We sing to the most personal thing within us, our soul. And yet we realise that the most personal thing we have is everywhere, in everything and everyone.
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In this moment, no matter what arises I choose to awaken bliss.


Dear Friends,

We had such a beautiful response to the free download of Kirtan Alive, thank you for sharing the music, we are thrilled to know that many more people will be discovering the joy of mantra and kirtan.

We are all connected like mala-beads on an invisible string of consciousness. The more we open our hearts the more we feel into the joys and sorrows of others as if they were our own. We are not alone and we are not immune to the turbulence in our world. Whether it shows up as stress in our work, tension in our relationships, or a sinking feeling in our guts - peace is always there waiting to be uncovered. Bliss is always there waiting to be awakened. Love is everywhere - we just have to pull back the veil. No one can feel on our behalf and no one can walk in our shoes. But side by side, singing and sharing we can uplift each other. That is the purpose of coming together in kirtan. We sing to the most personal thing within us, our soul. And yet we realise that the most personal thing we have is everywhere, in everything and everyone. In sharing this conscious connection, we feel intimate with the world and each other.

When a group of people unite with an intention to share something sacred, it has powerful ripple effects throughout the universe. You need not be a mystic to understand these ancient truths. Science is now giving the proof for what yogis have known and espoused for millennia. Scientists can now track the way sound vibrations travel through space and time as well as the positive impact the vibrations of mantra have on the body, mind and heart. However, even the greatest scientific advancements cannot comprehend the mysterious source from which this physical universe emanates. Science cannot tell us what consciousness is, nor can science give us the direct experience of our inherent magnificence. For that we must experiment ourselves, seek within and the mind transcend! 

On Saturday 16th of August we invite you to transcend and share in this beautiful gathering of mantra, music and meditation. This will be a night of personal healing and joyous connection and we are so grateful for Sydney’s yoga and meditation communities coming together to support this event. Amazing guest musicians will be appearing to make this night a really special sonic experience.  As there is limited space, we encourage you to pre-book, so you can be sure to share in the joy of this celebration.


We've been working hard behind the scenes to launch these two new albums and new website.We were looking for a web designer until Jo had a flash of creativity and stayed up most of the night last Saturday creating our new site! The new website now offers a shop where, as well as digital downloads and you can for the first time purchase our physical cds from anywhere in the world! Thank you to Cinnamon Pollard, Jonni and Laura, Gary Gorrow, Melissa and Alan for your time and guidance in making this a reality.


Concessions / Free tickets

Playing music is both our service and livelihood. By supporting our albums and live events you help support us to continue to share our music with the world. However, we believe that no-one should miss out on the experience of kirtan and if for whatever reason you would love to come to our launch or other events but cannot afford a ticket, please email us for a concession, karma yoga opportunity or free ticket.


BhaktiFest Opening Ceremony

Our first trip to the US commences this month and it feels like a huge new adventure. Slightly daunting as we dive into the unknown and very exciting! We have been invited by Bhaktifest to perform the opening ceremony (puja) for the festival on Thursday Sept 4th at 10am. This will be an ancient Vedic fire ceremony to ignite the festival’s spirit of bhakti (devotion) and as a prayer for peace, wisdom and unconditional love in our world. We will be playing kirtan on Saturday 6th August, alongside Krishna Das, Deva Premal & Miten and Jai Uttal!


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BLISS CD                                  CHAKRA MEDITATION CD

LAUNCH 16.08.14



Sat 9 August
Vinyasa Yoga

Sat 16 August
Sydney Album Launch
Paddington Church

22-24 August
Prana Fest
Ashland, Oregon, USA

4-7 September
Bhakti Fest
Joshua Tree, USA

12 September
Bhakti Yoga Shala
Los Angeles, USA

13 September
Soul of Yoga
with Jaya Lakhsmi & Ananda
Encinitas, USA

14 September
Jyothi Mandir
Sound Yoga Workshop
Encinitas, USA
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