Stallholders'  Newsletter 17.01, November 2016
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Welcome to the first Stallholders’ Newsletter about the 2017 Newtown Festival Street Fair Day. This is our way of keeping in touch with you and keeping you informed as we lead up to the 21st Anniversary Street Fair on Sunday March 5th 2017.  

Have you booked your stall for 2017 yet?

We would love to have you with us. You can book now - just follow this link!  Early bird prices apply until 1st January 2017.
If you have booked already - have you paid???
Our priority for site allocations is affected by when you pay, not when you book.  Some very early bookers haven't paid yet, and are in danger of losing all the advantage of being prompt.  As soon as this is sent we will re-send the invoices for the outstanding fees - if you get an invoice even though you have paid, apologies, please let us know the details.  And if you don't get one and think you should, check spam then let us know if its not to be found.

We are happy to arrange paying in instalments - please email if you want to arrange this.  

 Zero Waste Policy and our 90% goal for the 2017 Fair !

Your cooperation has made a huge impact on reducing the landfill waste generated by the Festival. Thank you! In 2016, 69% of waste was diverted from landfill. In 2017, we are aiming for 90% diversion.

Changes in the composting industry have led to us updating our Terms and Conditions for Stallholders - the old system allowed 'biodegradable' packaging but we now know that this won’t be accepted by Wellington’s (fantastic) commercial compost facility. Capital Compost will only accept ‘compostable’ packaging. So the new wording reads:

"Food stalls generate most of the Fair rubbish. Reducing the landfill we expect food stalls to use 100% compostable containers, plates, cups, cutlery and napkins for their food and beverages. If there are no compostable options recyclable is the next best option.  Please encourage your customers to use the re-cycling and compost stations. "  

Please also note: 100% PLA products (which are marked as compostable) can no longer be processed by the composting facility. The quantity a festival generates overwhelms the compost breakdown. PLA products are often in the form of a clear cup that looks exactly the same as a ‘normal’ plastic cup. We will let you know the next best alternative shortly - contact the Festival office if you need an update.
100% compostable packaging might seem challenging to some, but we are here to help! We know that it can and is being done by a large number of food stalls who are already nailing the  compostable packaging requirement with rave reviews from our zero waste team and fair-goers alike. This was across a wide range of food styles, from curries to gelato. Our Food Stall information page has some “Dos and Don’ts” food packaging tips online.
The great news is there is approved packaging at a comparable cost, and we have lined up a preferred supplier willing to give a 20% discount to customers with a Newtown Festival stall booking..Contact for further information.

A few images from Fair Day 2016
If you have photos you would like to share we would be happy to have them.
Our Festival Director Martin and Associate Director / Head Marshall / Site Architect Anna (she wears many hats!) were finalists for Wellingtonians of the Year in the Community category.  They didn't win, but the recognition was much appreciated!
The citation for the award reads: "Martin Hanley and Anna Kemble Welch have been helping organise the Newtown Festival since the beginning 22 years ago, curating New Zealand’s largest annual street fair and free music festival, a favourite Wellington celebration attended by over 80,000."
This is a great acknowledgement of their dedication over many years. They started with the very first Festival in Carrara Park in 1995, and continued when it moved to the streets of Newtown in 1997.  Many other people have been involved with the Festival over the years, but Martin and Anna have always been there. They have been the Directors since 2008. If you are with us in 2017 you will see them there again, up and down the site in their hi-viz Newtown Festival vests, from before dawn till after dark.

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Copyright © 2016 Newtown Festival, All rights reserved.

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