community mountain bike park in the Waitangi Endowment Forest. This will provide a world class mountain bike facility, which embraces and celebrates the cultural heritage of the area and provides a land based healthy activity for people of all ages. 
Some will have noticed the slight change of phrase in the first paragraph from "proposing to establish" to  "GOING TO establish " THAT'S RIGHT! Though we are still working on a Management Agreement with the DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION to use the Endowment land - we are very close to completion and finally we have some real progress to report.

have reached some significant milestones. JEFF CARTER of SOUTHSTAR TRAILS has spent his first week in the Forest marking out some initial trails. Huge thanks to NIKKI KEMPTHORNE and EDGEWATER PALMS APARTMENTS who put Jeff up for us FREE OF CHARGE for the entire week! This is tremendous generosity at such a busy time of year and in such a lovely establishment. Also thank you to 35 DEGREES and ALFRESCO'S for keeping our hard working trail builder so well fed. Your support is greatly appreciated! Jeff completed the marking for 3 trails - top to bottom descents, each about 1.6km. It was extremely hard going, cutting a walkway through, at times, over head high gorse. Nothing that he is not used too. Jeff works like a machine - throwing everything at it. Thank you to CHARLIE WITT and SANDRO SCHULTZ (SITA CONSTRUCTION) for jumping in at very short notice to help Jeff out.
At the end of the trail marking week, we met for the first ever trail walkthrough. Present at this meeting were ROBIN & TIFF HOLLAND, JEFF CARTER (Southstar Trails) ALICE HOSTED & ADRIAN WALKER (Department of Conservation), JONO CARPENTER (Geometria - Archeologist) EMMA GIBBS & NGATI KAWA TAITUHA (Te Tii Waitangi Marae). It was a very special moment as it was the first time this team had come together on the land. The discussions were very positive and there was general excitement for the project. We look forward to working closely with  Te Tii Waitangi Marae Trustees in developing a plan that recognises Ngati Rahiri as Manawhenua. This is an opportunity to highlight a rich cultural area.
ROBIN & TIFFANY HOLLAND are the Drivers of this project. For more detail on this project and to see concept plans for the Waitangi Mountain Bike Park please visit the Focus Paihia website or click HERE
The Waitangi Mountain Bike Park project (under FOCUS PAIHIA's umbrella) is one of the recipients of the inaugural FAR NORTH DISTRICT COUNCIL 'COMMUNITY FUNDS - DISTRICT' SCHEME.  The goal of the fund is to further promote and develop cultural, sport or recreation opportunities which fulfill a demonstrated community need and which benefit a significant sector of the community (Policy #3214).  This significant grant is wonderful news. We understand that Council is delighted to be able to support this project, along with a number of other exciting initiatives around the district. Further details will be announced by FNDC this week. Yahoo! THANK YOU FNDC! We are on our way!
The FULLER FAMILY of Paihia has approached the Focus Paihia Community Trust Board with the offer to fund a project to erect an icon in the form of a jumping MARLIN over part of  the entrance of the PAIHIA WHARF. This is a generous offer from SNOOKS AND LOLA FULLER and Focus Paihia has undertaken to explore the project with the local community.
A Community Survey was circulated from 11 February to ask the community if they support the development of the project. The question was - Would you like to see a Marlin Monument at the entrance to the Paihia Wharf? The survey closed on 11 March. The results are on the right.

172 - YES (88.21%)
23 - NO (11.79%)
Snooks is delighted that there has been such a high response rate and that the vast majority are in favour. He sees this as being very positive. Snooks & Lola can now confidently commission a design. Thank you to all who took part in the survey - thank you for having your say. 
2015 is the perfect year to celebrate this great fish - Click HERE to see the Seven Sharp/Michael Holland clip featuring the 100 years of catching marlin in the Bay of Islands that screened on Thursday 12 March on TV1.
We need your help to improve the social structure of our community. A questionnaire has been created by a group of Paihia citizens so you can have a say in the development of programmes which will help our community.
Their aim is to bring about some positive changes, be they small or large, through action and working together. It is the beginning of a long term consultation process. The results of which will be available to all interested parties and accessed on the Focus Paihia website -
The Community Social Survey is NOW CIRCULATING. You can view it by clicking HERE. Or hard copies are available at the Focus Paihia Op Shop. Please take a moment to complete it. Please note the survey closes on Sunday 5 April. The group hopes as many people as possible will complete it, so that they are able to assess community needs. 
As part of SEAWEEK, on the 4th March ROOM 7 from PAIHIA SCHOOL did a beach clean-up from the Waitangi Bridge to the Bluff.  AUSITN BRAY CHAMPTALOUP & TYLER JEPSON write on behalf of their class 
We got a clean-up kit from the Northland Regional Council. It was REVOLTING. We found bottles, smoke butts, fishing line with hooks still on it, cans, broken jandals, tyres, candy wrappers and much more. The thing we found the most of was cigarette butts. We thought it was quite dirty and not good for the beach, or the ocean.

We enjoyed ourselves and felt good that we were helping the community. We had several tourists stop and tell us what a great job we were doing.  We were also pleased that we only filled about one and a half big black bags. We are keen to continue regular clean ups and would like to get our message out to the wider public to keep our beach clean.
YEAR 11 GEOGRAPHY STUDENTS at KERIKERI HIGH SCHOOL have been investigating the sustainability of tourism in the Bay of Islands with Paihia as a central focus point. On Tuesday 10th June they came to Paihia on a fieldtrip to look at how and why the environment is used for tourism, the possible consequences of tourism and examples of sustainable tourism in the area.
With the help of
FOCUS PAIHIA and guest speakers SARAH GREENER and CRAIG SALMON they were presented with a balanced perspective on how Paihia has developed into a vibrant community and were given an insight into the thought processes and planning that needs to be done in order for the community of Paihia and therefore tourism to be viable for the future. The students had a wonderful day connecting with members of the community as well as tourists passing through as they conducted surveys and made observations about the environment.
Craig Salmon said "It was great the kids were so engaged and had such a good understanding of sustainability. It meant we could discuss big picture issues like the risk of climate change and biodiversity loss to Paihia's tourism industry and stimulate the various ways to help solve and mitigate those problems.  They totally understood fossil fuels were unsustainable and we needed to find other alternatives like electric vehicles, electric trains and bio fuels for transporting tourists to the Bay.  I was really impressed."

ABBY HOPE (Geography HOD at Kerikeri High School) thanked Focus Paihia Community Trust for their support in enabling them to conduct thier research and to investigate the sustainability of tourism in the Bay of Islands.
The BAY OF ISLANDS is in the running to be voted by the public as one of the top ten destinations to experience in New Zealand. Cast your vote for NZ's must-visit spots this year for the chance to win an unforgettable experience package with Experience Oz & NZ. Vote here
Saturday 28 March, 1:30pm - 3:30pm @ the Bay of Islands Yacht Club in Waitangi
BUSINESS PAIHIA INC on behalf of the BAY OF ISLANDS CRUISE SHIP COMMITTEE would like to invite you to a workshop to find out more on how to embrace any opportunities that cruise ships’ visiting our shores bring!
DEBBIE SUMMERS, Executive Director of IDNZ and Deputy Chair of CRUISENZ will be running a workshop for those interested in learning more about how to become involved in this vibrant and rapidly growing cruise industry. Debbie has 20 years cruise industry experience. She has been involved in many aspects of cruise shipping from port agency, shore excursions (from initial development through to delivery), on board port lecturer, itinerary planner, product and infrastructure development and even as an on board environmental observer. In 2007 she took a business development role within IDNZ, a prominent cruise ground handler. She has maintained and further developed strong industry connections in Europe, the States, Australia and the UK whilst expanding NZ shore excursion programs and ship itineraries working closely with many great industry stake holders. She has supported and worked closely with Cruise New Zealand for the past 7 years.
The Bay of Islands has ranked 2nd in passenger satisfactory surveys in the past 2 years, and this of course creates stronger desire and interest for the cruise companies to call here. Make sure you are well informed as to how you can embrace any opportunities and register your attendance. 

 Irwin Wilson – Far North Holdings Ltd - 
Wendy Hopkinson – IDNZ Bay of Islands Port Manager -
Friday 1 & Saturday 2 May 2015  
Reinspire our community by thinking of creative ways to improve our spaces. There are only 100 spaces for this workshop and the last platemaking workshop had over 120 people attend. So it will be first in first served. If you want to attend please send an email ASAP to  
We look forward to creating many new projects to fund and complete over winter making Paihia shine even brighter! If you have any questions or want to know what to expect give Sarah a call on 021 896 998.
Saturday 2 May 2015. Let's get together to celebrate the end a magnificent season in the Bay. Keep Saturday night, 2nd May, free - more details to follow.
8, 9, 10 May 2015
Three legends of New Zealand country music are the headline acts for the 2015 festival: Suzanne Prentice (pictured right), Brendan Dugan and Eddie Low. The Bay of Islands Country Rock Festival features good music and friendship in the stunning setting of the Bay of Islands. Each year the festival features more than 50 acts from New Zealand, USA and Australia performing at multiple venues. Street music and line dancing are also popular features. Click HERE for more details.
Saturday 9 May 2015. This crazy, quirky event is actually very serious fun.  It’s open to everyone over 16 years of age. Bathtub races are becoming a highly popular sport and culminate in the world championship being staged in Nanaimo, Canada every July. The local team work closely with Whitianga Bathtub Racers to develop a New Zealand Bathtub Race Series each year. Participating is easy.  You can either make your own Bathtub Racer (a great man cave project) or order one from the event Boatyard Specialists in any configuration up to fully completed.  It’s inexpensive and it’s fun. For details of how to get involved contact

Saturday 9 May 2015. Offshore powerboat racing started in the 60’s and has become one of New-Zealand’s most well-established water sports. Watching the fleet of multi and mono hull, large and small boats thunder across the water at speeds of up to 200km/h and hearing the distinctive roar of engines is spine-tingling. This is the ultimate “motorsport on water”. The NZ Offshore Championship season is a seven race series held throughout the North Island. Paihia offers an exciting and challenging course for the teams competing and is an easily accessible spectacle to the public with excellent viewing points. The NZ Offshore Racing competition is made up of two championships – the 100 mile championship and the 60 mile championship. Each championship has different classes within depending on the type and size of the boats and size of the motors. The 100 mile boats are high precision raceboats, capable of speeds up to 200 Km/h on the water. In the 60 mile class the boats are typically trailer boats that often double as the family ski and pleasure boat during non-race weekends. 

Boats will be on display pre and post race giving you a chance to be up close, take a photo or two, and chat with the competitors. For more details on this event please click HERE.
10 May 2015 - Mother's Day The Jennian Homes Mother's Day Paihia walk/run is a perfect day out for the whole family. Starting at Paihia's Village Green, both the 8K run and 6K routes incorporate sealed and grass surfaces, and take in the picturesque coastal track on the Waitangi Treaty Grounds. Both start and finish at the Paihia Village Green. Be sure to get yourself, your Mum and anyone else near and dear to you registered before Wednesday May 6th. Go RED for women to support Women's Heart Health this Mothers Day. Wear your official 2015 'Jennian Homes Mothers Day Fun Run/Walk T-shirt' at the event in Paihia and go in the draw to win either an i-Pad mini or i-Pod Touch at prize giving. For more details or to register please click HERE.
The PAIHIA WAR MEMORIAL HALL has available a ROOM at the rear of the Hall. Suitable for many uses - eg. office, storage space, meeting room, class room. Not suited to retail or food outlet. Features:  25sq metres approx; 5.9mtrs x 4.3mtrs; air-conditioned; new blinds; new carpet; recently painted; north-easterly aspect windows. Lease by negotiation. Contact: Hall Committee on 0221 053 925 or 0204 0245 007
BAY BEACH CLEAN Sundays - 15 Mar, 29 Mar, 12 Apr, 26 Apr,10 May 2015 - starting at 9amThis is a local group who make a real difference to the community we live in. Bay Beach Clean does not require donations, they only need locals to lend a hand. You can help as often or as little as you like.  For more details or to register visit their website
PAIHIA KIDS MUSIC CLUB  is a great opportunity to interact with your child and watch them interact with others. On every Friday from 10am to 11:30am (excluding primary school and public holidays) at the Uniting Parish, 35 Kings Rd, Paihia. Please bring a a little plate/light snack and $2 Koha per family.
Free ads for anyone with a small unique new business venture or event. The same station also runs in Kerikeri, so anything about Paihia gets heard over there too. For details please contact Peter 0274937025.
The PAIHIA FARMERS MARKET is on from 2 - 5:30 pm every Thursday afternoon on the Paihia Village Green.
On the PAIHIA VILLAGE GREEN every TUESDAY at 5:30PM. Fit Club is a free activity designed to get people out of the house and together as a community and do some exercise.The exercise  is very basic and involves no equipment at all, so it is inclusive of all who wish to be a part. For more details call/text  Wayne on  021 384 940.
SING ONG TAI CHI  - focus, balance, circulation, flexibility, coordination. Monday, Paihia Memorial Hall: 5.15pm / Tuesdays, Russel Masonic Hall: 5.15pm.  Tai Chi is a great way to exercise and relax Suitable for all ages or abilities – private classes
available. New students welcome anytime. Come and see: first class free. For more information contact Catrina Sutter ph 09 40 37 247 /  021 124 7983

Vinyasa (flowing) style Yoga Classes and Prenatal Yoga Classes based in the Bay Of Islands: increase your physical physical strength & flexibility; improve posture to help prevent neck & back problems; develop breath awareness to 
calm the nervous system, and alleviate stress & anxiety. Classes are informal and light-hearted: come along and rid your body of tension & tightness and build strength & vitality instead! 
Monday 7pm / Vinyasa Flow Yoga / 69 Yorke Road, Haruru Falls
Tuesday 9:15am / Pregnancy Yoga /  69 Yorke Road, Haruru.
Friday 9:15am / Vibrant Vinyasa Yoga / Bay of Islands Yacht Club / Waitangi. 
For more details call: Lara 021658576.  E:  OR
In the spirit the 2015 Cricket World Cup
In December 1832 the first mention of cricket being played in New Zealand and was recorded by Henry Williams. A game of cricket was witnessed here by Charles Darwin, in December 1835 while the Beagle spent 10 days in the Bay. That first game was played at Paihia on Horotutu Beach. It was after cricket gear sent for by Rev. William Williams arrived at the mission, that students celebrated the end of school by playing a cricket match on the beach. The match was not your normal eleven a side but composed a field that was estimated to have been between 40 and 50 people. The match was also interesting in that it was truly a bi-cultural affair with families from the missionaries and Tai Tokerau rangatira all taking part. 


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