Meeting Monday 17th - and other news about what's happening in Newtown Wellington. Get active for your community!  Edition 14-10, 14th Nov 2014
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Our monthly meeting is on Monday

We will be meeting 17th November at 7.30 pm at the Newtown Community Hall, 71 Daniell St – at the Constable Street playground.

Everyone is very welcome to come, listen, and contribute your thoughts about our community.

The Agenda will include -
Loomio - We've previously raised the idea of using Loomio as a tool to discuss issues, get input and make decisions. One of their team will visit to give a brief explanation of Loomio and how we could utilize it, and then show us how to use the open-source software.
Parking - Steve from WCC will visit us to explain the current rules, regulations and thoughts of WCC on parking in Newtown, and then we will discuss the issues we are experiencing. We have received a lot of feedback from around Newtown, and will collate these responses for Council so that we can work together to find solutions. 

Wellington City Council Long Term Plan.  
Marissa and Brian from WCC will discuss the process of formulating Council’s 2015 Long Term Plan and explain the consultation process to us. They are keen to hear our thoughts on what can be done to improve Newtown and Wellington during the next ten years.

Newtown and Berhampore Community Emergency Response Plan - meeting invitation
A group from Newtown and Berhampore have been working with Jason from WREMO, Anna and Renee from the Newtown Community Centre and Claire, our NRA President, to develop a plan for how our community would look after itself for the first 72 hours following a disaster.
We're having a session on Tuesday 9th December, 6pm in the Newtown Park Function Room to share the plan so far with everyone in the community, get input into how to improve it, and then discuss what we can do as a community to become more resilient, interconnected and prepared. We're hoping to get some ideas for community events or projects for us to work on out of it. Come along to learn and contribute!

Newtown Festival

Plans are well underway to celebrate Newtown with a festival of events from 13th February till 23rd March next year, including the Carnivale de Barrio hosted by Bebemos  and other local cafes on 13th/14th February and the Newtown Community and Cultural Centre 100 Year Anniversary on 21st February.   If you know of Newtown events that might fit into this timeframe, or if you have a project to discuss, please contact us on .

The big day is the Newtown Festival Fair Day on Sunday March 8th - we are thrilled by the number and quality of applications from performers and we will soon be announcing the first bands that will be joining us in 2015.  

The market looks set to reach record levels - we already have over 250 stalls booked.  There is room for more though so if you want to have a fund-raising stall for a community group or have goods to sell, let us know!  We are particularly interested in hearing from gourmet food producers - we hope to establish a new specialty area for 2015, a ‘Gourmet Alley’ in one of the side streets. Sauces, pickles, cheeses, chocolate and so on would all fit in here.  

You can keep up-to-date with Festival developments through Facebook or the website

Teaching and Learning

Do you know about Chalkle?  They aim to connect people and organisations who have things to teach with people who want to learn. They have recently launched a brand new website:
Chalkle have also partnered with the Department of Conservation to organise a whole series of new classes called Fresh Thinking:
Draft Suburban Reserves Management Plan

Cheryl Robilliard is preparing a submission on this plan and would like to hear from anyone with ideas to contribute.  You can contact Cheryl at

Newtown News is published monthly by the Newtown Community and Cultural Centre - follow this link to download back issues and to see how to contribute.
A message from Lyne Pringle 
"Hi Fellow Newtownians this is a personal invite to come and see my solo version of Lung Tree (derived from the performance some of you saw in Carrara Park last year). It is a call to action for all you 'eco warriors' out there."  Here's what one reviewer said about the piece: “Lyne Pringle is the total package, the supernova of dancing environmental political statement and of solo performance.” Three dances from four exceptional dancers, featuring Juliet Shelley, Lyne Pringle, Lucy Margaux-Marinkovich and Anita Hunziker. Nov 21 and 22 8pm at Te Whaea - cash door sales only, $15/$20.  See more...

We have just heard about these Chalkle classes, but you need to be very quick if you want to join them.  Backyard Habitat Creation is on Saturday 15th from 4-5.30pm and What Native Bird Is That is on Sunday 16th 1-4pm


A message from the Mayor of Wellington: 

Kia ora everybody
I want to draw your attention to the e-newsletter section of the Council website:

Here you can sign up to get notices about things that affect or interest you, such as arts, hospitality, events in the city, Māori community news, canine news or library news. 

We're working hard on the draft Long Term Plan (10 year budget). It will include some funding for projects from the important Urban Growth Plan, reserves improvements and economic growth projects. As the rating base grows, rates become more affordable. The current rates average is $3.45 per resident per day. We'll put out the draft Long Term Plan early 2015.
I've been attending some urban design, walking and cycling presentations and am very excited about the potential for improving suburban centres, unloved corners and safety. Upcoming changes will enhance Masons Lane, Kilbirnie Drainage Reserve and Bond Street. Lots of volunteer groups already enhance our city with murals, planting and clean-ups.
Warm regards

Celia Wade-Brown
Mayor of Wellington


Marcelo Duque Cesar, one of the co-creators, writes that "‘Rides’ is a social enterprise created to provide conscious, cheaper, and more convenient transportation for people. It will work with a mobile application that enables matching people for sharing rides.....‘Rides” is under development and will be available soon."  Marcelo will present it at an NRA meeting early next year; in the meantime you can find out more at

We hope you will contact us on with your views on the topics in this Newsletter, or any other topics affecting our suburb.