Directly Speaking

We are excited to now offer you 5 easy ways that you can pay your child’s tuition every month.
1-      You can use your credit or debit card at the Touch Screen when you are checking in or checking out.  After entering your code and password, simply press the make a payment button.  Your balance will appear.  You can either pay the whole balance or a part of it. Just slide your card and your payment will be processed. An e-mail receipt will be sent to you (If you do not have an e-mail address, we can generate a receipt for your records).
2-      You can pay at home from your computer.  See Tracy, and she will help you set up this service.  As in #1 an automatic receipt will be e-mailed to you.
3-      You can have your monthly tuition automatically debited from your checking, savings or credit card account.  Once again, see Tracy for information in how to set this up.
If you are using your credit cards for #1, #2, or #3 this is a great way to increase your reward or miles program points.
4-      As in the past, you can continue to pay by check. Please use the box in the lobby at the front counter, give your check to a staff member, or mail it.
5-      As in the past, you can continue to pay with cash.  Please find a staff member for cash payments and to get a receipt.
You also have the option of using #1, #2, #4, or #5 at any time. However we encourage you to use your debit or credit card as it will help us reduce our administration costs.
The Advantages of Using a Credit or Debit Card:
·        Automatic payments are safer then writing checks or paying in cash each month, eliminating potential fraud or identity theft.
·        Your current payment schedule won't change no matter what method you choose.
·        You will be instantly notified by email when your payment has been processed.
If you have any further questions or comments about any of these options please don’t hesitate to contact me at 503-280-0534, ext. 21 or

Notes from Amber and Tracey, Co-Directors of Education

It’s that time of year again for updating the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) and Ages and Stages Social Emotional Questionnaire (ASQ-SE). As parents, you know your child best! So we’re asking you to complete the two ASQs in paper form. The ASQ-SE will take about 10-15 minutes and just involves answering questions you will readily know about how your child expresses his/her emotions and interacts in social settings.

The ASQ asks questions about what tasks your child is doing. For some of these things you may need to spend some time playing with your child to see if he/she can do the task.

In most cases, children’s screenings will give you validation that your child is thriving and doing well. What parent doesn’t want to hear that? At Peninsula the ASQ/ASQ-SE helps us to evaluate whether the children are on track and meeting developmental milestones. The information is also provided to the teachers to guide them in planning activities that are developmentally appropriate for your child. It also helps the teacher to develop goals to progress development. If there are any concerns requiring the attention of the parent we will call and further discuss the assessment results. Then we’ll work together to figure out what is needed and support you and your child in the process.

Hearing and vision screenings were conducted with children in our Preschool and Junior rooms during the month of January. If your child came home talking about “playing the airplane game”, “playing the shape game”, or “wearing the funny glasses” – this is what they’re talking about!

You’ll receive a report at the end of the month once we finish these screenings. Please note that although we’ve received special training in how to screen children for vision and health, a screening is not a comprehensive exam by a hearing or eye professional.

Sabin Site Notes

It's March already, and this month we look forward to Women’s History Month, Dr. Seuss’ birthday, Pi day, St. Patrick’s Day, and the first day of spring, among other events. We will also have our spring break camp the last week of March. Be sure to sign up! Boise Elliot Site Director, Francine, and her students will be joining us here at Sabin for our week of fun. Remember Tuesday March 26th is our field trip to Zenger Farm where we will get to explore the farm and even do some farm work! Please be prepared to pay $3.50 per child for the farm and $1.00 for the bus.

The Portland Public School Before and After Care survey results are in!  I have been reviewing all of your input and will consider it when making my plans.  Thank you so much for contributing.Be sure to get a schedule for our Summer Program and sign up right away.  It will star June 24 and run through August 23.  We have to start a week later than expected because of building cleaning and maintenance, but we expect to have our classroom and the room next to us at that time.  We have an exciting summer planned!

Abby Scott
Sabin School Age Program Site Director

Boise-Elliot Site Notes

In the month of March at Boise Eliot we will be learning about weather changes during the spring. We will be focusing on how plants and animals grow. During spring break we will join the Sabin Elementary School campus for a week of fun Spring Break Camp activities! Please remember during spring camp that your child will have to bring their own lunch.

On Tuesday, March 26 we will be going on a field trip to Zenger Farms. The cost of the field trip is $4.50 which covers the cost of the transportation. A notice will be sent out ahead of time reminding the parents of the field trip.

Teacher Rhonda will be covering for Francine as she will be out March 4-19. If there are any questions please feel free to call Shay at Boise Eliot 503-282-0042.

Be sure to get a schedule for our Summer Program and sign up right away.  It will start June 24 and run through August 23.  As with the Spring Break Camp, for our Summer Camp we will join the Sabin Elementary School Campus. We have an exciting summer planned!

Francine Alexander
Boise-Eliot School Age Program Site Director

Peninsula Offers PrePayment Discounts!

Starting in April 2013 Peninsula is excited to offer discounts for families who pay for multiple months at once. We will be offering the following discounts:

3-month payment - 1.5% discount
6-month payment - 2.5% discount
9-month payment - 3.5% discount
12-month payment - 5.0% discount

Please stop by Ken's office for more information or email or call 503-280-0534, ext. 21.

Free Screening Clinic for Lead Poisoning

Peninsula Children's Center is excited to host a free lead poisoning screening clinic provided by the Multnomah County Environmental Health Program for children ages 6 and under. On Wednesday and Thursday, March 13th and 14th from 3:00 - 6:00 p.m. they will provide a finger-prick (capillary) blood test for kids and pregnant women with results provided onsite in minutes. They will also have information and connections to additional community resources for lead poisoning prevention. Please sign up with your child's classroom teacher to demonstrate that we have enough interest to make Peninsula a worthwhile stop for the Multnomah County Environmental Health Program. Then, on the 13th or 14th, stop by their table in the Peninsula lobby when you pick up your child and get this quick test done!

Did you know??
• Even though lead paint was banned for use in homes in 1978, the DUST from old lead paint in homes is the #1 cause of lead poisoning in children even today?
• The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently lowered the public health action level for lead in a child’s blood?
• Many medical providers are unaware of these recent changes?
• Children may also be exposed to toxic lead by eating or drinking from imported pottery that is painted or glazed with high lead coatings?
• Lead poisoning is only clearly identifiable by blood testing?

Part-Day Preschool Open House

On Wednesday, March 20th Peninsula will be having an Open House for our Half Day Preschool Program at 6:30-7:30 pm.  We are currently enrolling for summer and fall.  This will be a great time for families to check out our program, see the classroom and meet our half day preschool teacher.  Teacher Megan has taught our half day program since September of 2012.  She has a Bachelors degree in Human Development. 
The curriculum we use for our half day preschool and all of our early childhood programs is centered around The Creative Curriculum, a nationally recognized, developmentally appropriate, research-based curriculum framework. Exploring this framework within a stable and enriching environment through the positive, nurturing and engaging relationship between your child and teacher promotes problem-solving, critical thinking, social-emotional development and content area skills.
If you know of anyone who might need half day preschool for their child, please share this information with them. This is a program that we are trying to grow, and hope to add an afternoon session Fall 2013.

Calendar of events

Thurs., March 7
6:15 - 7:00 p.m.
Group Tour at Peninsula. Please remember you get a referral credit on your tuition if you refer families. The group tours are a great way for your friends, coworkers and neighbors to check out our program!
Weds., March 13 & Thurs., March 14
3:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Free lead poisoning screening clinic for children ages 6 and under and pregnant women in the lobby of Peninsula provided by the Multnomah County Environmental Health Program.
Weds., March 20
6:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Part Day Preschool Open House with Teacher Megan.
Mon., March 25 - Friday, March 29 School Age Spring Break Camp.
Tues., April 2
5:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Family Involvement Committee in the Peninsula Conference Room (upstairs).