Newtown Fair Stallholders’ Newsletter - request for feedback about the 2015 Fair and other news.

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March 17th 2015

To the Stallholders who came to our 19th Newtown Festival Street Fair, thank you so much for your support!  There were so many wonderful things about the day - the sunny weather, the good humoured crowds, the awesome music, and of course the magnificent range of goods, delicious food, and information on offer from all of you.  If you couldn't make it this time, maybe next year?  
We are already looking towards the 2016 Festival and planning how to mark the milestone of the 20th year of partying in the streets of Newtown.  We will be ready to take stall bookings quite soon - but not yet.  Next time you hear from us it should be to announce that bookings are open.
Looking along Riddiford St
Looking along Riddiford Street on 8th March 2015  
Thanks to Vanessa Rushton for the image - see her Facebook page for more

What was Fair Day 2015 like for you?

While it is fresh in your mind we would really welcome an email to with your feedback.  

We would love to know what worked for you, what could be improved, whether or not you had a good day's trading.....

Your responses will help us to make your stallholder day run better, and give us information about what sites work best for what sort of stalls.  Thank you to those who have already been in touch, we really value hearing from you.
 Green Street - full of people enjoying the craft and community group stalls.

Sadly we do know there was an unprecedented problem with getting power connected on time.
If you didn't need power you might not have known, but it caused a lot of stress and disruption to some of the food and coffee sellers. Our marshals worked extremely hard to try and solve the problems but we were at the mercy of the electrical contractors, a big multi national company who were new to the job and overwhelmed by the complexity despite our briefings beforehand. We apologise very sincerely to anyone who had problems accessing electricity at set-up time. It wont be like that next year!

Getting stallholders vehicles on and off the fair site at the end of the day is always a challenge.  We are working on making this as smooth and efficient as possible and we have a large number of volunteer marshals helping to bring cars through the site when crowd numbers safely allow this.  It would be good to hear from people for whom the pack out worked well - then we can build on what is working as well as trying to fix problems!

Did you take some photos?

This lovely image is from the Newtown Playcentre Stall in Riddiford Street - they were having a lot of fun blowing bubbles!  
Newtown Playcentre Stall

Thanks to those who have already sent us photos. If you have some photos you could send us, we'd love to see them.  From time to time we are looking for just the right picture to put on the website or to illustrate a story, perhaps in a magazine or newsletter or a post on Facebook, so if you send us photos we will assume that means you are OK about us using them.  Do let us know if you have a problem with this. 

Best wishes

Rhona Carson – Stalls Administrator
Martin Hanley and Anna Kemble Welch – Newtown Festival Directors
James Coyle - Newtown Festival Programme Coordinator.