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In the big scheme of things, the human brain is designed to eat meat and substituting soy foods, for meat, can end up shooting down the little guys (sperm), plus serving your man peas and carrots, can lead to infidelitySoy products are also so-so, when it comes to estrogen replacement therapy, but estrogen is THE LADY, she helps protect women from heart disease, even if she does on occasion turn them into MAD cows. Global warming is causing HOT cows, not MAD COWS, which could see lattes and milkshakes vanish from menus.  If you're thinking that might be a good thing,  think again, milk (the real deal) actually has a magic ingredient that helps you burn fat. Another sacred cow that needs a re-think, is calcium supplements - they are building bones and breaking hearts.  Mooooo......for now.

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In the big scheme of things the human brain is a meat eater
Researchers from Lund University in Sweden, embarked on a study which compared the dietary habits, brain size and baby feeding patterns of  70 mammalian species, including both man and ape in their calculations.
The calculations revealed that across the board, weaning time was dictated by brain development.  The bigger the brain, the longer it took.  Chimp Mom’s typically suckle their young for 4-5 years. Eish !
But,  traditional humans (few of which exist today), typically breast feed for  only 2 years and 4 months.
A quick glance at this stat reveals a big difference between man and ape.   The difference is even more significant when you add in how long each species lives for.   Humans can hit 100 +  years, chimps don’t do more than 60.
Humans seem to have bucked the system ............ 
brain race 
The “secret” -  eating meat.  Click here to find out why biologically speaking you should be eating “meat” i.e.  animal protein, especially if you’re in the business of making a human brain.
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Soy foods shooting down the little guys
Soy shooting down spermWe’ve been programmed to believe soy is a health food, but as far as sperm are concerned, the lady of the soy bean is a heart breaker.

Among the goodies packaged into the tiny yellow bean, which has become a staple of the modern diet, are a group of compounds collectively known as the isoflavones.

The family of plant-derived compounds includes daidzein, genistein and glycitein. They sound pretty healthy and are considered to be flavanoids, which exhibit anti-oxidant properties, but they also show structural similarities to the female hormone, estrogen.  The chemical similarity means they can bind to human estrogen receptors and illicit oestrogenic effects.

A recent study  suggests  these plant estrogens, known as phytoestrogens, are putting the little guys in jeopardy.
The Harvard team  discovered that “BIG SOY EATERS”, attending an infertility clinic, weren’t quite shooting blanks, but their sperm count was pretty low -  coming in at around 41 million sperm per millilitre (normal is 80 – 120 million sperm/ml).  The soy effect on sperm, was exacerbated in men carrying a few extra pounds.   Read more here.

If you’re trying to get pregnant – it might be time to ditch the soy sausages and satisfy that man sized hunger, with a piece of real meat. 
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Serving your man peas and carrots can lead to infidelity
The two faces of broccoliYou love him so much, motivated by love and the desire to spend the golden years together, you slave away in front of the hot stove, preparing a REAL FOOD dinner, with generous servings of vegetables. 

Unfortunately,  your man may not see this dinner as an act of love, for him, there is nothing romantic about peas and carrots.  Love to him, is a meal filled with foods HE loves – pizza or pasta, washed down with a glass of Coke or better yet, a beer.  He will eat it............... but he won’t like it and he might even cheat on you.

Get inside HIS head and learn why it’s not romantic if you HAVE TO
If you need a little help  implementing “THE DOCTORS ORDERS, book a one-on-one health conversation with me, so you can avoid an undeclared food fight – with you as the unwitting protagonist. 
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Need a little help with your cholesterol battle plan
High cholesterol is a sign of BAD BODY CHEMISTRY.  If you want a little help bringin your cholesterol level down, schedule a one-on-one health conversation. 
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Soy is so-so when it comes to estrogen replacement therapy
Estrogen working on the bonesEstrogen has got up and left.... leaving your life changed, in the wake of her departure. 

You long to bring the estrogen back.......
But estrogen pills are a potential health hazard, raising the spectre of breast cancer, so you opt for mother nature’s little estrogen package – phytoestrogens.    Soy isoflavones are often touted as the more healthy alternative “treatment” for the menopausal blues.

But are they ?   

A study by researchers from the University of Miami, found they’re probably not as good as you’ve been led to believe.....
Read the details of the study here.
Phytoestrogens  chemically speaking, look a lot like the estrogen produced by humans.   But just looking a bit like estrogen, is not enough – it needs to act like estrogen. 
A growing body of evidence suggests soy isoflavones in postmenopausal women are “cheap” imitations – well maybe not so cheap, a months supply could set you back a pretty penny.  It probably isn’t worth adding soy isoflavones to your list of things-to-do,  to stave off that inevitable bone loss that follows “the change of life”.
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Gob smacked by estrogen cells in young women forget to stick
Gob smacked by estrogenEstrogen is a power packed hormone with a big kick.  Sometimes we would like to give her a kick in the pants, as she toys with our emotions and our sanity, on a monthly basis.  But overall – she is a keeper.   
When she leaves, lots of bits begin to sag, the waist line expands and the bones become brittle.  Plus the spectre of cardiovascular disease rears its ugly head.
It has long been acknowledged that estrogen give women have an edge, when it comes to staving off the ravages of cardiovascular disease. The how is still up for debate – both iron levels and estrogen, have been implicated in this protection.

Researchers from the University of London think the “sexy” estrogen,  is distracting white blood cells, so they stop sticking to the insides of blood vessels.  Less sticking translates into less opportunities for blockages.  

Learn more about how estrogen creates non-stick blood cells in pre-menopausal women.
NB.   You need just the right amount of estrogen to execute this female advantage.   Too little and too much, both cause trouble.
The chemistry of hormones is complicated – it is an orchestra playing together, not a solo.  To reap the benefits of that “sexy” estrogen, you need to have the whole gang working in sync.   
A good place to start is to get the 7 Big Spoons working for you...
7 big spoons
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Global warming could see lattes and milkshakes vanish from menus
Hot and bothered cowClimate change is happening and things are hotting up.

Experts and activists admonish us to be more energy conscious, but let’s be honest,  warmer weather is not actually THAT awful.  Global warming could be NICE, especially if you currently live in a cooler place.

Plus, as a human being – you can cool off in the pool (while burning off a little fat) or use a little more of that precious “energy”, to create a pleasant cooling breeze.
But for the average bovine (that is the scientific term for cow), hot weather is “horrendous”.  As climate change alters local and global weather patterns - scientists are predicting a lot more hot and bothered cows. The trouble with this -  hot and bothered cow are seldom  in the mood for mothering.  And mothering is a pre-requisite for milk production.  The knock on effect of all these hot cows – is there will be less milk available for human consumption, potentially leading to a lot less lattes and milkshakes. 
So do your bit, to help Daisy and Clarabell down on the farm,   think sustainable energy and save energy where you can.
Read the full story
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Milk has a magic ingredient which helps you burn fat
Milk helping with weight managementFrench researchers have pinpointed a new ingredient in milk, which boosts both metabolism and longevity. The new “vitamin” is nicotinamide riboside.
It stimulates the functioning of a protein called sirtuin 1 or SIRT1 for short.  SIRT1 is important in cell metabolism and the more of it that is around, the less oxidative stress happens.  Oxidative stress is responsible for producing damaging chemicals, that contribute to the lifestyle diseases. Supplementing with this NEW vitamin, turns fat mice  into little fat burning running machines.  Read more...
NB.  Foods are full of little extras.  These little extras all contribute to our over health and wellbeing, they’re missing when we try to get our nutrition from vitamin supplements, instead of  REAL FOOD.
So eat REAL FOOD and don’t be afraid of drinking a glass of full cream milk every now and again.
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Want to lose weight PERMANENTLY
 You need more than willpower to tame the sugar gremlin......  Enrol in  “Cheat the Fat Genes” programme, it will help you tame your sugar gremlin using biology, not psychology – so that the weight loss is for keeps.
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Calcium supplements are building bones and breaking hearts
Crumbling bones (osteoporosis) are a big worry for most post menopausal women, since the departure of estrogen initiates a slow, but steady slip in the body’s bone mass.  The “fix”, is to stuff mega amounts of calcium in – preferably through a specially formulated, not so cheap, calcium supplement.   

But calcium is a two edged sword.  Too much calcium inside blood vessels,  stiffens them  leading to heart disease (calcification).   Read more....
Calcium supplment plastering over the blood vessel

So where does the calcium inside blood vessels come from ?
A lot of it is coming from that calcium supplement you’re taking, according to the findings of a big German study which tracked the cardiovascular health of 24 000 people for 10 years.   The researchers found people taking calcium supplements ended up being at a significantly higher risk of having a cardiovascular event.  The calculation suggests the risk was around 86 % higher.   This is a big enough number to sit up and take notice  !
It is a case of too much of a good thing all at once
Get enough calcium to protect your bones, by including calcium rich foods in your diet throughout the day.   If this is not an option and you “need” to supplement.   Use the supplement wisely.

  • Limit the dose – you don’t need a mega dose
  • Take it with food
  • Split the dose over the day
NB.  There is more to strong bones than calcium.  The bone mafia includes vitamin D, magnesium and vitamin K and there are a host of two bit players like manganese, strontium and boron etc.
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