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March 2014
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Got butterflies, don't be calm be excited - you want to have skin in the game right from the start. Allow your baby to touch his/her first foods - it will protect them from childhood obesity, make sure you feel the sun on your back occasionally - it will bring down your blood pressure and protect your friends and colleagues from the flu, by feeling that fever. Remember, when you FEEL stressed - your taste buds feel it too, they will demand a sweet treat - try some broccoli, it is a sweet treat - SERIOUSLY.

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Got butterflies – don’t try calm yourself, it will be counterproductive
Karaoke singer getting a jab from adrenalineYou’re scheduled to GIVE A BIG PERFORMANCE.  You’ve got butterflies in your stomach…… in your head, in your toes. 
You need to give yourself a pep talk, before you explode…..

Calm down.
C-A-L-M   D-O-W-N

Oops… you just gave yourself the WRONG pep talk.  You may have calmed down, but the calmer you, more than likely will give a B grade performance.
Researchers from Harvard Business School have found, top performers don’t CALM DOWN.   They ramp it up.  Read more….
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Delivery room wins require skin in the game
Some skin in the delivery roomYou’re committed to breast feeding…… because it will be

  • good for your body chemistry and
  • great for the body chemistry of your little one
The catch, more and more newborns opt not to, even when Mom wants to.
Researchers where curious, why are newborns turning up their noses to Mother Nature’s perfect provision. They discovered The delivery room experience is impacting  new born behaviour.  Learn more…
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A spoonful of puree makes the baby grow round
It is time for your baby to go onto “solids”.   You can do it yourself, with your state of the art liquidizer (hard work) or you can buy it ready made off the shelf.  The aim of the game, to feed your toothless wonder, mushed up food on a spoon.  Spooning it in – ensures your little one grows up BIG and strong.  B-I-G,  maybe TOO big. 
Watch the video to discover how to protect your little one from childhood obesity.
Baby led weaning unplugged
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Sunshine stops blood vessels feeling pressurized
Your annual check up results are in …………..your blood pressure is UP. Your instinct says………. this blood pressure problem, CAN be fixed, all you need is a holiday.  A few days on a tropical island, baking in the sun and sipping  a mojito…….  DESTRESSING.  Avoiding your busy in-box, the traffic and your overbearing boss, will let the pressure out.Sun taking the pressure off a blood vessel
Researchers from Edinburgh University agree – a little sun will bring your blood pressure down. 
The researchers believe the sun’s superpower is not because it helps turn cholesterol into vitamin D, but because of the production of nitric oxide.  Nitric oxide’s claim to fame…..  it causes vasodilation i.e. blood vessels to dilate.  Read more…
If you want to DESTRESS……. you need to engage in a little daily sun “worship”.

Battling high blood pressure or some other health problem ?   Let me help you, drop me an e-mail at drsandy@spoonfulofscience.com or phone 083 262 5023 to book an appointment.
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Being tough makes you a lethal weapon to everyone else
Are you one of those people that soldiers on when you’ve got “a cold”.  You could take the day off, BUT, you don’t……………because you are TOUGH.  Watch the video to learn why being TOUGH – makes you a LETHAL WEAPON.
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Stress really is the reason you ate the whole packet of …Cortisol shooting up the taste receptors
You have to do something DIFFICULT.  It may be a phone call, a presentation, a mathematical calculation.  The task is difficult, not life threatening……..
Doing it will elicit a minor stress response.
When the moment is over – you reach for some sustenance.  A bite of something, usually something sweet. The just one bite….. quickly turns into a  feeding frenzy.  When you come to your senses…….  you’ve eaten a whole lot of EXTRA calories. And those extra calories, end up taking up residence. Ouch ! 

Why do stressful moments cause you to load up on extra bites ?

Researchers from Minnesota University have discovered something about bites taken following stressful moments.
The bites taste different.   Read more…
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Broccoli is a sweet treat – SERIOUSLY
There are people, who genuinely LIKE consuming vegetables.  You wish you were one of them….. BUT, you are not.  Your favourite food is sugar.
  • Consuming sugar makes YOU happy.
  • Consuming broccoli does not make YOU happy.
  • But consuming broccoli, makes the cells lining your intestine happy and happy intestinal cells help which

KEEPS your sugar gremlin in check.

Watch the video to discover how eating vegetables can reduce your sugar cravings.

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Struggling with sugar cravings ?  Then you have a sugar gremlin…….  
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