Stallholders'  Newsletter Issue 16.04
13th March 2016
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Thank you for being part of the 20th Anniversary Newtown Festival Street Fair.
Bookings for 2017 have now opened!
Thank you for being part of last week's Newtown Festival Street Fair, we hope you had a great day. It was a pleasure having your stalls liven up our streets. The weather was certainly kind this year, helping the Festival be a great celebration. Crowd feedback was that people loved the variety and quality of the stalls. Thank you for coming.

In 2015 we had 420 stalls, and this year
there were 435 stalls, 163 of which were selling food from around the world.  This year we have introduced an
online directory of the 2016 Stalls listing all your stalls by Fair Block and site number. The promo text is based on what you told us when you booked.  Please check it out - you might want to tell us something different next year
If you would like to attend next year's Festival you can  book now for Sunday 5 March 2017.
Thanks to the hard working web team who have made this available as soon as possible.
Our Stalls team welcome your feedback, suggestions and comments. If you have any photos you would like to share we can feature them in future Newsletters and put them online.  Please email
Booking for the 2017 Festival
The list of stalls will be available on our website before Fairday (when all the final site allocations are complete). We plan to leave the stall listing page online until the end of the year. If you would like us to add a website link to your 2016 listing, so that customers can track you down now that Fairday has been and gone, do send us an email with your facebook or website link and our volunteers will upload that for you.

The box on the booking form labelled
“Description of Stall and Contents” gives us what we publish in the online listing of stalls.

Your stall's written promo will be able to be viewed by fairgoers on their smart phones at the Newtown Festival, and in 2017 we hope to have an improved search function for stall listings. Make what you say in your booking sound inviting. If you make it brief we will use your own words, otherwise there will be some editing.

Some zones are extremely popular
and over subscribed.  Selecting a preference when you book does not guarantee that you will be allocated a stall site in that zone. The local businesses have first priority (outside their Shop or Restaurant) and only the earliest bookers and repeat returning stall holders who book and pay promptly are likely to be allocated the available sites in the most popular zones. Please don't be disappointed if your stall is not in the zone you selected. Many of the stall holders not in the main street have a great fair day and are very happy with their spot.

We have some themed areas based on type of product, and big stalls can only fit in certain places. Most food stalls are clustered together in one of the 7 different food areas. Generator locations for the supply of power to your stall and also closeness to hand washing (for food stalls), also influence the sites we can give you. Due to the number of stall bookings and pressure on space, we might not be able to take multiple bookings from the same outlets in 2017. If you want multiple sites for the same product we may need to wait-list your extra bookings.

Taking all the factors into account, our stalls team then allocate stall sites based on when you paid for your booking - booking early only helps  if you also pay early! If you want to pay by instalments get in touch and we can organise this with you.

There is a box on the booking form labelled “Preferred Locations, Site Requirements & Comments” where you can explain why your preference is important, and also tell us your second choice if your first choice isn’t available.  Our stalls team tries very hard to find a good spot for every stall, but the sooner you book and pay the more likely you are to get the place you want.
A big Thank You to all who made special efforts with recycling this year, by using approved packaging, encouraging customers to use the recycling stations and using them yourselves. Our recycling team had a grant to do an audit of waste management, and we will be reporting the results as soon as possible.
This is the fourth Stallholders' Newsletter related to the 2016 Newtown Festival Street Fair Day.  If you are new to this mailing list, welcome! You will find past editions on the 'Stall News' page on the Festival website.
Festival Volunteers
Our amazing volunteers are all taking a well earned rest this Sunday. A big thank you to all the Festival volunteers who helped out - looking after recycling and rubbish collection, and as marshals, car walkers, people to move signs and equipment around the site, others to help with setting up and pack down the stages, and many other tasks.  Hopefully they were always cheerful and friendly and helped to make your day easier!
We plan to have even more volunteers involved in next year's car walking at pack down time, to make it as smooth as possible for you. If you have family or friends in Wellington who would like to get involved with the Festival volunteer crew, please ask them to apply to

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