Shit Record Covers

Whenever I see a gallery of crappy album covers, I get annoyed because it’s always the same ones—By Request Only - KenJulie’s Sixteenth Birthday - John BultJesus Use Me - The Faith Tones etc.  

It’s time to update that… shit.

I’ve been following Shit Record Covers for some time now on Facebook as a lurker (I’ve never posted anything) and they do shit record covers right. Here’s a collection of the best of the… shit… a few choice selections that deserve some Internet recognition.

“Three Oates = One Hall!” - John Riley
Released in 1973
“Get some of the bellmen to sweep up the driveway. They can pose for their damn album cover while they’re doing it.” - Robert Barron
“I have a feeling that these lads may not be genuine Native Americans.” - David McCarthy‎
“Boyd Rice will resort to any measure to promote ‘Hirsute Pursuit’” - David Van Cleve
“He took advantage of a stoned girl.” - Kenny Mendenhall
“This may not be actual shit but it will be soon.” - Simon Bedford-James