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Program Updates

Directly Speaking

At the end of this month we will be celebrating Thanksgiving.  Peninsula has much to be thankful for: our teachers who are highly skilled and dedicated, a program that allows us to be as innovative as possible, parents and grandparents who are not only supportive but are ready to jump in and help, a Board of Directors who provides us vision and leadership, and most important we are thankful for you, our parents, for giving us the privilege of working with your children.
For over 42 years, Peninsula has provided one of the most comprehensive early childhood education programs in the city.  I feel that the most important aspect of our program is that we do not stand pat, but are continually striving to improve.
While it’s nice to look back and see what we have done, I feel that it more exciting to look forward as we continue to maintain and improve the total experience your child receives at Peninsula.  The accomplishments of our school are not through the work of one person, but the efforts of many.  What I have found is that Peninsula is a community where our families, Board and staff all work together to make the center the best it can be.
During this past month we have made some major improvements to the Maryland campus.  On Saturday, October 5, over 30 volunteers from the Junior League of Portland did a major clean-up both in and outside of the school. They also made new bibs for our infant, wobbler and toddler program.  Thank you Jr. League!!
I hope that many of you had a wonderful time at our annual Harvest Festival.  We had a great family turnout.  I want to thank the Junior League of Portland, staff members Tracy and Julie, and parent Cherise Frehrer for staffing it.
Lastly I want to congratulate Anthony Bates, who does our maintenance at the Center, for being elected to the Grant High School Athletic Hall of Fame.  When Anthony attended Grant in the 70’s he was one of the elite high school track athletes in the state. Anthony is pictured here with his wife Gloria (also a Peninsula employee!).  Congratulations Anthony for a well deserved honor.
On behalf of our entire staff and Board I want to wish all of you a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.



Notes from Tracy, Director of Education
As Thanksgiving approaches, we are reminded of how much we appreciate our many volunteers here at Peninsula.  Peninsula Children’s Learning Center is a large organization that relies on the work of many devoted teachers, administrators, board members and volunteers to keep things running smoothly.  Some of the many organizations who provide us with hard working volunteers are the Junior League of Portland, Catlin Gabel Middle School, and Lewis and Clark College.  We also have a dedicated team of Foster Grandparents who help out in our classrooms.  The help that these outstanding individuals provide to our teachers and children is invaluable. 

The efforts of the Junior League during their JLP CAREs Day are a great example of the positive difference volunteers make for the children and families here at Peninsula. They really make our grounds look lovely on these special days.  We are also thankful for the volunteers that the Junior League provides for our seasonal festivals.   When you look around the grounds and inside the school, examples of volunteer efforts abound.  Volunteers also contribute by helping with office tasks, sewing for classrooms, sharing skills (like music or dance) with the children, or spending time with our children and teachers in the classrooms.

Peninsula Children’s Learning Center is lucky to have teachers who are educated and talented in the field of early learning.  They are committed to the work they do with children, but can always use extra help on things around their classrooms, and other areas of the center. Recently we've enjoyed increased participation from our parents as volunteers on JLP CAREs Day, for sewing projects, and for the teacher appreciation bulletin board. We couldn't be happier to see increased parent engagement here at Peninsula. Please read the monthly email from our google group to stay informed of upcoming and ongoing parent volunteer opportunities. Or, if you would like to contribute to Peninsula in any way, such as volunteering or donating, please speak with one of our administrative staff or directly to your child’s teacher.  We are always available to discuss options with you. 
We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Happenings in our Curriculum Corner

Julie Kuhnau, Curriculum Coordinator

As October comes to an end with a whole lot of sugar, the kids at Peninsula continue to learn how to be members of their classroom community.  Teachers are working hard creating rooms where all of your children are heard and respected.

Many of our classrooms have been exploring changes in the weather and harvest activities such as touching the inside of pumpkins, playing in hay, investigating leaves and playing dress up in warm weather clothes.

Please note: You have received an ASQ and an ASQ-SE packet in your family file.  Please do take the time to fill out both screenings and return to your teacher.  These screenings help us set goals for your teacher and create curriculum to challenge their development.

Of special interest: On Fridays beginning mid-November, a librarian from Multnomah County Library will come to our classrooms for storytime.  This is in addition to music with Mr Ben. And, beginning in December, our preschool classrooms will have a twice monthly yoga class on Wednesdays with Monica from Imagination Yoga.


Thursday, November 7, 6:15 - 7:00 Group Tour

Friday, November 8, 6:00 - 9:30 Parents Night Out

Monday, November 11 ALL SITES CLOSED to students

Monday, November 11, Family Teacher Conferences

Thursday, November 28 - Friday, November 29 ALL SITES CLOSED for Thanksgiving Holiday

Adopt A Classroom!

Peninsula is making a change this year to our annual Holiday Giving Adopt a Family program.  The generosity of our community has brightened the holidays for many of our families and we are grateful.  Starting this year, we are no longer asking donors to “adopt” entire families, but rather we are asking for support for our teachers and children by adopting a classroom and providing some of the tools and toys that help to give our children the best educational start possible. We are making this change to better focus on our core mission and not duplicate the efforts of other community organizations. Families looking for holiday resources please contact 211.

Adopting a classroom is a great workplace holiday giving program and a wonderful alternative to share with generous friends, aunts and uncles, and grandparents to benefit the entire classroom. You can find lists of our holiday wishes organized by classroom on our website. Please do let us know if you're planning to coordinate a group to adopt a classroom or just doing it on your own - you can email our Board President Bonnie Morris at or call her at 503-997-1913.

Thank you so much and we wish you the best and brightest of holidays!

Sabin Site Notes

October was fun! We made glow in the dark crafts, listened to night creature sounds, and talked about October holidays. You may have seen our Diwali Floor Designs that we colored with chalk outside the classroom (pictured above) and our sugar skulls and haunted house pictures hanging in the classroom.

Our theme for November will be Giving Thanks and Being Helpful. We will talk about community helpers, feeling and showing gratitude, and how kids can be helpers in our community.

Abby Scott and Francine Alexander, Sabin Site Co-Directors

Boise-Eliot/Humboldt Site Notes

We are pleased to welcome Ashley Echang as our new Site Director. She's been working, volunteering, and coaching sporadically in Portland Public Schools for the last 7 years. She completed graduate school at Portland State University and is a licensed teacher for the State of Oregon.

October has been a huge transitioning month for the Peninsula children at Boise-Eliot/Humboldt. They have all done a wonderful job learning and living our new community agreement of being Respectful, Responsible, Listening, Being Nice, Safe, and Having Fun. Looking ahead to November, the students will be learning and creating hands-on projects about harvest, Native Americans, and being thankful.

Ashley Echang, Boise-Eliot/Humboldt Site Director

Eco-Healthy Child Care

Peninsula is excited to be a registered Eco-Healthy Child Care. Eco-Healthy Child Care is a national program that ensures
child care settings are as happy, healthy, safe and green as possible by reducing children’s exposure to toxics.

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