Dear Friends:

October2011.org is almost here!  We need a final push let everyone we know about this event and that they should join us there. Below is an outreach mailing that you can cut and paste to send to everyone you know. And we will touch base with you in a few days with updates about Freedom Plaza.

 It is almost here!  There are three things I want to tell you about an incredibly important event for you, your family and our nation:Stop the Machine: Create a New World.

1.      It is going to be huge and historic.  Thousands have already signed up to join us in Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC. You are going to want to tell everyone you know you were part of this.  You are going to want your children and grandchildren to know you helped ignite the change to a new world. 
2.      This event is critically important.  Our nation is at a crossroads.  We need to get off the wrong path and on to the right one.  We need to end the dominance of government by the political and economic elite when it is obvious that the people can do a better job.  We need to create an economic system where we participate, a government that responds to the people and a nation that puts the people’s needs before human greed.
3.      It begins soon.  In less than two weeks thousands will gather to begin a multi-day encampment that builds on the revolts being seen in Egypt, Tunisia, Span and Greece, as well as Madison, WI and Wall Street, NY.  The time is right for this moment in history.  The beginning of a massive movement to create a country that reaches its’ ideals, that becomes the more perfect union that then nation has always sought to be.

People will look back at this event and see it as the beginning – the turning point when the people demanded that the country move from militarism and war to diplomacy and cooperation; from funneling money to the wealthiest 1% to sharing the nation’s prosperity among each of us; and from environmental degradation to the planet’s renewal. It is our responsibility to get this Nation on the right track. You need to be part of this. Join me in Freedom Plaza starting on October 6
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Please cut and paste the message above and send it to everyone you know by email.  You can post it on your Facebook page with this link: FINAL PUSH SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW! And you can use this short url, http://bit.ly/pxBN53, to tweet it on twitter.  

We look forward to seeing you in Freedom Plaza on Thursday, October 6 or as soon as you can get there.

In peace and solidarity,
The October2011 Team
Stop the Machine! Create a new World! October2011.org


Andy Shallal
Ann Wright
Anthony Arnove
Baldemar Velasquez
Ben Manski
Bhikkhu Bodhi
Bill Moyer
Bill Quigley
Bob Fitrakis
Brian Becker
Carlos Perez
Chris Hedges
Coleen Rowley
Cornel West
Dave Rovics
David Cobb
David Himmelstein
David Lindorff
David Swanson
Debra Sweet
Dennis Trainor, Jr.
Derrick Jensen
Diane Wilson
Diane Wittner
Elaine Brower
Ellen Barfield
Ellen Davidson
Glen Ford
Harvey Wasserman
Howie Hawkins
Jack Balkwill
Jane Hamsher
Jeff Cohen
Jodie Evans
Joe Lombardo
Joyce Scott
Kevin Zeese
Larisa Alexandrovna
Larry Pinkney
Lenni Brenner
Lisa Simeone
Margaret Flowers
Maria Allwine
Matt Power
Matthew Rothschild
Medea Benjamin
Michael Prysner
Mike Ferner
Namoli Brennet
Nicole Sandler
Paul Glover
Rabbi Michael Lerner
Ray McGovern
Rev. Graylan Hagler
Richard Grossman
Rob Kall
Rosa Clemente
Russell Mokhiber
Scott Harris
Scott Horton
Shahid Buttar
Sibel Edmonds
Steffie Woolhandler
Tarak Kauff
Ted Rall
The Yes Men
Tim Carpenter
Vicente Navarro
Watermelon Slim
Zach Choate

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