Peninsula Children's Learning Center's August Newsletter
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Important Dates

Aug 19 - Last Day of Summer Camp for School Age Program
Aug 24, 25, 26- ECE Campus CLOSED for Professional Development
Aug 27 - First Day of Before/After Care for School Age Program
Sept 7  - ALL Campuses CLOSED for Labor Day
Sept 17 - PCLC 45th Birthday Party 4:00-6:00pm at ECE Campus

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August Newsletter Content
  • 2015-2016 New Tuition Announcement
  • Photo ID for Pick Up
  • New PCLC Team Members
  • Helen, Michele & Abby:  Program Updates

2015-2016 New Tuition Announcement 

The PCLC Board of Directors met on Wednesday, July 22, 2015 and approved tuition rates for school year 2015-2016.

Consideration was given to our financial needs as an organization, comparable rates from other providers, and—just as important—the capacity of our families to cover the costs of providing care and education for their children.

Peninsula Children’s Learning Center strongly believes in the value of a mixed-income student body. Research confirms that children across all income levels benefit when they play and learn in an environment that includes everyone.

The board analyzed the rates current families are paying and has built a budget that allows families of all income levels to continue to participate.

To view our Tuition Announcement that will go into effect September 1, 2015, please visit our website at


Anyone picking up a child should be prepared to show photo I.D. 

Sometimes substitute teachers don’t recognize regular authorized pickups, so they need to verify that the child is going home safe.

Also, please recognize that only people marked down on CURRENT enrollment forms are authorized to pick up. If you need to update your authorized pick up list, please contact your child's teacher, or Julie at the front desk.

Changes to our PCLC Team!

Rashelle Hibbard
Curriculum and Licensing Coordinator

Hello, families!  My name is Rashelle Hibbard and some of you may know in my roles at Peninsula as a teacher and QRIS coordinator.  More likely you may know me in my favorite role, as toddler Leo’s mama. 

I am incredibly excited to be taking on a new role here at Peninsula as Curriculum and Licensing Coordinator!  I will be spending time in each classroom providing extra support for teachers, upholding licensing requirements and continuing the exciting work I have been doing in preparing Peninsula for our QRIS rating. 
Jumbo Jumper
A bit about myself:  I am one term away from completing my Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a Specialization in Early Childhood Education.  My career in early childhood education began as an afterschool job as an aide in a toddler classroom many years ago and I have been working with young children ever since.  I see young children as competent and capable and believe in facilitating children’s learning by supporting their play and offering them opportunities to scaffold their learning as they generate theories and acquire knowledge about the world around them.    I am deeply invested in Peninsula as an educator and also as a parent, and am committed to the continuing effort of creating a program here that honors our diverse community of children and families and offers child led curriculum based on what brings children joy and wonder. 

In my spare time I love to read, enjoy live music, travel and spend time with my two year old.  

Rashelle Hibbard 

Julie Sybeldon
Administrative Assistant

 I am so excited to be at Peninsula!  

New to Portland straight from the Midwest, I have spent most of my professional career working for various child care centers.

I moved here to be closer to my 6 year old nephew, and to explore the mountains, the coast, the gorge, and all of the other amazing nature that surrounds this wonderful city! In my free time I enjoy baking, hiking, playing guitar and singing, and spending time with family and friends.

So far, Portland has been good to me and starting my position here at Peninsula is the cherry on top!

Please stop by the front desk and introduce yourself! I look forward to working for the lovely families here at Peninsula.

Julie Sybeldon
Administrative Assistant  
(503) 280-0534 x10


Program Updates

From Helen
Executive Director

As many know, Peninsula is in an exciting period of development.  We are working with new partners as we begin to incorporate Early Head Start and other services.  While we continue to join with individual parents to nurture the development of their children in our care, we invite all parents and community partners to share their thoughts and insights as to how we might nurture the development of the center as a whole.   The involvement of parents and our community greatly enriches the work that we do. 
Last month our Board of Directors adopted a revised philosophy for Peninsula Children’s Learning Center.  It is a philosophy that we are proud to honor.   I am taking this opportunity to share it with you. 
Silly faces! :b
At Peninsula Children’s Learning Center we believe that children are capable, competent learners.  We value children and their families and believe that all children deserve meaningful opportunities to construct knowledge for themselves. We recognize the importance of the learning that takes place in a child’s earliest years and provide all children the opportunity to develop a strong foundation for lifelong learning through high quality early childhood education. Our goal is to provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment in which children can develop their capacities and skills through play-based learning. Each child constructs knowledge through experience, making their family and community a child’s first, most important teachers.  We forge strong connections between home and school and develop collaborative relationships between families and teachers. Peninsula is a diverse community, and this is one of our greatest strengths as well as one of the most meaningful gifts we can offer to children. We foster cultural awareness, pride and attitudes that encourage children to embrace both similarities and differences through anti-bias curriculum and activities. We celebrate the diversity of the human experience and support children and families from every walk of life. We believe that all families should have access to high quality, affordable care for their children and value making such care a reality for the families we serve. We welcome all children and their families, regardless of race, class, gender identity, sexual orientation or physical or cognitive ability.
Watering rocks?
Central to our philosophy is our belief that family and community are children’s first and most important teachers and the recognition that collaborative relationships are vital to our ability to fulfill it. 

I would like to invite the ideas and suggestions of the families we serve and our community partners as we continually strive to provide the quality care every child deserves. 

From Michele 
Director of Education

“Enjoy the little things in life because one day you`ll look back and realize they were the big things.”
― Kurt Vonnegut

In the last week I have had vacation time with grandchildren and am in awe of all families do on a daily basis. The routines and rituals of daily life, the fast pace around us and the daily distractions make it so challenging to stay in the moment, to be truly present.  What a gift for our children to have our presence and engagement.

As families we all have such high expectations for ourselves and sometimes it is important to step back and look through a child’s eyes. When I read the following blog it made me think of all of our families at Peninsula and what really matters to our children. Thank you for partnering with us on this journey with your child.

Warmly, Michele

August transitions:

Some children will be moving to new adventures in Kindergarten. Make sure to give written or email notice to and 2 to 4 weeks in advance.  Thank you!

Juniors who move into preschool will be transitioning by August 27th. The final preschool lists will be to teachers 2 weeks prior to assist with visits and comfort for children and families.

In late August, children in 0-3 will be beginning continuity of care.

We are waiting for some final decisions from Early Head Start to have final transition plans in place.

On August 26th teachers will be preparing new classroom spaces. Please talk with Michele or your child’s teacher if you have questions.

Our goal is to have a final list of teachers, classrooms and children at least two weeks in advance.  

From Abby 

Director of School Age Programs

Summer Camp: Well we are over half way through summer and it has been a blast!  We have learned so much about Oregon!  We have learned about native plant and animal species, oceans and rivers, our sister city Saporo, Japan, and about the Portland Metro area!  We have learned how to play taiko, make lots of cool art, visited downtown and a local farm, and watched cool videos and read amazing books.
Climbing the play structure :)
Getting Ready for Fall: If your child attends Boise, King or Sabin in the fall and would like to use our before and after school care services, please ask a teacher for paperwork.
Drumming!Please email or call Mrs. Abby with any program questions or concerns.  503.756.2761 or