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Thursday, May 14 - Spring has Sprung Festival 4PM to 6PM
Monday, May 25 -
Peninsula closed for Memorial Day  
Friday, June 5 - PCLC Re-Enrollment Deadline 

Program Updates

From Jeri
Interim Executive Director

We are very pleased to announce that Helen Kalk has accepted the position of Executive Director for Peninsula Children’s Learning Center. She will transition into the position over the next couple of weeks but will be on board full-time effective Monday, May 18, 2015. Families are invited to attend our Spring Has Sprung event on May 14 (see Alicia’s article below) where we expect to formally introduce Helen. This will give you a chance to chat with her and find out why we believe exciting, fabulous days are ahead for Peninsula! 

We have two thrilling announcements to make. Through the generosity of the Junior League of Portland and a community of key Peninsula supporters, we can now purchase light tables and/or light pads for every single one of our early childhood classrooms! Instead of one light table shared around the school, we’ll have ten! What’s more, we’ll secure a wealth of manipulatives teachers can use to explore the full range of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) that emerge with the use of light tables. Our heartfelt thanks to the Junior League and our wonderful donors! We can hardly wait for them to arrive.
We have also been approved to begin providing Early Head Start services for a section of our youngest children. In partnership with and under the umbrella of Oregon Child Development Coalition, eight child care providers across Oregon including Peninsula have been awarded a federal Early Head Start – Child Care Partnership Grant. Peninsula is already putting dozens of things in place to allow some of our existing families to take advantage of this program. The grant envisions the opportunity to bring the best of both Early Head Start and Child Care together to support and help families thrive, and we couldn’t be more pleased to participate.
With all the big news, everyday quiet-but-meaningful things continue. The Lewis & Clark University students held their big annual volunteer day, the carpets and floors received their annual deep-cleaning, the Czech School still rents from us on Saturday mornings, the School-Age Program is getting ready for summer camp, children learn to share and explore and grow and love…all is well.


From Michele 
Director of Education

Dear families,

Spring is in the air, children are growing, trees and plants blooming and we are enjoying the outdoors often!

Last month you met with teachers for conferences. We enjoyed having this more relaxed time to communicate about your wonderful and capable children. Thank you for taking the time in this important partnership for children!

Looking ahead to the fall transition, there is excitement in the air. During the planning we discussed classroom ages changing from year to year and 2 teachers suggested naming classrooms, this would be more meaningful to children and could even spark curriculum inspiration. This idea took on momentum and staff voted last week between birds, bridges, street names, NW landmarks, NW plants and Trees.

Trees were the front runner from the beginning and came through as the interest for our staff.We would love your help in the next phase of our classroom naming. On the main bulletin board please add to the list to types of trees. Your additions will add to the choices for classes when deciding their future classroom names.


From Alicia 
Curriculum & Licensing Coordinator

We invite you join us May 14th for our Spring has Sprung Festival.
The fun is from  4 PM until 6 PM.

We will have booths for:
  • Seed Planting
  • Making Bird Feeders
  • Parachute Play
  • Creating A Healthy Snack
We will also have Multnomah County here to provide information about your child’s oral health and teeth and do some raffles! 

We are collecting pine cones for our bird feeders. We appreciate any donations of larger pine cones, and you can leave them at the front desk!

As the weather begins to warm up, you will want to bring in sunscreen for your child. Please remember you will need to fill out a medication form for the sunscreen in order for us to use it. In warmer weather we do lots of water play, so an extra pair of dry clothes should be kept in your child’s cubby every day. 


From Abby 
Director of School Age Programs

Boise- Eliot/ Humboldt
We've been busy talking about body language, leadership, problem solving & how to give and receive apologies. Students are putting these new tools into practice and teachers are proud to see them trying out these new skills.

The kids celebrated "Earth Week" by planting seeds, making magazine beads, reading books and making "junk art" faces out of recyclable materials. Students discussed global warming, recycling, clean energy and what they can do to make a difference for our planet.
The kids are also starting a garden in raised beds outside and will be growing sunflowers, lettuce, zinnias and many other items. They are excited to have a garden of their own to take care of. All of the kids had great ideas of what they want to plant including: zebra tomatoes, pineapples and banana trees! We are all looking forward to what blossoms.
Site Director:  Lillian Bertz

April brought us typical Portland weather with warm sunshine and cold showers. Warm days at King were spent outside playing a variety of games. Cold rainy days were spent inside doing crafts, mind busting worksheets, and board games.

Speaking of weather, we will start out the month of May learning about extreme weather and safety. Our goal is for every child to know and understand what to do should an emergency arise.

Community helpers will be a strong focus during this time. We will take it down a notch and shift gears half way through the month to superheroes and dinosaurs. As you can imagine, both topics are highly talked about among our Kindergarten and First Graders.

Site Director:  Kelsey Mason

In the upstairs Sabin classroom, we have been working on a zine. Our 3rd - 6th graders (and some 2nd graders) have been very excited about interviewing teachers, sharing opinions and submitting drawings to “A Slice of Sabin” which is the name they came up with for the publication.

With both groups we talked about Earth Day and what students can do to take care of our earth. We have been playing group games, learning songs and are beginning more collaborative projects as the year wraps up.

The literacy group is going well. I am enjoying getting to know some of your kids as readers and they seem to enjoy the time as well.

Please take home art work that you find in parent folders. They have recently been filled and since the year is coming to an end, I want to make sure you get all of it.

Site Directors:  Abby Scott & Francine Alexander  

Late Start Wednesday, May 20
School and Peninsula closed for Memorial Day, May 25

Summer Program registration deadline Friday, June 12


Our Light Tables are on their way!

Thank to the Junior League of Portland and our generous donors we are able to order light tables for our classrooms at Peninsula!  

Working on a light table just makes even counting and learning letters and words more appealing. As the children make patterns and move around loose parts on the table, they are developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination AND learning design and math concepts. The light also allows for tracing of letters and designs.

Light tables help teach counting and math, spatial relationships and geometry, colors, and reading. Light Tables are a fun, dynamic way to integrate STEM learning to our young students!


Cameras in our Classrooms!

We finally have cameras for all our classrooms. Pictures are a powerful teaching and communication tool. Families often ask, "What did you do today?" when their children come home from preschool. When a child responds with a typical "Play" or "I don't know," it is difficult for families to learn details about their child's program day. Having a photo as a reminder, your child should be able to better share something specific from the day. 
Photos can show a child their progress, be used for labeling for those children developing their vocabulary and for clarity.
Digital pictures allows for magnification of things in nature using the digital zoom. 

Re-Enrollment Week
New Process this Year 

RE-ENROLLMENT PACKETS will be available starting Monday, June 1st and must be 100% complete and MUST BE SUBMITTED BY FRIDAY, JUNE 5th to comply with State Licensing requirements.  We will be scheduling times in the morning and evenings all that week to meet with you to complete your child's re-enrollment packet.  

This tight deadline is required by law. If your child is not re-enrolled by the deadline, your child will lose their slot at PCLC effective immediately.

PCLC will have more information available as we get closer to the date both at the front desk and posted on Facebook.  

School Age Updates

Wow! Can you believe just about a month of school is left?

Be sure to register for Peninsula’s Summer Program happening at Boise-Eliot/Humbolt school. The deadline to register is June 12.

Also, registration for fall is available at all sites. We do have quite a long waiting list at Sabin but we are still hopeful we can acquire more space. Please be sure to fill out the registration packet completely. There is no deadline to register for fall.

Parents, it is very important that you make eye contact with teachers and ensure that they know you are dropping off your child and that they are getting signed in.

We have had a few cases, especially on the playground, of students suddenly appearing without the teacher seeing the parents at all. If we do not know your child has arrived, we cannot know to be watching for them. This is for their safety.

Thank you!

Abby Scott, School Age Program Director
(503) 756-2761

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