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Program Updates

From the Board of Directors

We are pleased to announce that the Board of Directors at Peninsula Children’s Learning Center has appointed Jeri Shumate to serve as the school’s interim executive director effective immediately. Concurrently, the board has agreed to accept Ken Dale’s resignation from his position as executive director, and will begin a search for the center’s new leader.

Jeri has been serving as the school’s development director since February of this year. In the past she served as the first executive director for 211info, the statewide information and referral helpline for social services. In that role she facilitated the collaboration and mergers of five helplines into a regional and ultimately statewide system that now serves almost four million residents across Oregon and Southwest Washington.

For the past four years, Ken has overseen important growth and expansion at Peninsula Children’s Learning Center. Working with the board and a committed team of teachers and staff, Ken assured that our enrollment improved, our financial resources were stabilized, critical facility enhancements were completed, and staff training and credentialing were strengthened. The school expanded to increase the number of children we serve by more than 33%. The improvements were managed while continuing to fulfill our mission of providing high quality, affordable childcare and education as well as family supports to the residents of North and Northeast Portland.

The board of directors is grateful for Ken’s deep commitment to Peninsula Children’s Learning Center and we wish him well as he moves on to new pursuits. Together with the staff, we look forward to continuing to serve the children and families of our community.
From Jeri, Interim Executive Director

Winter weather has certainly arrived! The children get outside as often as we can manage, and the sunshine (with the cold) helps us stay cheerful and full of energy.

I'm grateful for the welcome I've received while stepping into the role of Interim Executive Director. This is a wonderful school and I can't help smiling every day when I'm greeted by children in all their honesty and exuberance.

I'm happy to announce that Adrienne Finnegan has assumed the role of Food Program Coordinator, and Abby Scott has expanded her role as School Age Program Director. Both were already heavily involved in these functions and are stepping up to the plate to keep these programs running smoothly.

We're also excited to announce a grant from the Multnomah Athletic Foundation to enhance our playground! The MAC Foundation is committed to helping us keep our kids moving. In addition, Social Venture Partners Youth has adopted the school, and last month we received a very generous donation of twenty gift baskets (two for each of our early childhood classes) chock full of books and craft supplies. Thank you to our supporters!

Things continue to buzz here as always, and we're humbly proud to serve the families in our community that need us. Happy Holidays!


Notes from Michele, Director of EducationRoutines and rituals create a predictable foundation for the daily tasks in a child’s life. Within the routines at home and school the schedule may at times vary but having a consistent sequence of events helps children from infancy throughout childhood. The pattern of events, knowing what to expect and when to expect it  brings children security, helps support self-regulation and can assist children in feeling comfortable and confident as people and learners.

By communicating about infants individual schedules, needs and routines the early childhood professionals are able to connect with families to create secure environments that strengthen the relationship between the infant, caregivers and families.

Daily routines and rituals here at Peninsula for our wobblers-through-preschoolers are also an important part of the learning, growth and positive risk taking. In the mornings at drop off time a child sees warm relationships between parent and teacher. This are also family daily rituals of a special hug, wave or word to say goodbye. 

After times of playing together both inside and out, children have clean up routines and caring for their space together. This instills pride in caring for their classroom, value for working together and a sense of capability. Children see classmates and teachers while sitting down to breakfast, lunch and snack, and have time to talk to one another. The warmth of coming together over the table is such a joyful part of our day and feels like home away from home with our extended family. We are able to include moments of learning about food, our growing bodies and one another. Over time children try new foods, begin to listen to their bodies needs and develop language and relationships through meal times. It has been a pleasure to experience these meal times with children here at the center. 

I want to thank families for their patience as we have made changes to align with USDA child nutrition program. This allows us to be able to provide this important experience as part of our day. Having children here by 8:30 for breakfast by 8:30 and having no outside food is a necessary change but change can feel difficult at times. As our new coordinator for the child nutrition program Adrienne is a wealth of information and is available for questions as well. 

Partnership in action!


From Alicia, Curriculum & Licensing Coordinator

A great big thank you to all of our families who attended conferences last month! We had over 90% participation, and have been following up with all other families. Allowing time to connect with your child’s teacher while they are away from their normal daily tasks provides a beneficial bridge in your child’s care. From home to school, we want to provide the most consistency possible. In addition, your participation in conferences plays an important role in our grant funding.

Our next conference date is in April, but we encourage you to touch base with your child’s teacher any time you have a concern or story to share.  I wish you all a warm winter season! 





Friday, December 12 - Parents Night Out, 6:15 - 9:00 pm

Thursday & Friday, December 25 & 26 - NO SCHOOL - WINTER HOLIDAY

Thursday & Friday, January 1 & 2 - NO SCHOOL - NEW YEAR HOLIDAY

Special Need: COATS & BOOTS!

We have families who may need a little extra help keeping warm this winter. Can you donate a few small coats or boots to help them out? Just bring them in and leave them with Adrienne at the front desk.

Please be sure these are gently used or new; our families welcome quality clothing that will last throughout the winter as their children grow.

We have another need--bibs! Read below for more information....

Thank you!

Sabin School-Age

In December we will be learning about winter holidays from other cultures and parts of the world.

We have been writing pen pal letters between the Boise and King and Sabin sites. It has been fun to read and write them. We will be continuing that all year!

Please let us know about winter break plans by Dec 12

Please complete the survey. The deadline is December 12 and to complete it you can click on this link.

The last day of SUN is Dec 4. The showcase is at 4:30 pm. We will attend the showcase as a group to support our community members.

Abby Scott & Francine Alexander
Boise-Eliot/Humboldt School-Age
The classroom has been filled with enthusiasm about Minecraft Month here at Boise-Eliot/Humboldt. From building Lego villages, to watching/playing Minecraft in the room, and all the way towards creating Ms. Cassie and I in to Minecraft people!

Looking forward to the next month, we will have Detonation December: Natural Disasters. We will discuss and recreate different natural disasters that can be seen around the world. Thank you so much to the parents who have returned their PPS Surveys. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break.

Ashley Echang, 503-282-0042

King Elementary School Age

Happy December Friends & Family of King Elementary! During the month of November we learned all about the ocean and space. Children had the opportunity to design their own fish and participate in many solar system based crafts. For December, we will be focusing on insects, reptiles, and mammals. If you haven't yet, please be sure to sign up for our late start on Wednesday Dec. 17th. Winter break sign ups are also out. For those of you who don't know, Teacher Kari will be leaving her position at King as co-site director to pursue substitute teaching. Do not fear, you will still see her friendly face around at school age sites on no school days. Have a wonderful month! 

Kelsey Mason & Kari Gainor, 971-400-8615

Do You Sew? Can You Donate?

Our toddlers need new bibs! These important items go through lots of wear as our children eat breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack with us. The best ones tie in the back so teachers can get them on and off easily, and because ties last longest in the laundry.

If you want more information, please contact Alicia or Jeri. Thanks!
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