MARCH - In Like a Lion and out like a lamb?

Daylight Savings Time-Spring forward on Sunday the 8th!

Program Updates

From Jeri 
Interim Executive Director

These days it’s just a bit quieter inside the walls of Peninsula Children’s Learning Center (well, most of the time, anyway). With all the early spring weather we get to play outside a lot, and everyone’s pretty happy about that! The daffodils, crocus, and other plants are budding and blooming—be sure and stop with your children and talk about the spring growth on your way in and out each day.
We are excited to announce a new employee starting on Tuesday, March 3. Tina will be working primarily at the front desk, so be sure and say hello and introduce yourself when you come in. Tina is our new Office Administrator. But don’t worry: Adrienne is still here, and she’ll still be at the front desk early in the morning. Then she’ll work on our child nutrition and supplies management needs the rest of the day. Adrienne and Tina will be scheduled so that someone should be at the front desk all day between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

This can help when that pesky Touch Pad doesn’t work well. We know it’s been full of problems the last few months. It’s VERY important that you check your child in and out every single day. Our funders help support the costs that parent fees don’t cover, and they all require that we keep accurate attendance. We risk losing critical funding if our attendance records are incomplete.
So, please, if you have problems checking in or out, let someone know and we’ll get it fixed. We can’t check in/out 120 children every day ourselves, but we can fix it when the system is glitchy. Your help in keeping us humming along is very important! Thank you.


Notes from Michele
Director of Education

Oh the beauty of the sun and it seems an early spring! We have enjoyed the opportunity to be outside and hope you have as well.

During our last professional development day in February we had the opportunity to link the new school rules with our daily routines within the classroom. Teachers have been teaming to create a matrix of ways they use our school wide PBIS and fit it into the school guidelines to better support positive growth for young children.

One area that stands out for me in visiting classrooms is modeling for infants and toddlers through adult interactions and helping children identify language surrounding the big feelings they have. In our culture expressing feelings is often summed up in happy or sad or mad.

We are working to assist your children in developing a rich language to better describe their feelings and to begin to gain appropriate expression of these feelings. Please partner with us in this important work and setting the foundations for a healthy future.

Warmly, Michele

More information on PBIS and Feelings in young children can be found at the following links:
PBIS Early Childhood
Teaching Your Child About Feelings
Help Young Children Identify and Express Emotions
Teaching Children a Vocabulary for Emotions

From Alicia
Curriculum & Licensing Coordinator
Have you seen the new climbing structures in Wobbler and Toddler 2 yet? How about the miniature loft in the commons? Peninsula is proud to announce these improvements to our classrooms and facility!

As young toddlers move through their environment, they are learning to trust their own bodies. Children are hard-wired for risk-taking and they challenge their bodies every day to do something they have not done before.

As early childhood educators, it is our job to support these challenges.  We hope you delight in our new equipment as much as the children and teachers have.

On the preschool side of things, we have incorporated a new enrichment in our routine: yoga! We have a professional yoga teacher who visits every other week. She guides children through yoga poses, while the stretch and move their bodies and playing pretend.  

Yoga for young children provides many of the same benefits it provides to adults: stress relief, calm, in-tune bodies, and strength. Our 
teachers have also received training on teaching yoga, and are excited to try out this curriculum with the children.

As the weather warms up this spring, I hope you and your family can find opportunities to get moving!  

New play structure coming soon to Wooblers!  See Jeri's message for details

Here's Toddler 2 enjoying their new play structure!

Toddler 2 new play structure


See Alicia's message for a picture of the new play structure in the Wobblers' classroom. The added benefit to the Wobblers is the increased floor space!

Breakfast Time

Students must be in their classroom by 8:15 to eat breakfast with their class.

Clock imageThis gives the students enough time to put away their belongings and wash their hands and calmly sit at table for family style breakfast.

If your child will not be in the classroom by 8:15, your child will need to eat breakfast before coming to PCLC. Students who will not be joining us for breakfast will be offered a quiet activity in their classroom until breakfast is over.   

Spring Break
All Day Camp
March 23rd-27th

Sign up by March 13th! 

Spring Break is just weeks away so remember to sign up if you will need it.  The deadline is the 13th of March.  Once registration is closed we will determine if camp will be at Boise or Sabin.

We will be open 6:30am to 6:00pm for all day camp at Boise or Sabin (location to be determined). Breakfast and snack is provided. Please pack your child a cold, nut free lunch. 


King Elementary 

Happy March Friends and Family of King School, 
This month we will be learning all about transportation.
This theme includes cars, trucks, boats, planes, trains, and bicycles. As always, we will read plenty of books, participate in crafts, and have daily discussions on each topic.

And, we have a new staff. Please help us welcome teacher Lauren. She is our new full time school age sub and will be filling in at all three sites. Teacher Rafe has moved to a back up sub, and will be with us on occasion as well. Have a wonderful month!

Kelsey Mason  

& Sabin Elementary

Reminders and Updates
Happy March! You might notice that this letter is for Sabin and Boise.  

After all our carefully planned transitions, Stephanie had a dire family emergency and had to move back to Michigan abruptly.  We are left without a director at Boise temporarily.  So, while I look for a new Boise director, Francine has graciously volunteered to be the temporary Boise director.  She will still be at Sabin in the mornings but beginning Tuesday, March 3rd, I will be the sole director at Sabin and Francine will be at Boise getting things back in order over there.  Hopefully we will see her back at Sabin before the end of the school year.
If you are at Boise, you have been seeing Danae in the mornings.  Cassie is still in the afternoons.  At Sabin you will be meeting Trish and Lauren.  We are very excited to have all of this new staff joining us.

The Fun Stuff

At Sabin, Boise and King we have been exchanging Pen Pal letters and that has been really fun.  So we will continue to do that.  

Abby Scott  503-756-2761
Francine Alexander  503-756-2761


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