Newtown Fair Stallholders’ Newsletter - updates about stall bookings  for the 2015 festival and other news.
Issue 15.04 -  8th Oct 2014

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Newtown Festival: Stall News 4 - October 2014

Stall Bookings!!!!

Thank you to everyone who has booked for 2015 - there has been a brilliant response.  It is now October, and we are planning to start allocating Riddiford Street stalls in November.  If you had a Riddiford Street stall last year, and you haven’t booked yet, then this is your last chance – book and pay now if you are hoping to return to anywhere close to the same spot!  We can never guarantee that people get the stall site they want, but we do our best.

Remember, stalls are only allocated after you have paid.  Recently the stall database re-sent invoices to those marked as unpaid, as a reminder. If you think you have booked and haven't yet paid, but you didn't receive a reminder invoice then please let me know. 

Calling all gourmet food producers.

We hope to establish a new specialty precinct for 2015, a ‘Gourmet Alley’ in one of the side streets.  This would be to sell items to take home, not takeaway food.  Sauces, pickles, cheeses, chocolate and so on would all fit in here.  We are modelling this on the success of Green Street, which has become known as the place to buy high quality handcrafts. If we get enough gourmet stalls we will make a feature of this zone in our advertising, to appeal to “foodies”.  If you sell these goods and would like to be included in this precinct please let us know, and feel free to pass this request on to others who might be interested. 



Do contact us if you have any questions or comments, and please forward this newsletter on to other people you know who might be interested in booking a stall with us.

Best wishes
Rhona Carson – Stalls Administrator
Martin Hanley and Anna Kemble Welch – Newtown Festival Directors