Directly Speaking

We hope all of you had a fun and safe July 4th holiday.  The summer has been and will continue to be a busy time for us. Our camp program at Sabin for 5-12 year olds is off to a great start. We still have several spaces open. Contact Amber ( or Sam ( for more information. We are still in the planning stages for our expansion half day pre-school that will hopefully be ready to open in the fall.
Hopefully you have received a hard copy of the 2012/2013 calendar in your child's file. Please note that the calendar will also be posted on our website and be send in email form tomorrow. I want to point out a few important dates for you to note in the coming year. All three campuses will be closed for staff training on Friday, August 31, Friday, November 9, Monday, February 18, and Friday, April 12. We will also be closed for the following Holidays: July 4, September 3, November 22 - 23, December 24 - 25, December 31 - January 1, 2013, January 21, and May 27.  We are also having special events on Sunday, September 16: Peninsula 41st Birthday Party 1-3pm,  Thursday, October 25, Harvest Festival 4-6pm, and Thursday, December 13, Winter Festival 4-6pm.  All events will be at the Maryland Campus.
On Saturday, July 14, we will be participating in the Mississippi Street Fair, and then on Saturday, August 11, we will be participating in the Alberta Street Fair.  We are still hoping to find volunteers to help us staff our booth. If you are interested please contract me (
As I stated at the beginning of this article, we are not taking the summer off. If you have any thoughts or comments about the above I welcome your input. I will be moving my office in the next week downstairs next to the infant and toddler rooms, so I will be easier to touch base with.  Please don’t hesitate to stop in and say hello.

Notes from Amber and Tracy, Co-Directors of Education

Spending Time With Your Child
The expression "quality time" is very common in our society today. What exactly does this phrase mean? To most people, this means concentrated, uninterrupted time to spend with children, spouses, or friends. It is believed that this time should make up in quality for what is missed in quantity. Quality time becomes extra important when parents are working and families are busy. One good idea is to think of things you enjoyed as a child, and try to share similar experiences with your child. 
Since summer is officially here, it is a good time to take advantage of the longer days and long weekends to spend quality time with your child. Portland has a vast array of family-friendly places to visit. Listed below are some of the places we recommend.

  • G6 Air Park located in Vancouver, WA. G-6 is a safe, healthy and exciting place where your child can be actively engaged in physical exercise while having fun.
  • Portland Children’s Museum is dedicated to inspiring creativity in children and adults while inviting moments of shared discovery. Currently at the museum there is a really neat maze exhibit. 
  • TLC Farm is open to the public on Fridays and Sundays. This a great place to have a picnic in a rural farmland and native forest in an urban center and learn about sustainable living.
  • Sand in the City at Pioneer Court House on Friday July 20-22 the beach comes to downtown Portland. Teams transform sand and water into magnificent sculptures. This event is FREE!
  • North Portland Library is located at 512 N Killigsworth Street. The library has many books to choose from for your child to check out. They have family story time on Saturdays from 10:00-10:30.
We're always available via email and/or phone: or 503-280-0534, ext. 33 // or 503-280-0534, ext. 36. We're here as a resource for you and your family, so we'd love to brainstorm ideas of fun things to do with your children, discuss our curriculum and program, and take your suggestions for ways to improve all aspects of the Center. Please feel free to get in touch or stop by!

School Age Camp at Sabin

We have been enjoying our summer here at the school age program. Combining the two school sites has given us the chance to make new friends, and the larger group makes our activities even more fun!

Our trips to Wunderland arcade and G-6 air park were exciting and fun-filled days. After a relaxing trip to Sauvie's Island for a day of berry picking we are preparing for our trip to Oaks Park.

I would like to extend an invitation to any parent who would like to stop by to see the program, come play a game of foosball or have a beyblade battle. Parents are always welcome!

Thank you to Junior League of Portland!

The Family Night on Friday, June 15, was just one of the many, many volunteer activities that the Junior League of Portland (JLP) has staffed for Peninsula this year. They are an amazing community partner, and we can't thank them enough for all of their wonderful help!

This creative, dedicated and professional group of women is always coming up with innovative ways to improve our organization and offer fun activities to our children and families. Family Portrait Day was entirely free for all of our families, and it was entirely their idea! JLP members came to Peninsula for an informal presentation on Early Childhood Education and Peninsula's programs to get educated about the issues that our field - and our society - faces in terms of our early childhood education and also to be better advocates for our program in our community. And, of course, their donations of goods and materials - everything from childrens' underwear to a larger interactive bus toy - are also very much appreciated. We look forward to another succesful year with the JLP in 2012-2013!

Calendar of events

July 4, 2012 All Campuses Closed for Independence Day
August 24, 2012 Last Day of School-Age Summer Camp
August 31, 2012 All Campuses CLOSED for Staff Training/Prep