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Order 25 “City” Books and receive 25 FREE!

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Just enter code ELF at the basket.
and follow the Steps to Apply the Code.

***Note: The Basket & Order Confirmation/Receipt will only reflect the books you pay for.

Bonus books will be fulfilled in the redemption process but will not be reflected on the Order Confirmation/Receipt. ***

NO REFUNDS, ADJUSTMENTS, OR RETURNS on orders with a promo code.

Flip through the book by clicking on the cover image

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For City Books, Click Here then click your state

“City” books have a city title in the name. (Orlando, Charlotte, Orange County – for example.)

For Online Promo Books, Click Here to get started

Online Promo Books refer to Ultimate, Regional, or iEditions – for example).

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Order Details

*Effective November 18, 2013 through December 19, 2013 at midnight CST. 
Select markets (not all cities) are available.  NO REFUNDS and NO RETURNS
 on books purchased with a promotional code. Allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery. 
Free shipping in the Continental United States only.  Markets/cities added to 
the basket will be received (special instructions and/or other requests do not 
apply). Offers are subject to change. Orders cannot be combined. In the event 
a market sells out, it may be reprinted or refunded depending on the market 
demand.  *Note: the Order Confirmation/Receipt will only reflect the books 
ordered. Bonus books will not be reflected on the Order Confirmation/Receipt 
but will be fulfilled in the internal redemption system.  ***Enjoy the City Coupons 
must not be copied. ***Enjoy the City coupon books purchased online may not
 be sold for fundraisers or on Ebay or other e-commerce. *** Enjoy the City 
is not responsible for re-shipment of undeliverable packages as a result of 
consumer errors made during an online transaction. 
***Terms of Use at www.enjoythecity.com  applies.

“City” Books are a valued fundraising product. 

Please support a fundraiser in your area. Schools, civic groups,
and sports teams across the country will thank you!

 Online Promo Books are not for fundraising purposes. 
Read on to learn how to fundraise with Enjoy the City.


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