Newtown Fair Stallholders’ Newsletter - updates about stall bookings  for the 2015 festival and other news.

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Newtown Festival: stall news no.1

Welcome to our new Newtown Fair Stallholders’ Newsletter.

We will be sending this from time to time with updates about stall bookings and other news.

You are receiving this because you have previously booked a stall. If you aren't planning to take part in next years fair day you can unsubscribe from this list, but please be aware that this newsletter replaces the booking reminder emails we have sent in past years.

Thanks for your support!

If you had a stall at the 2014 fair day we really hope you had an enjoyable and profitable time. Taking over the streets for a day is very costly and your stall holder fees (along with grants and sponsorship) help to make the Festival possible. We couldn't do it without you, but as an event of this scale attracts the crowds we trust that you benefit too.

Stall Bookings for 2015 are now open online

Fair day in 2015 is Sunday the 8th March. Those of you who book and pay now can take advantage of our earlybird prices, and will have a better chance of being allocated the stall site you want.  Book now.

Online Stall Directory

We are always looking at options for increasing the promotion of the market aspect of the fair as well as the music festival.

This year at the fair we displayed giant stall map billboards, listing all the stalls, with a description of each stall edited from the booking notes.  We have now developed this into a downloadable directory for the website, which you will find at .

We plan to continue this.  When you book for next year the business name field in the booking will be your stall name published for Fairday 2015, and the description you give will be published unless it is very long, in which case we will do some editing.  We are keen to do stall allocations for 2015 early so the stall directory can be online at least several days before the fair and our publicity can encourage people to look at it before they come.

If you have any suggestions or other ideas for promotion we would love to hear them.

Fair day 2014 - tell us what you thought

While Fairday 2014 is fresh in your mind we would really welcome an email to with your feedback.

We would like to know what worked for you, what could be improved, what makes for a good day's trading ...

Your responses will help us to make your stallholder day run better, and give us information about what sites work best for what sort of stalls.

Getting in and out of the fair site

We know that getting in and out of our fair site is complicated. Thank you for coping with the new system the Council required for your vehicles entering the site at the end of the day at packdown.

We have realised that the two entrances would go faster with a bigger crew of car-walking marshals, so we will deploy a larger team for this in 2015.

After this year’s trial the Council have agreed with our suggestion that next year we allow a second exit for stallholders – from Riddiford St at Mein Street.  We hope that these changes will help make the end of the day easier.

Tell your friends

Please forward this newsletter on to other people you know who might be interested in booking a stall with us.

And please do contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Martin Hanley and Anna Kemble Welch
Newtown Festival Directors