Directly Speaking

One of our goals this summer has been to attain full enrollment in all of our classes and programs by the fall. As a current Peninsula family member, you are our best spokesperson. We are asking you again to help us spread the word!!  As a thank you for your efforts we are continuing to offer a referral and enrollment incentive: $600 tuition credit for YOU, and a $600 tuition credit for YOUR FRIEND if they enroll for at least one month. The credit will begin the second month after enrollment, and you and your referral will be given a $100 credit for the next 6 months. For every family you refer you will receive an additional $600 credit. Restrictions may apply. If you have any questions about this program please don’t hesitate to contact me.

We’ve been posting openings on urbanmamas, craigslist, facebook and on our web page; tabling at various community events in the neighborhood (Sunday Parkways, Alberta Street Fair); and we’ve also updated our website with openings  and information ( – all in an effort to let the larger Portland community know who we are and what we have to offer. We also want to get the word out about our expanded half day preschool program for ages 3 -5 years. 
If you can’t think of any friends, neighbors, or co-workers who could use our programs, please consider this other way of helping us. We now have business profiles on popular review sites!  Our success is dependent in part on word-of-mouth impact, which these types of sites can have.  Please leave a review about us by following any or all of these links!

I want to thank you in advance for helping us fill our classrooms to capacity.

Notes from Tracy, Director of Education

All of us at Peninsula are amazed that it’s almost the end of summer. The children have enjoyed the warm weather with an abundance of water play and trips to local parks. Most classes are wrapping up their participation in the summer reading program through the Multnomah County Library. Summer camp will soon by winding down, and the kids will be headed back to school.  

August and September are very busy at Peninsula! We are enrolling new students on a daily basis and many current students are getting ready to advance to a new classroom. As your child enters their new classroom there will be a time of adjustment. It is common during this process for children to have renewed separation anxiety and also regression. Be patient, it will soon pass! If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child please feel free to speak to their teacher or to me. 

Peninsula is a large organization, and we rely on the work of many devoted teachers, administrators, board members and volunteers to keep things running smoothly. When parents are involved the partnership between home and school is strengthened. The other part of volunteering is that children love to share their school with their families. They enjoy having their parent in the classroom. Peninsula is lucky to have teachers who are educated and talented in the field of early learning.  They are committed to the work they do with children, but they can always use extra help on things around their classrooms, and other areas of the Center. We ask that parents volunteer one hour a month to support the program here at Peninsula. 
There are many ways to help out and be involved.  Here are a few ideas:
• Read stories to children
• Play a musical instrument for children
• Help on field trips.
• Share your culture or your profession
• Help teachers with classroom environments such as wall displays, cleaning, or organizing.
If you aren’t able to get away to spend time in the classroom, we have other ways you can help!  You can do work at home for us, or after hours.  Here are some more ideas:
• Sewing projects (we supply the material, you supply the labor.)
• Gardening
• Yardwork, painting, fixing things etc.
Please talk with your child’s teachers about ways that you can help out in the classroom. We appreciate your commitment to making sure that Peninsula Children's Center is a thriving environment for your child's early learning and development!

School Age Summer Camp

One of the highlights of the summer camp program this year was the July 11 trip to the Oregon Food Bank. Students sorted and bagged apples and carrots to go into food boxes and out to food pantries alongside other volunteers. The total food prepared for the day was 13,059 pounds (10,883 meals!). The students also got to take a tour of the food bank, and the best part was going into the Super cold freezer!  One of the kids, Marcus, said, "This is fun! I wish we could come here every day!"

Parents please remember that you can access pictures of the summer camp at a secure site online. Please contact Abby ( or 503-756-2761) for the website and login information. You don't want to miss some of these Oregon Food Bank pictures! 

Family Handbook

The Family Handbook is a great resource for questions about our program and to refresh your memory about our policies. We hope that it is a useful tool for you to use, and the current edition is now available online:

If you would like a printed copy, please stop by Tracy's office to pick one up. 

As always, if you have suggestions for improving the content or delivery of this information, please share it with us! You can always email Executive Director Ken Dale ( or Director of Education Tracy Gower ( They can both also be reached by calling 503-280-0534 (ext. 21 for Ken or 36 for Tracy). Or, if you prefer to leave anonymous comments, please write out your suggestion and put it in the suggestion box in our front lobby. We look forward to hearing your feedback! 

Speak up for Peninsula!

Peninsula Children's Center has benefited tremendously from the City of Portland Children's Levy over the years. To make sure that Peninsula and Early Childhood Education remain a top priority in the next round of funding, please join us for Community Input Meeting from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 22nd at the North Portland Library, 512 N. Killingsworth St.

Ken has talking points that you can incorporate into your testimony, and of course your own experiences here at Peninsula are the stories that will make an impression in the minds of the committee members. Please join us if you can! Contact Ken with any questions (503-280-0534, ext. 21 or

Summer Fun Events

Thank you to all of the parents, board members, and staff members who helped out at our Peninsula table this summer. We had a great time at the North and Northeast Portland Sunday Parkways and at the Mississippi Street Fair. These events are a great way to be involved in our community and spread the word about our programs in order to keep our classrooms full and thriving. We appreciate all of your help in our efforts! 

If you missed these events, there's still one
more this summer: the Alberta Street Fair this Saturday, August 10. Please contact Ken to volunteer (


Mr. Ben! 

Did you know that our Toddler, Junior and Preschool classrooms enjoy music and movement with Mr. Ben every Friday? This is a wonderful enrichment to our curriculum, and the kids and teachers just love it!
The children and teachers sing, dance, play, and make music together. The emphasis is on having fun while experiencing and making music in a positive and predictable environment.  The Singers and Stompers curriculum is designed to make musical terms and concepts approachable for children, to demystify music and musical instruments, and specifically to always relate back to the four properties of music: Pitch (low / high), Timbre (Tonal quality — rough / smooth or bright / warm), Rhythm (fast / slow), and Dynamics (loud / quiet).

Parents Night Out / Kids Night In! 

We have a great evening of fun activities and a yummy dinner planned for this Friday, August 9, 6:00 - 9:30 p.m. with Teacher Megan. The cost is $15 per child. It is open to current students and friends and relatives of current students. Children ages 2 – 8 are welcome to attend. Children do not need to be potty trained. Please talk with Tracy (503-280-0534, ext. 36 or or your child's teacher to sign up today! 

We will host Parents Night Out / Kids Night In on the second Friday of every month throughout this fiscal year (and hopefully beyond). If you want to plan ahead, those dates (all Fridays) are: September 13, October 11, November 8, December 13, January 10, February 7, March 14, April 11, May 9 and June 13. 

Calendar of events

Friday, August 9
6:00 - 9:30 p.m. 
Parent's Night Out / Kids Night In
Saturday, August 10 Alberta Street Fair
Tuesday, August 13
5:00 - 6:00 p.m. 
Family Involvement Meeting
Friday, August 23 Last day of School-Age Summer Camp Program
Friday, August 30 ALL SITES CLOSED - Staff training / prep day
Monday, September 2 ALL SITES CLOSED - Memorial Day