Texas has yet to learn submission to oppression come from what source it may.
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It was Sam Houston that said: â€œTexas has yet to learn submission to oppression come from what source it may.”

And that includes oppression from the leadership of the Republican Party of Texas (RPT).

News broke late today that certain members of the leadership in the RPT are publicly warning others about the participation of TNM supporters in the precinct conventions. They are afraid of our momentum and that the resolution for a vote on Texas independence will make it to a floor vote at the upcoming Republican state convention.

There is no doubt in our minds that this warning comes straight from the top. RPT Chairman Tom Mechler, in a desperate bid to hold on to his position has declared total war on the TNM, our supporters, and those within the Republican Party who want to simply see Texans be able to exercise their right to vote on independence.

Friends, we are in the middle of perhaps the biggest battle for Texas independence since the Battle of San Jacinto. We have an opportunity here to advance the cause of Texas independence more than ever before.

But to take full advantage of this opportunity, I need you to do two things right now.

First, if you have not already pledged to become a delegate to your precinct convention, I need you to go to thetnm.org/delegate and make your pledge right now.

Second, we need your financial support. The leadership in the RPT that are trying to deny you a vote on independence know that our Achilles heel is our critical lack of funding to carry on a prolonged battle. Please go right now and make a contribution to our efforts at thetnm.org/donate.

I cannot stress this enough. We are closer than we have ever been. This de facto declaration of war against the TNM is absolute proof that we can and are winning this fight.

Let’s show the RPT leadership what Sam Houston knew. The TNM will never submit to oppression. Never.

Daniel Miller
Texas Nationalist Movement
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