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Watch out… your cereal box is looking at you, willing you to choose it, to choose wisely, you want to be the first person at the table to order, going second can require additional fat reinforcements. Of course, going first can be stressful, this stress can easily be transferred to babies outside the womb, but a Mom can stress proof here baby before birth and wire up junior for socializing success. And she's not doing it alone, a trillion helpers aid Mom during pregnancy, supported by the third force, a collection of heavy hitters. But when someone tinkles in the pool……………..may THE FORCE BE WITH YOU.


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Watch out……. your cereal box is looking at you
http://www.betterbodychemistry.com/obesity/watch-cereal-box/ Do you dread shopping with your kids in tow ? 

There is whinging and whining, because grocery shopping is inherently B-O-R-I-N-G and NOT FUN.  If truth be told, it is not just not FUN for kids, it is not FUN for grown ups either.  But since, not eating, is NOT FUN………….. it is a necessary evil.
The wheeling up and down the supermarket aisles  is made worse by the I WANTS,  and the don’t wants.

You are battling ninja marketing techniques and sugar gremlins.

A group of researchers from Cornell University discovered the “spokes characters” for cereal brands are positioned in such a way, that they catch YOUR child’s eye. Read more…
And catching your child’s eye, makes you way more likely to BUY.You can battle sugar gremlins using a little CANDY FLOSS.  Combating ninja marketing techniques is a whole lot more challenging.  

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To choose wisely when eating out, make sure you order first (video)
The attraction of eating out – is CHOICE. You get to eat exactly WHAT YOU WANT ! And, as an added bonus, you don’t have to slave away in the hot kitchen preparing the meal, nor do you have to wash ALL those dishes.  But are YOU really choosing ?


If you are watching your waist line, you do need to choose wisely.  Stack the odds in your favour……..  watch this video to discover what  really happens when you order a meal at a restaurant, so next time you don’t choose the cake for breakfast.
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Carrying the weight of your world requires more fat deposits (video)
A little worried about the size of your buttocks ?   Researchers from Tel Aviv University suggest,  big butts are an inevitable consequence of body pressure.  Oops !

A protruding butt, while seldom a health risk, is not usually considered an asset. Watch this video to find out the real story behind big butts and what you can do to make your butt, a little less, resilient.
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Babies don’t just catch colds they catch stress
Babies feel their Mom's stressIt has been a rough day, you feel a little freaked out on the inside, but you’re putting on a brave face.  It is business as usual – after all, you got to pick up your eldest from soccer, get everyone bathed and fed, bake a batch cookies for the church, finish that report and…..
You turn your attention to taking care of the youngest member of the family, spooning in dinner,  suddenly your usually happy-go-lucky baby, begins behaving badly.   Eish.  Just what you need – a niggley baby.   You feel your stress levels rise a notch. 
It’s as if your baby “caught” your stress.
You dismiss the idea as ridiculous – it is just co-incidence.  Actually your intuition is correct.  Researchers from the University of California have found, babies do indeed catch their Mom’s stress.  Read more…
Stress management is important for everyone, but as a Mom, you need to be extra vigilant,  because you’re managing stress for TWO, you and your little one.   
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You can turn the stress genes off during pregnancy
S-T-R-E-S-S-D  OUT !   This is how most of us feel, most of the time.  In pregnancy, the stress effect is compounded because a baby developing in a stressful environment, emerges a little more stressed.  This “stress” is not visible on the outside, but it is “visible” on the inside – these minute differences do influence long-term health. So stopping this inter-generational STRESS, is something every Mom wants to do.   Researchers from Cornell University have uncovered an easy to implement nutritional strategy, which drops baby’s stress levels, by as much as 33 %.

choline is egg-actly what your need

Read how an egg a day,  can changes the stress setting PERMANENTLY.
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Is the sunshine vitamin a requirement for socializing ?
The autism stats are horrific – more and more families find their bundle of joy, turning into a bundle of terror, as they face the heart ache of raising a little one, that doesn’t really fit into the world.  Genetics definitely contributes to the crossed wiring, seen in autism, but something about the environment in which baby is developing, is underwriting the genetic upheavals, ultimately interfering with the normal wiring process.

Lots of SOMETHINGS have been implicated.  Watch this video to discover why every women should SUN TAN her bump during pregnancy, ensuring her baby’s socializing system is wired correctly.
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You’re not alone – a trillion helpers aid you in pregnancy
The moment of conception is usually pretty fun, but the actual task of making a baby, is hard work. Fortunately, family and friends can provide moral support, but the heavy lifting has to be done by you, the mom-2-be. 

It is a nine month marathon…..

But you’re not running the race alone……  The gut microflora undergo a transformation during pregnancy.  “Hoarding” bacteria come to dominate.  Read more….

“Hoarders”, this sounds bad.  “Hoarders” are associated with obesity. Why would Mother Nature send “hoarders” ? 
Actually they are exactly what a pregnant Mom needs.   Because to build a healthy strong baby, you need plenty of supplies, the “Hoarders” extract every last drop of “goodness” from the food you eat.  Mother Nature’s perfect plan.

NB.  Just make sure you take care of  the trillion little helpers Mother Nature sent you.
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There is a third force in the gut and they’re the heavier hitters
The third forceSo………… you have a trillion or so bacteria that have taken up residence in your gut.  Most are good guys, some are bad guys, we know these bacteria are engaged in a battle to survive.  Who prevails, matters…..

The immune system moderates the battle, while the cells lining the gut, dictate who is allowed to stay and who must go, but there is a third force, another set of players in this epic battle between the “good” and “bad” bacteria.

Introducing……………. YOUR THIRD FORCE.  The gut “virome”.  Read more about these viruses that are the  GOOG GUYS.
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Swim, splash, play – don’t tinkle, it creates bad chemistry
Terror in the poolYou’re romping around in the pool having a fabulous time and OOPS, you need to GO !  What do you do ?  Now be honest !

You know what you should do…… BUT.  Sometimes, you gingerly look around and S-W-I-S-H.  You may wiggle the water a little, to mix things up.   You usually feel a little ashamed and probably a little revolted, YUK !

You’re not alone.  Even professional swimmers admit to relieving themselves IN THE POOL, sometimes. 

YUK !  YUK !  And more YUK !

Stop over reacting - it is only urine…………… which is really just a mixture of waste metabolites,  mixed in with a few thousand harmless viruses and bacteria and a few of your own cells.  Nothing you haven’t seen before.  And the pool water has been treated with chlorine, a potent disinfectant, which is designed to obliterate the nasties. No harm, no foul.
Not so fast.  The danger is not microbial, it is chemical.  Keep reading…
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