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Forget the tummy tuck, you need leg lifts to knock out insulin resistance, use muscle building techniques for the testosterone challenged and be sure not to overdo it, if you want to burn fat.  Remember while you're subjecting your appetite neurons to a little hard labour, you need to load up your plate with lots of protein, especially real meat to save your muscles, while you burn fat and generate a little power . Always choose water to quench your thirst (it is a no brainer when you count those calories) plus if you use it wisely, it can suppress your appetite for free.

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Fat legs are actually weak
Forget the tummy tuck you need leg lifts
If you needed help moving  something  from A to B, who would you ask ?  This is my story so your options are somewhat limited,  you cannot call in the incredible hulk or some other masculine superhero, you can either choose Great Aunt Sue or Cousin Erma.  Great Aunt Sue weighs in at around 60 kg, but Cousin Erma is a hefty 80 kg, both ladies are in their sixties. 
I would choose the rounder one, reasoning the more of you there is, the stronger you are, especially when you bear in mind those physics equations.  You know the ones that connect force with mass.
According to a study from the University of New Hampshire  hefty old ladies don’t obey the rules of physics.  Fatter older ladies have weaker legs.   Weaker legs translate to potential trouble because leg strength is vital for independent living.

Health gurus spend a lot of time encouraging weight loss, but more often than not, going on diet leaves you with a little less fat and a lot less muscle.

If you’re an older adult, sporting a few extra pounds, the best health move might not be another yo-yo diet.  Rather embark on a programme to build stronger legs – a strong set of legs, will help keep you functionally mobile i.e. you can take care of yourself.

Fortunately leg building is easier than weight loss, find out how...
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More muscle knocks out insulin resistance
Muscle kicking down the insulin gateIs your cholesterol level high ?  Do you have a belly that sticks out  ?  What about high blood pressure ?  Acne ? Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) ?   Odds are you’re insulin resistant.

The big problem, your cells have changed the locks on the door which allows glucose to enter them.   Insulin is the key which should open these gates, but when insulin resistance sets in, the insulin key no longer works. 

Exactly why cells lock down the gates is not clear,  too much “food” and too much insulin, definitely play a big part.  The other factor that, contributes to the development of insulin resistance  is the amount of  muscle mass.

Follow the link to learn more about why you should dedicate yourself to a little body building this year
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If you need help reining in insulin, book a one-on-one health conversation with Dr Sandy.Garbage workout

Muscle building for the testosterone challenged
Gym fanatics believe bigger muscles come from lifting bigger weights,  but research from Mc Master’s University indicates size doesn’t matter that much. The key to building muscles is to work the muscle until it is tired, really tired.

Picking up a heavy weight exhausts the muscle more quickly, but you can create muscle fatigue lifting something more manageable. The key is to lift it until the muscle is bushed.

So grunting and straining among testosterone loaded jocks, is not a requirement for body building.  Lifting the dustbin bag until you can’t anymore , will increase those biceps and triceps over time.  
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The overweight should exercise less to burn more fat
Fat maxIf you’re carrying a few extra pounds – you know that exercising would be hugely helpful.  But the thought of moving your big self around, is intimidating, so sometimes it is easy to just skip it. But, research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, suggests an intensive session of exercise is actually not what you need.  Turns out, less exercise is in fact more.

Find out why Fat Max flounders when the fat go too far too fast
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Is a little hard labour the key to silencing  the appetite neurons ?
Neurons doing hard labourEating more than you should is not always a willpower problem – for many obese individuals, the neurons charged with regulating  appetite are a little wonkie.  The news that your appetite suppression circuit is oblivious to the piece of cheesecake you just ate, explains the problem, but fails to provide a solution.

Reseach from Brazil suggests “exhausting” the neuronal circuit with a workout in the gym might be enough to tire out the appetite neurons, leaving them too drained to worry about eating more.
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Eating protein saves your muscles while the fat cells burn
Protein saving musclesHaving endured the sense of deprivation for weeks, the scale cheerfully declares that your body has lost weight.  But scales cannot tell the difference between fat loss and muscle loss.  Many dieters find themselves keeping the fat mass and losing muscle.

The weeks of biting the bullet and turning down chocolate cake, ends up providing few, if any health benefits.   In fact, the exercise in “healthy” living ultimately leaves you less healthy.  You need to keep the muscle and lose the fat. 
Protein is the key to protecting yourself from muscle melt
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Real men need real meat to avoid heart disease
Cave man versus modern manAncient man, was definitely carnivorous – he resorted to veggies and things only when times were tough. 

Most modern humans aspire to be carnivorous, but the health gurus are always admonishing them to eat less meat and eat more veggies and things.  In fact, meat, particularly red meat, is seen as a ticket for some kind of catastrophic cardiac event.

So what is the real story ?

As with most things, the truth of the matter lies somewhere between the extremes.
Learn more about the health benefits / risks of that steak dinner.
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Generate a little power

 Giving a whole new meaning to the wash cycle, the pedal powered washing machine
Pedal powered washing machine

Sustainable energy logo 

Choosing water to quench your thirst  is a no brainer when counting calories
When you’re thirsty – what do you reach for ?  

If you’re being perfectly honest,  water probably wouldn’t be my first choice.   Me neither.   But a group of Baltimore teens picked water first.  No it wasn’t flavoured water, but good old fashioned H20. 

Curious as to how that happened ?   

Researchers from John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health just provided the facts.  Instead of leaving the calorie count of the beverages tucked away in small print on the back of the packaging, the researchers made it larger than life.The message that struck home.


"Did you know that working off a bottle of soda or fruit juice takes about 50 minutes of running?"

Burning off the coke

Now you know that, bet the water is looking way more attractive.  Coke tastes good and all that, but most of the time that coke really isn’t worth the monumental effort to burn it off.
Find out more about how calorie awareness was enough to change the drinking habits of Baltimore teens
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Suppress your appetite by drinking what the lions drinkWater on the menu
Most weight loss programmes advocate consumption of water but seldom advise when to do it.
Most people drink water with or after the meal.  But to get the full benefit from this low cost, side effect free appetite suppressant, you need to take “the medicine” BEFORE eating.
To learn more about how a glass of ice cold water can out perform those expensive diet pills.
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Do you want to muzzle your appetite  ?
If you’ve resolved to shed those extra pounds you’ve collected over the holidays, then you need to take charge of your appetite, so you can cut calories without TOO MUCH deprivation. 
The secret is to  taming the appetite is to get your body chemistry balanced.
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