Forgiveness Brings Freedom
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September 17, 2020
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Forgiveness Brings Freedom
from Impact Middle East leader in Iraq
Her father, a very respected and wealthy person, was killed by people who wanted to steal from him. Nura told me and the other members of the visitation team this while sharing why her family had come to live in our city.
After her father’s death, Nura, her mother and her siblings were left at the mercy of extended family who were jealous of her father’s success and wealth. Her uncles bullied and mistreated her family. Nura, the oldest of her siblings, was beaten by her uncles. They treated her like their slave and forced her to clean their houses and prepare food when she was only 13 years old. Nura’s mom could not stand up to these dominant men, and she was busy trying hard to support the needs of her young children. The family grew tired of all this abuse and decided to leave for another place. One uncle, finding out their scheme, put his gun against Nura’s head. He told the family they couldn’t leave before giving him all their possessions, including their house. Nura managed to escape from the angry uncle. But the abuse continued for a long time until the family finally succeeded in moving away from their relatives.
Although they had escaped the abuse, the family members felt bitterness and hatred towards their relatives who had mistreated and harmed them rather than loving them and taking care of them. They could not forgive their relatives. Nura shared with us how she personally continued to hate her relatives even ten years later. She told us how much pain her hatred had been causing her and her family all those years.
I shared with the family about Jesus Christ’s forgiveness toward humanity. I told them how he was crucified and yet he not only forgave the sins of those who crucified him but also carried the sins of all mankind to the cross. I told them they needed to forgive their relatives, and that forgiveness would set them free from their bitterness and pain. Our team prayed with this family and asked God to heal their wounded hearts. We asked God to fill them with His love and set them free. After our prayer, they felt overwhelmed by God’s love for them.
A few days later, I met Nura at church. She spoke about the change she and her family experienced the day we visited them. She said she sensed the love of God in her heart and that she was no longer angry or bitter toward her relatives. She understood they acted the way they did because they didn’t know Christ. She now prays they will experience God’s love and salvation.
Nura has been freed from her pain, and she feels the joy coming back into her heart and life. Thank God for this miracle!
Photo and name are not actual person. This is done to maintain privacy. Any likeness to another person is not intentional. 
Nura's family experienced a breakthrough. Watch this video to see about other breakthroughs taking place in Iraq.
Join with Impact Middle East leaders as they offer you a Christmas blessing. Through video, they will take you to these four geographical locations in the Middle East and share scriptures and thoughts to prepare your hearts for the coming of the Messiah during the advent season.
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The fifth video will feature Christmas greetings/blessings from multiple Impact Middle East leaders.
Special Opportunity

Impact Middle East is looking for local churches interested in helping refugee children in Jordan and Iraq attend school where they will receive biblical and academic instruction. Connected Communities, through International Child Care Ministries (ICCM), makes a way for churches to come alongside specific schools in the Middle East.
Connected Community:
Children's Resources 
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Other Video Resources
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Other Opportunities

Heavenly Treasures - an Impact Middle East partner organization - offers online access to hand-crafted products made by Iraqi refugee artisans. Heavenly Treasures can also provide a “pop-up” store for your church or organization.

Pop-up Store:

SEED helps design innovative and high quality products for refugees from across the Middle East to make together, building inter-cultural relationships and sharing God’s love. Buy these designs - and purchase tote bags in bulk - at
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