pclc nEWS AND EVENTS for february, the most misspelled month of the year

Program Updates

From Jeri 
Interim Executive Director

We are elated to announce that our Oregon Program of Quality designation has been reinstated for one more year. This means we've been recognized for the quality of care we provide at our early childhood care center. It also means additional state subsidy support is available for families with the greatest need. If you know someone who might be eligible, please contact us for the application paperwork.
We’re always willing to admit when we've made a decision in haste—and we did! Several families wrote to express their disappointment that we stopped offering Parents’ Night Out, and said they’d be happy to pay more if needed. So we’re crunching numbers to see how we can make it cost-effective for us AND our families. Thanks for your patience, but especially for speaking up. Your voices do matter.

Exciting building is going on inside our walls! Thanks to the generosity of the Portland Rotary Foundation, we received two new play structures. At this writing they’re still in pieces (they arrived in 23 boxes) but soon the kids in our Wobbler and Toddler 2 classrooms will have new places to climb, slide and explore. The existing Wobbler structure is being relocated to the Commons for all our children to use, so everybody wins with this gift. Thank you, Portland Rotary.
In our School Age Program we have just received the results of the Portland Public Schools survey. Many helpful comments were offered that we’ll use to strengthen our programs, but overall families continue to appreciate the service we provide to their families. We’re already starting to discuss Summer Camp (well, that’s one way to get through the cold winter months), as well as looking at ways we can be open more days next year to support our working families.
The best part of my day is when someone small walks (or crawls) up to my door to look in and see what I’m doing. It just makes me smile all over! So thank you, families, for sharing the precious gift of your children with us. It is a deep privilege, and we are grateful for your trust.


Notes from Michele
Director of Education

One of the things I love most about Peninsula is the moments of kindness and sharing in this “village”. Moments when a teacher encourages a parent, a parent recognizes a teachers’ commitment, or people step up to lend a hand in a challenging situation.

As part of our professional development and growth as early childhood educators and caregivers we have been talking a lot about what children, families and teachers deserve, the language we use and gaining in consistency. This consistency includes from home to school, consistency from classroom to classroom and age group to age group. The partnerships we build with families, teams we collaborate with here at Peninsula, and the model for children are so important to a child’s security, confidence and positive risk taking.

Children in this age group are building brain connections, making sense of their world and asking for boundaries, often through their behavior. Imagine a center where we are using the same language in our gentle reminders of expectations, of noticing positive specific behaviors and of encouraging each other in the same way. These are the skills that are “readiness”, that Kindergarten educators hope for like self- regulation, working together, staying on task and so much more.

As a staff we took this previous work and voted on common community rules/guidelines to reflect on our work and shape our interactions, language and practices in the classroom.

Peninsula Learning Center Rules     Be Safe
     Be Respectful
     Be Responsible
     Be Collaborative
 On January 30th  professional development day we will begin to look in more depth at what these rules mean for infant care through preschool care. We will look at ways to implement these in the classrooms and how to include the voices of children and families in what these mean. Over the next month you will see us begin to make this visible throughout the center. Please check the main bulletin board for more information!


From Alicia
Curriculum & Licensing Coordinator
This month I would like to give special thanks to Eileen Devine, a parent in the Peninsula family who has agreed to give our teachers a training. We are so thankful for the time she has agreed to give our staff in order to take a unique perspective on behavior and brain development. 
We welcome all families to contribute to Peninsula in whatever ways you can. One unique way you can support our curriculum is to start collecting "loose parts" for our classrooms. Loose parts are best defined as small every day objects found in homes, nature, recyclables, etc that can be used in building, art, and manipulative activities. These objects teach children in a number of ways:
  • Fine motor skills
  • Numeracy skills
  • Life science
  • Artistic expression
  • Sensory orientation
  • Engineering
I have complied a small list in order for you to think about what you might be able to bring in or collect for us!
Thin wire, foil papers, florist's green tape, sea glass, cellophane, charcoal, pickling spices, driftwood, gauze, tree bark, flashlights, bushel baskets, doilies, fresh or dried flowers, fossils, holograms, gemstones, grapevines, prisms, jewelry, bangles, bracelets, LED lights, color paddles, faux fur, dental floss, moss/ferns/greens, corks, queen anne's lace, PVC pipes, pine cones or needles, seedlings, wheels/hubcaps, spools, sunflowers, sandpaper, textured tile spares, nuts/bolts, tree cookies, bricks/pavers, recyclables, polished stones, wildflowers/herb sprigs, tree roots/vine systems, pine cones/acorns, seedpods, pulleys, marble pieces, Ziploc/twist ties, river rock, small crocheted squares, interesting stones, etc. 

You can drop these off with me, Michele or at our front desk! I thank all families for any extra involvement they can give for our children. 
New play structure coming soon to Wooblers!  See Jeri's message for details

New play structures for Wobblers & Toddler 2:  see Jeri's message


Monday, February 16 - NO SCHOOL - PRESIDENTS' DAY

For families whose children will attend kindergarten in the fall, Connect to Kindergarten is a great opportunity to register for school, learn more about resources, meet the school staff and other families, and tour the building.  
Portland Public Schools has a goal of having all families register for school by June 1, though earlier is even better. For more information about kindergarten, visit the Kindergarten Webpage. For information about focus option schools (such as language immersion programs) click the "Focus Elementary/K-8 and Middle Schools" tab. Translation links are at the top of the page. 

King Elementary

Happy February, Friends and Family of King School! During the month of January we explored the wonderful world of birds and amphibians. We also had a pet week followed by shark week. We read lots of great books, had many good discussions, and made a variety of fun crafts. 

Fruit & Veggies PicLego Pic 


We will start off February with LEGO week followed by a week dedicated to Valentine's Day crafts and the history of this holiday. Our last two weeks will be focused around nutrition. We will explore many different fruits and vegetable and get to know the benefits of a well rounded diet. I think this will be especially helpful for our picky eaters. Don't forget there is no school or Peninsula on Monday February 16th."

Kelsey Mason  971-400-8615


Looking ahead to the month of February, the students get to look forward to diving head first into the Civil Rights Movement. There will be kid friendly activities that will allow the students to experience how the movement affected the children during that time. We will also have a guest coming in each week to teach country dancing to the willing participants, such as the Boot Scootin' Boogie.

As I near my last day here with Peninsula, I want to say thank you for the amazing times I have shared with your students. My heart smiles to think of the memories I have gained from each child I have interacted with. I am happy to be able to say that I am moving on as a stronger person, teacher, and lifelong learner than when I first became the director at Boise. 

Ashley Echang  503-282-0042

Sabin ElementaryIn January we learned about South Africa from Janice and from books, music and movies.  And we're looking forward to trying some cuisine at our class party on Feb 4th. This month we'll be learning about Niger.

We'll be starting out February at Sabin by celebrating!  We will continue to celebrate Chinese New Year on Monday the 3rd. Then Tuesday the 4th is their well earned class party. We will continue in February by celebrating Valentine's Day and Black History Month.  

On the 5th & 6th we will have a presenter speaking about emergency preparedness. 

Abby Scott & Francine Alexander  503-756-2761

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