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Weight watching ?  You want to jump out of bed at the same time every day and do a big breakfast, it will help put a stop to your ADHD tendencies and help your egg princess escape. Be sure to include coffee in your morning ritual, it will wake you up and  make you smarter. Just don't wake up on Monday and step on the scale - you won't like what it has to say.  If you need to shake your metabolism awake - do something to get a little hot & sweaty. Interestingly, the extra fat might not be to blame for  metabolic problems, but it is probably the reason little girls are awakening to womanhood earlier and earlier.

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Sleeping in means fattening up
A fat cell sleeping inBEEP, BEEP, BEEP ………………  The piercing scream, is not the alarm designed to wake you up, it is the alarm signalling it is time to wrap up things and climb into bed.

What do you mean you don’t have a bedtime alarm ?

If you’re weight watching, you need one, because the secret to being skinnier, is not just getting enough sleep, you need to get it CONSISTENTLY. 

A team or researchers from  Brigham Young University, tracked the sleep patterns and body composition, of 300 female university students. The girls who were not getting sufficient beauty sleep i.e. they were sleeping less than 6.5 hours a night, were heaviest. No surprises here, numerous studies have shown that being sleep deprived is a recipe for trouble.

The second pattern that emerged from the data, was a big surprise…. getting enough sleep was not the whole story.  The team discovered, that the skinniest girls in the group, all did more than just get 8 hours a night, they got their 8 hours at the same time every night, exhibiting very little variation in sleep and wake times.  Read more…

It seems better sleep is about……..  QUANTITY, QUALITY AND CONSISTENCY.

Most weight loss schedules focus on eating less and moving more, they forget to factor sleep into the weight loss equation.  If you want to lose weight, you need to pay attention to what is happening in the bedroom.  
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Want to put a stop to your ADHD tendencies ?
The modern world is DISTRACTING.  Keeping focused on the task at hand, is challenging at the best of times, for people with ADHD tendencies, it is almost impossible. Being able to STOP the frenetic mind drift, is the holy grail of productivity. And getting the job done ………….is the key to success, at school, in business, in life. A tyrosine delivery
So how do you get more focus ?
It is easy to believe that “focus” is a biological trait you inherit…………   if you received the “wrong” gene package, you’re at a distinct disadvantage.
Your options………

  • Flit through life, like a bee on speed
  • Sit down long enough to become a master of the art of meditation.
  • Medicate.  Drugs known to help hit the brake on distracted thinking include Ritalin and Modafinil
  • Eat a BIG breakfast.

Eat a BIG BREAKFAST - could it really be that simple ?  EGGactly.  Read more….
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Do breakfast if you want to help your egg princess escape
Watch the video to discover how a big breakfast helps trapped egg princesses escape the tyranny of their androgen oppressor in PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome).


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Complete a body audit and discover all the small things you can do, to improve your body chemistry and improve your fertility. To book your body audit, drop me an e-mail at drsandy@spoonfulofscience.com or phone 083 262 5023 to book an appointment.

Caffeine makes you genuinely smarter
Succaffeine giving the brain a shot of smartcess in the world today, depends on being SMART.  You need a combination of BOOK smarts and WORLD smarts, to rise to the top.  Acquiring  these SMARTS is hard work.  It requires dedication, discipline and CAFFEINE, lots of CAFFEINE.

To get going and to keep going.

So caffeine is the drug of choice, for the GO GETTER.  In fact, if truth be told, GO GETTERS are often JAVA JUNKIES.

But there is GOING and there is GOING.

It can happen…………the brain is going, but the brain is not sufficiently tuned in, to register much.   Eish…

Stop blaming caffeine for those memory lapses, caffeine is not responsible.  Researchers from John Hopkins have established, caffeine not only helps users, go for longer, it also improves your ability to REMEMBER.  Read more…

Be smart, drinks caffeine routinely throughout the day.
NB. The smart you understands that sleep is an important component of remembering too, so make sure you avoid caffeine overloads in the evening, because too much of a good thing, can be a bad thing.
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You should only step on a scale on a Friday
The scale is jinxed on MondaysI religiously step on the scale at the gym, to see what it has to say……

  • I’m  secretly hoping the scale will tell me, I am marginally thinner.
  • But since I am not actually “dieting”,  I am expecting it to say, nothing has changed.
  • Of course, when it gleefully announces, I am marginally heavier, I am absolutely devastated and agree at the #%s$#& scale.  In a moment, I go from being happy-ish, to M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E.
Fortunately, by the time I am driving away from the gym, the scale moment has been dropped from my memory, so there is not lasting depression or “hunger” moments.
I know, I know…………… experts tell you not to weigh yourself every day, but the scale in the gym, seems to have a hypnotic hold on me.  If I see it, I must stand on it. Since this ritual happens week in and week out, I have noticed there is a pattern.
  • At the start of the week, I am “Mafuata” i.e. a hippopotamus.
  • By the time, Wednesday rolls  around, I weigh what I consider to be my normal weight.
  • On Friday………….. I am skinny.

Turns out this weight fluctuation is normal.  In fact, when this pattern is missing, you’re in trouble.  Read more….   

This study suggests, to successfully manage your weight, you must win on weekdays.  Need a little help, winning on weekdays, check out our Tame the Sugar Gremlin programme.
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Need a thyroid hormone boost ?  Get a little hot & sweaty
Do you feel like your metabolism is on some kind of go slow ?   The cell’s in your body, are  in no particular rush to burn through the calories that you provide.   Watch this video to learn how you can give your cells a lift.

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Too much fat may not be to blame for metabolic syndrome
Pops to blame for metabolic syndromeOfficially, being “FAT”, is the road to metabolic troubles, which eventually lead to a heart attack or stroke.   So being FAT is the thing to, NOT BE. 
BUT…… fat is not always a health hazard.  Obesity certainly ups the odds that you will succumb to a cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer – but it is not quite as cut and dry as the gurus would have you believe.
There are people who are seriously overweight and perfectly OK.  Yeah… they have a few extra aches and pains, since carrying around all those extra pounds is hard work, but blood pressure, sugar levels, cholesterol levels, the metabolic stuff is NORMAL.  And there are people who are not particularly overweight, with serious metabolic abnormalities. Why ? 

A team of researchers from the University of Bergen, think it might have something to do with POPs (persistent organic pollutants).  Click here to read more about the link between POPs and metabolic syndrome.
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Why are today’s little girls growing up so fast ?

Little girls aren’t “little” girls for very long.  Study after study, hints that little girls are becoming big girls, earlier and earlier.  Why ?   Watch this video to  find out…

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