Today’s top La Liga hookup apps
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Getafe, the only La Liga club to produce an official porn film, has now created an app to help their fans connect with each other. And if the promotional video for the app is anything to go by, they really want fans to have more sex in stadium bathrooms. [FACEBOOK]

Cristiano Ronaldo's son gave him the finger during his Golden Shoe acceptance speech. Now if he can just get the boy to do that when Messi wins the Ballon d'Or... [DIRTY TACKLE]

It turns out the U.S.'s loss to Mexico truly was a tragedy. Mexico coach Tuca Ferretti promised his players that he would shave his mustache if they won, and when they did he followed through. Maybe Jurgen Klinsmann's lack of facial hair is what's holding his team back. [TWITTER]

Both of Zlatan Ibrahimovic's sons have entered PSG's academy system. I'm pretty sure having this many Ibrahimovics in one club violates international agreements on stockpiling weapons of mass destruction. [EUROSPORT]

Where it all went wrong for Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool: [HOWLER]

Watch Metz's U-15 team do a synchronized training drill that is both hypnotic and slightly unsettling: [GUARDIAN]

And finally, here's Mario Balotelli with the most cryptic Instagram video of the day: [INSTAGRAM]

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