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Blu-ray review
The Tree of Life
Director Terrence Malick’s latest film, The Tree of Life, quietly snuck in and out of theaters last May without much fanfare, but has recently come out on Blu-ray in a gorgeous transfer that really highlights the vast array of talent behind this production.
Several years in the making, the film will simply astonish you with its visual palette. Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, who worked on Malick’s previous film, The New World, deservedly received an Oscar nomination this year for what is surely the best looking film from the last several years.
Although largely thought of as an art-house film, The Tree of Life will also be a test for your subwoofer. For the “birth of the universe” segments, the substantial deep bass of the soundtrack is potentially woofer-blowing, so mind the volume knob! If all else fails, know that we do repair work here at Harmony.
Sadly, despite winning the Palme d’Or at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, it has been received with a mixed bag of reactions here in the States. While cinephiles adored it, some viewers were thrown off by the non-linear storytelling, along with seemingly unrelated sequences – complaining that it’s long and dull. Certainly, if you’re used to “easy to digest” action/comedy films, The Tree of Life will probably bore you. However, if you approach the film with the right frame of mind (perhaps a more open one?) you may come to appreciate the beauty of this film. While movies are often viewed as mere entertainment, there’s no reason why cinema can’t also be art.
Tips & Techniques
Most of us know that we need to protect our valuable equipment from the harsh realities of distributed AC power in our homes. However, with the wide acceptance of flat screen TVs mounted on the wall, it becomes a little more challenging. Enter the Panamax MIW-Surge-1G. It’s basically a surge protector built into a 15A single-gang Decora style dual outlet. A handy LED glows green for power on, and turns red when a fault is sensed. Mounted into the wall behind your set, it insures that your set never encounters power surges that could damage it.
But that’s not the only use for this elegant little solution. It’s also useful for other modern appliances that need protection, like refrigerators and ovens that use sensitive microprocessors in their operation. Simple to install, it’s another no-brainer that deserves to be in every home.

New Product
Totem Acoustic Tribe Subwoofer

The latest product to arrive at Harmony is Totem’s startling new Tribe subwoofer. Featuring a shallow cabinet design, it uses twin 8-inch carbon-fiber drivers to fill even larger size rooms with effortless bass extension. Unlike many subwoofers that rely on ported cabinets to increase output, Totem’s sealed enclosure produces bass that is tight and deep.
With a cabinet depth of only five inches, you may be wondering how there can be space for the amplifier. Actually, to keep the cabinet size small, it’s housed in a completely separate unit. The Totem Subwoofer Amplifier is a slim component that neatly fits into your equipment rack and feeds the subwoofer a speaker level signal. It features a 500-watt Class D amplifier module, along with separate controls for output, crossover, and phase. The crossover low-pass filter is adjustable between 40Hz and 120Hz, making it compatible with a wide range of speakers. Additionally, the phase control is continuously variable between 0 and 180 degrees, unlike most subwoofers, which only flip the polarity. Having a variable phase control allows you to dial in on the precise setting for your particular setup. An auto-sensing circuit allows for the unit to go into stand-by until it receives a signal, allowing for hands-free operation.
Fitted on the included stand, the Tribe fits easily in almost any room. For those interested in hiding it completely, the subwoofer can be taken off the stand, put on it’s back, and slid under a chair, sofa, or even your bed! The attached vibration absorbers help minimize transmission of bass into other rooms, and a magnetic speaker grill helps keep away prying fingers, as well as softening the overall look.
Overall, the Totem Tribe subwoofer is a welcome addition to Harmony, offering superb performance while taking up very little real estate. What more could you ask for in a sub?

Harmony has new store hours! We'll now be open Monday through Saturday from 10:00am until 6:00pm. Please note that we will no longer be open on Sundays.

Clearance item
Yamaha RX-A2000

Yamaha introduced their Aventage line of surround sound receivers back in 2010, and the feedback has been phenomenal. All our customers have been raving about the increase in sound quality they notice once they get one home - and we agree, the Aventage line is a noticeable improvement over the standard A/V gear that Yamaha had been producing.

Although it's now officially discontinued, the RX-A2000 still features all the latest technology you could ask for. It's 3-D ready, has 8 HDMI inputs, and 2 outputs and features ARC (Audio Return Channel), which allows the audio from your TV to feed the Yamaha through the normal HDMI cable used to send the TV a picture. It's perfect for keeping your system simple and easy for anyone to use.

The RX-A2000 also has a new on-screen display that can overlay on HD and 3D sources, so you're always in control. Also included is Yamaha's YPAO sound optimization feature, which makes setting it up a snap - and with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio playback, you'll enjoy audio resolution that surpasses any movie theater.

Normally $1500, you can have ours for only $999 - with a full manufacturer's warranty!
And if you miss out on this one, remember that we have a wide selection of the latest in the Aventage line.

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