Directly Speaking

I am very pleased to share with you some exciting news about our lunch program here at the Center. Yesterday, we began working with Fresh n’ Local Foods, Inc. an organic food catering company from Salem. They are providing our lunches, and we prepare our breakfast and snacks on-site in our kitchen. Many of the meals provided by Fresh n’ Local are vegetarian, and if the entrée does happen to contain meat, they will provide us with a vegetarian version for those children who do not eat meat.  

The teachers enjoyed sampling some of their delicious entrees, and Fresh n’ Local Foods received great reviews from other local preschools that have been utilizing their services for the past several years. Each meal will consist of an entrée prepared and delivered by Fresh n’ Local, which we will then cook in our ovens. They will also provide us fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, which we will prep on-site. The fruits and vegetables will be whole, whenever possible, and will be served raw when possible. (Toddler age children will be served steamed veggies.) 

Because the vegetables and fruits provided will vary and be “in season” choices, we will simply list them as “Fruit” and “Vegetables” on our posted menus. Please check with your child’s teachers if you ever wish to know specifically what was served on a particular day. We made this change to our meal program so that we will be able to provide your child a higher quality, nutritious, organic meal. We look forward to serving new and exciting dishes to your children and can’t wait to hear their comments about these new food choices. If you have any questions about our new program please contact Tracy (at 503-280-0534 ext. 36, or

We welcome your questions and feedback.

Notes from Amber and Tracy, Co-Directors of Education

Summertime in Portland means a lot of things: Rose Festival, street fairs, walks along the waterfront, trips to the zoo, and SUN!  The children enjoy summertime at Peninsula, too: outdoor play, gardening, neighborhood walks, water play and sunscreen. Another (perhaps slightly less fun!) thing that happens every summer is our annual update. The annual update is necessary for licensing, the USDA food program, and renewing tuition agreements.  

Since last year was our first year here as Co-Directors of Education, we learned a lot about the annual update, and this year we hope to be more organized. The annual update packet will be distributed on July 8.

The packet will include the following forms:
• Information and Authorization Form
• Confidential Income Statement
• Food Program Child Enrollment Form
• Peninsula Income Verification Form
• ASQ Developmental Screening Forms (for those children who have not been screened within the past year.)

Please fill out all of the forms completely. None of the forms are optional, however you are not required to provide income information if you are paying full price for your tuition. We encourage you to do so because it helps us prepare our demographic reports for our grant funders. (All individual income information is kept confidential.) In your update packet, you will also receive a copy of our 2013/2014 Event and Closure Calendar, 2013/2014 Sliding Scale (effective September 1, 2013), and a new tuition agreement. Just a reminder that if you wish to qualify for reduced rates on the sliding scale, you must also provide proof of income such as one month of pay stubs. If you currently receive any additional financial aid through Peninsula, you will need to reapply in order to continue receiving assistance. All present financial assistance applications will expire August 31. When completing the update packet, each family will need to fill out the new tuition agreement.  Initially, just fill out the portion that asks for your information and return with your packet.  The second step of the update process will need to be completed by mid-August and will require that you set up a time to meet with Tracy to complete and sign the agreement. You can do so by contacting Tracy at or 503-280-0534, ext. 36.

Thank you for your cooperation in completing the update packet promptly.

Sabin Campus Notes

Happy last two weeks of school!

Don't forget to sign up for summer camp (June 24 - August 23)! Sign your child up on a weekly or monthly basis for 2-, 3-, or 5-days per week by contacting Amber at 503-280-0534, ext. 33 or

Sabin will be saying goodbye to Access Academy next year because they have found a school building.  It has been confirmed that there will be a bus transporting kids from this neighborhood to Access.  The stop will be right here at Sabin!

In May we talked about social justice, peace and bullying.  We had some great discussions and we practiced breathing and calming our bodies as well as learned a little about yoga and tai chi.

The class party will be on Wednesday June 5.  We will have a full house that day!

It really has been a wonderful year here at Sabin/ Access.  I have learned so much and enjoyed getting to know all of your kids.  If I don’t see you, I hope you all have an exciting and safe summer.  I look forward to seeing you next year!

Abby Scott, Sabin Site Director

Boise-Elliot Campus Notes

We are approaching the end of the school year with school ending on June 14, 2013. The summer program (June 24 - August 23) will be hosted at Sabin Elementary School. Sign your child up on a weekly or monthly basis for 2-, 3-, or 5-days per week by contacting Amber at 503-280-0534, ext. 33 or

Please double-check the lost-and-found located in the coat area of the classroom. As of June 14 we will not be able to get back into the classroom until the beginning of the next school year. If your child will be returning to Peninsula’s before and after care at Boise Elliot for the 2013-2014 school year you may enroll now.

Sabin Elementary School will become my permanent home as of this summer. I have enjoyed working at Boise Elliot with the children and their families. I appreciate all the hard work and dedication from all the families. I will miss each and every person. Next year Boise Elliot’s new site Director will be Megan Boyeas who is currently a part-day preschool teacher at Peninsula’s main site on North Maryland Ave.

Have a great summer!

Francine Alexander Boise Eliot Site Director

Reminder of Payment Policies

Peninsula Children's Center will be enforcing our payment policies as of July 1, 2013: 

  1. If payment for your bill for the current month is not received by the 25th, a $30 late fee will be applied to your next month's bill unless prior arrangements have been made.
  2. A $35 fee will be charged for all checks returned to us for Non-Sufficient Funds.
To avoid a late charge and/or a non-sufficient fund charge, please consider using the Procare keypad to make your payment with a debit or credit card. When you are checking in or checking out, enter your code and password, then simply press the make a payment button. Your balance will appear. You can either pay the whole balance or a part of it. Just slide your card and your payment will be processed. An e-mail receipt will be sent to you (If you do not have an e-mail address, we can generate a receipt for your records).

Or, you can pay at home from your computer - either make a one-time payment or set up a recurring payment - with a credit card or debit card. See Tracy, and she will help you set up this service. 

Of course you can also always still pay by cash or check, but please make sure to do so by the 25th of the month. Thank you!

Yoga for Preschoolers at Peninsula!

The first mini-session of Imagination Yoga has begun on Tuesdays in Preschool 3 and the Part-Day Preschool. Two longer summer sessions will begin in July. Although funding for the program has not yet been secured, Peninsula Parent Monica Montiel has started classes so that children moving into Kindergarten or taking the summer off can benefit from this program. There is no additional cost to families for your child to participate. That said, if you would like to contribute to Peninsula's Yoga Fund, it would be much appreciated! In addition, if you have any connection to a business or individual who would be able to be a financial sponsor, please let Ken or Monica know. There are many benefits of sponsoring such as the donation being 100% tax deductible, advertising, a link to their business on the Peninsula website and mention in all yoga correspondence. Most importantly, the donation would be granting entire classrooms of preschoolers to benefit from a multi-week yoga session. Some of the many advantages of Imagination Yoga for your child include improved body awareness and physical confidence, good circulation and cardiovascular health. Yoga boosts self-esteem and supports positive self-talk, and it helps develop self-expression and imagination, and it is a playful way to relax in a stress-filled world.

Volunteer with us at NE Sunday Parkways!

Peninsula Children's Center is happy to participate in Sunday Parkways!

We would love to have your volunteer support for our table (which will be located at NE Morton and NE Durham). We pass out free lemonade to bikers of all ages and talk with them about our program.

The NE Sunday Parkways event is on Sunday, June 23. We need volunteers to cover shifts between 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. It's a great event, and we would love to have your support. Come help us spread the word about Peninsula and pass out free lemonade in support of this fun community event! Please contact Ken if you're interested: or 503-280-0534, ext. 21.

Calendar of events

Thursday, June 6
6:15 - 7:00 p.m.
Peninsula Group Tour - current families remember we offer a referral incentive for any family you refer who signs up for our program!
Tuesday, June 11
5:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Family Involvement Committee meeting. Please note that this meeting is on the second Tuesday of the month rather than the first Tuesday.
Friday, June 14
6:00 - 9:30 p.m.
Parents Night Out / Kids Night In! Teachers Daniel and Megan will have a great night of activities for your kids. Dinner is provided. Only $15 per child.
Wednesday, June 19 School Age Summer Camp begins at Sabin Elementary School.
Thursday, July 4 AND Friday, July 5 ALL CAMPUSES CLOSED.