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December 11, 2013
DowntownArena.Org Coalition:
Thank you all again for participating in the petition withdrawal effort. Because of your efforts, we achieved our goal of exposing the misleading and unlawful activities anti-arena activists have engaged in over the past several months. More importantly, we made history. Yesterday, we submitted our final batch of signature withdrawal forms, bringing our total to a staggering 15,266 – the most petition withdrawal forms ever submitted to the City of Sacramento.
With that phase of our work complete, I’m excited to update you on our plans moving ahead.
Tomorrow afternoon, Mayor Johnson will announce the formation of The4000, a new coalition that will bring together the best of Sacramento - top business, labor, political, and civic leaders from around our community - to stand up and fight for the 4,000 jobs tied to the downtown arena. The Mayor, alongside Senator Darrell Steinberg and Senator Ted Gaines, will lead this coalition.
As part of this announcement, I will be transitioning into a new role as Executive Director of The4000. I invite all of you to join me as we phase out and launch this exciting new initiative. Here are the details of the launch event:
What:     The4000 launch event
When:    Thursday, December 12, 2013 at 2:45pm
Where:   Assembly, 1000 K St
The4000 will be focused on making clear exactly what choice lies before Sacramento: the opportunity to create - or destroy - 4,000 jobs.
We all know the stakes.  The downtown arena represents an extraordinary, once-in-a-generation $1B public-private partnership with profound potential to generate catalytic economic and community benefits for the downtown, city and region. This includes $100M in new annual revenues to our downtown and over $7 billion in regional economic activity over the next 30 years.
We also know that the anti-arena initiative is merely a Trojan Horse that is not what it appears to be. Make no mistake: this initiative is not about the democratic process or the right of voters to vote.  On the contrary, this is a deliberate attempt to jeopardize the downtown entertainment and sports complex by creating enough delays and uncertainty to disrupt the project timeline, undermine the public-private partnership to finance the arena, and potentially, imperil the Kings continued presence as a treasured civic asset in Sacramento.

This secret agenda is precisely what motivated the anti-arena initiatives' out-of-town sponsors: a Seattle-based hedge fund manager seeking to relocate the Kings to Seattle, and a San Diego-based special interest seeking to sabotage the arena for a narrow political agenda. And, it's why the initiative's proponents could barely find anyone from Sacramento to fund it. (Note: Only 6% of their funding has come from City residents and businesses!).
The stakes have never been higher, but we stand ready to stand up and fight these outside interests - once again - for the sake of this project and Sacramento’s bright future.
Again, thank you for your support. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow and in the weeks ahead!
Joshua Wood

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