Directly Speaking 

We hope all of you had a fun and safe July 4th holiday.  The summer has been and will continue to be a busy time for us. Our camp programs at Boise-Eliot and Sabin schools for 5-12 year olds are off to a great start.  We still have several spaces open in each program. Contact Natalie for more information. We are still in the planning stages for our expansion half day pre-school that will hopefully be ready to open in the fall.
In the next few weeks we will have completed our web site makeover (  Hopefully you will find it more informative and easier to navigate.  We also have updated our Facebook page  We encourage you to friend us to see pictures of children and updates of upcoming events.
This summer we have launched a major outreach campaign – increasing our web presence, and participating in a number of local events in North and Northeast Portland. Our goal is to let the community know all about our various programs.  If you would be interested in helping out for an hour or two please let me know. It’s a lot of fun!  We are also busy planning Peninsula’s 40th birthday party which will be a great event for the whole family. Don’t forget it’s on Sunday, September 18, from 1-4pm.
Lastly I am pleased to announce that we’ve received a two year, $25,000 grant from Social Venture Partners of Portland.  Not only are they providing needed funds to help us run our program, but they will also provide us consultants that will assist us in developing a 3-5 year strategic plan.  This plan will guide us over the next several years as we strive to make our program as strong and innovative as possible.
As I stated at the beginning of this article, we are not taking the summer off. If you have any thoughts or comments about the above I welcome your input.

Notes from Sue, Director of Education

Now that summer has arrived classes are spending lots of time outdoors.  On the playground water play is a favorite and frequent activity this time of year.  In addition to being a fun way to stay cool, water play is also an important early science and math activity. As children scoop, pour, and measure water they learn about the properties of this material so critical to life on earth.  They learn about gravity, resistance, and the cohesive properties of water as they experiment with pouring it down ramps, through sieves, tubes, and other types of equipment.  They learn about buoyancy by experimenting to see which types of things sink and which float. They experiment with the idea of transparency and color properties as they observe the “see though” properties of water and what happens when different colors are mixed into water. By using measuring cups with water they have the opportunity to practice counting skills and to begin developing a hands-on awareness of the concept of fractions, “How many little cups does it take to fill one big cup?”  They also begin learning about scientific methods and processes when teachers challenge them to experiment and solve water-related problems, like “how many ways can we figure out to get water from here to there?” Water play provides rich and varied learning opportunities for children.

Other frequent summer activities for classes are working in the garden and nature walks in the neighborhood.  The preschool and junior class children have their own garden on the playground. They plant, grow, harvest, and especially enjoy eating the fresh fruits and vegetables they grow themselves.  This important science/nutrition project helps city children learn about life cycles of plants as well as about where their food comes from.  It also encourages them to try a variety of new, fresh foods.  Many children’s reluctance to do so is immediately overridden by the curiosity to sample what they helped grow.  Most classes have favorite yards, parks, and neighborhood gardens they also visit regularly to observe and monitor changes and growth in the plant life.  As they talk about and compare size and qualities of the plants they observe, “this one is tiny, that one is gigantic” or “that leaf is smooth and shiny, this one is soft and fuzzy” they learn more important math/science concepts and expand their vocabulary, which is a critical pre-reading  skill.

Please support the rich outdoor learning we do this time of year by sending children in clothing they can get wet and dirty, as well as by making sure they have extra clothing they can change into.  Please also send hats and sunscreen so we can protect your child’s skin from sunburn and stay out as long as our explorations are engaging these young scientists.  Give sunscreen directly to your child’s teacher and make sure you sign a pink medication form; we are required by the child care division to have parent permission and keep record of lotions we put on children.  Finally, please send children in shoes they can walk and run comfortably and safely in.  Flip-flop type shoes are often not comfortable on long walks or safe when children are climbing and riding bikes.  Tennis shoes or sandals with a back strap stay on better and are safer for active children.

Sabin Site Notes

Our summer has gotten off to a great start! So far we have visited Skate World, Portland Rock Gym, Wunderland, and Lloyd Center Ice Skating. Each week we go to the library, local parks, and spend our sunny days at Irvington Park, where the children love playing in the fountains. In the coming weeks, we will be headed to the Oregon Historical Society, Portland Zoo, Sauvies Island, TLC Farm, and Oaks Park! The children are especially excited about our new computers that we received through a grant from Free Geek that allows us to have new LCD screen computers.  This will be especially helpful, since we have been working on choreography from the children's favorite artists. So far the children have learned Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and are excited to learn more!
Kirsten Landau, Sabin Site Director

Boise-Elliot Site Notes

During the month of July we will visit Grant Park to see Beverly Cleary statues,  Trout Farm, the Toy Museum, go bowling, visit Oaks Park for the rides, and go skating, to name a few.  We will decorate fans and make kites, ice cream, smoothies, and cookies, as some of our activities.  Our summer looks to be fulfilling and fun!

Francine Alexander, Boise-Eliot Site Director

Peninsula Involved in Community Events!

This summer Peninsula wanted to increase our involvement and publicity within the community, and we're already off to a good start!  In June we ran the Kid's Booth at the Interstate Farmer's Market, distributed information at Oregon Juneteenth, and gave away free lemonade to thirsty bicyle riders in the North Portland Sunday Parkways.  For the rest of the summer, and even into September, we will have booths set up at family-friendly events.  Peninsula has always depended on generosity and donations to provide the children of our community with excellent, yet affordable, care and education. Now we are asking you to donate your time to volunteer with us at these events.  We want to spread awareness of our organization and be more active in our neighborhoods.  Please help us out! 

If you are interested in helping out at a fun, kid-friendly event or have any related questions, please call 503-280-0534 ext. 29 or email  Thank you!

     Community Events Peninsula will be involved in:

        -July 28th - Last Thursday street fair

        -July 30th - Overlook Village Celebration

        -August 6th - Fremont Fest
        -August 13th - Alberta Street Fair
                                                              -September 8th - The Standard Volunteer Expo

                                                              -September 25th - Sunday Parkways in NE

Calendar of Closures and Special Events


Aug. 5th, 2011 Maryland site closed for staff training and prep

Aug. 29th - Sept. 2nd, 2011 * School-aged sites closed for PPS Prep Week
Sept. 2nd, 2011 Maryland site closed for staff training and prep
Sept. 5th, 2011 All sites closed for Labor Day (holiday)
Sept. 18th, 2011 EVENT:  40th Birthday Party for Peninsula at the Maryland site (1-4pm)

Oct. 28th, 2011 EVENT:  Fall Festival at Maryland site (4-6pm)
Nov. 11th, 2011 All Sites closed for staff training and prep
Nov. 24-25th, 2011 All sites closed for Thanksgiving (holiday)

Dec. 16th, 2011 EVENT:  Winter Festival at Maryland site (4-6pm)
Dec. 26th, 2011 All sites closed for Christmas (legal holiday)
Jan. 2nd, 2012 All sites closed for New Year's Day (legal holiday)

Jan. 16th, 2012 All sites closed for Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday (holiday)
Mar. 30th, 2012 All sites closed for staff training and prep
May 18th, 2012 All sites closed for staff training and prep

May 28th, 2012 All sites closed for Memorial Day (holiday)
July 4th, 2012 All sites closed for Independence Day (holiday)

INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY: Call 503-280-0534 ext 32 for voice mail information or watch Channels 2,6,8,or 12 for late opening or closure information.
*Portland Public Schools is closed and we do not have access to the school buildings