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Heaven’s Reach Ministries has been blessed with the partnership of Mercy International for several year and we are thankful. We now make room for our vision. We will not compete with Mercy but give them thanks for helping us get to the mission field. We are excited to make this move and we believe it will allow both ministries to grow in their own vision and areas of ministry.  As we flew home this year, we knew doors were "flying open" for greater possibilities in our ministry.

We will return to Honduras to work under a new NGO (registered non-profit) we formed in Honduras called ‘Ministerios Alcanzando Desde El Cielo’. We will continue our ministry in the Hospital of La Esperanza, Intibucá, Honduras, work with the garden and expecting mothers through the Sustainable Healthy Living program. In several new villages we will do medical clinics and will teach farmers organic farming techniques. The new NGO will allow us to receive more medical supplies, equipment, vehicles and other needed items for our ministry duty free. It will also allow us greater ease renewing our residency and operating in new areas. We will be working with a new hospital in 2012 and expect to be working with the Honduran Department of Health.

With the expansion of the Sustainable Healthy Living program, the need for seed will increase.  To that end, we will start a farm to harvest seed to give away and use the farm as a demonstration farm.  At the farm we will be teaching organic farming and advanced techniques to improve quality and quantity for crops for subsistant farmers. During this expansion there are greater opportunities for you to partner with us. We ask that you keep us in prayer and consider partnering with us as the Lord leads you.  If you would like to recommend our ministry to your friends, you will find opportunities on our website or you can call us at 479-200-7379 or email us at

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