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Dear <<First Name*>>

It is time to exhibit at this year's Febrava Exhibition in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Should you be in the area we would like to invite you to show our extensive product range for the HVAC industrie.

It would also be a good opportunity to meet up with our local sales representative, Sidney Vertuoso, who is portrayed below in this newsletter.

You are more than welcome to visit where you will find our online catalogue of innovative products or, order a copy of the printed catalog by sending your details to

Alternatively, why not contact our experienced staff already now - they are here to serve you with smart solutions!

Your Industrilas Team

Meet Sidney Vertuoso

Sidney is our area sales representative in Brazil and we met up with him before this year's two exhibitions in Brazil, Febrava and InterMach, to ask him a few questions about his career and what he finds existing with his work with Industrilas.

Sidney, how long have you been in this business and what is your background?
I am a former sheet metal designer for the electrical cabinets, data center panels, communication hub enclosures and gensets canopies market. So, I am very familiar with the hardware applications with sheet metal.

What customer challenges do you feel you are extra well equipped to solve?
Due to the background experience in the areas mentioned, I feel that I can offer our clients a custom specific solution for their products based on their needs.

What specific services can the Brazil office offer to our customers on your market?
Based on the customers needs, we have the resources and the capability to design special product solutions where our standard products cannot be used.

Where are the office and warehouse located?
We are located in the metropolitan region of Curitiba at the city of Almirante Tamandaré. This is where we have our office and a warehouse of 600m2.

What have you planned to highlight in the stand at this year's fairs?
At the FEBRAVA fair we will have to opportunity to exhibit our special Klima-flex HVAC hardware line. For example, we are present with a specially developed panel to demonstrate the quality of our latching and hinge system.

What do you see as the main advantage for Industrilas customers to have you as a regional area manager?
First of all I believe that the customer can be better served when we have people on the market here in Brazil that are speaking the local language and understands the business culture, and secondly, our customers can count on the availability of Swedish high quality products from a local Brazilian company.

Did you know?

For all its HVAC components, Industrilas is using plastic material that are certified VDI 6022.

VDI 6022 is a set of technical guidelines to ensure good hygien in ventilation systems.

Material certified under VDI 6022 undergo extensive testing to ensure that they cannot provide a growth base for bacteria and fungi.

The Industrilas Handbook

We are excited to inform you that our new solutions catalogue is ready to be shipped to you.

To order your copy, please send your name and address to or simply click the button below.


Get in touch with our team!

For any direct questions regarding our product in your solutions, please reach out to our sales and product team via any of our team members below.

Your Industrilas Team

Sidney Vertuoso
Brazil area manager
+55 41 99954-8862


Product manager
+46 (0)10 130 75 36

Niklas Graberg
Director global sales
+46 (0)10 130 75 50

Sandra Heynemann
Inside sales & CSR
+46 (0)10 130 75 58

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